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Being Late

Being Late

Date: Apr 24 2009

Themes: Time

Grammar: Future Perfect Tense


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Some people are just always late, no matter what. It almost seems like they must be living in another reality, where all the clocks are set differently.

This can be really frustrating, especially if you’re the kind of person who’s always on time. It sucks having to wait around for people, wondering if they’re ever going to show up. And nobody likes those people who come to class 15 minutes after the professor has begun talking, or who interrupt a movie by stumbling into the theater after it’s already started.

Jason is one of those people who can never be on time. Listen in on his phone conversation with Devan, as she tries to teach him how to be more punctual.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Devan:  I can’t believe you haven’t left yet! By the time you get here, I’ll have been here for over an hour.

Jason:  I’m so sorry. I got held up at work today. All kinds of crazy stuff came up. I’m running late. I’ll be there. I know you really needed to talk about your application to the international bowling league, so I’ll be right there, I promise.

Devan:  I really need to talk to you about that, and I’m starving, and Jason, you are the least punctual person I know.

Jason:  Go ahead and order without me. I’m sorry. I know I lose track of time, but I’m seriously on my way. I’m like five minutes away.

Devan:  What are you gonna do to not be running late all the time?

Jason:  I don’t know. Do you…do you think I should set my clock late? Do you think that works?

Devan:  I think you should…Yeah, I think you should set your clock later, and you should always give yourself an extra half hour no matter how much time you think it’s going to take you to do something.

Jason:  Yeah, that is the problem, that I have a really hard time estimating how long it’s actually gonna take to do different things.

Devan:  Just tack on 30 minutes to that time you estimate, and then you’ll always be on time, ‘cause you’re always late.

Jason:  I guess I’ll just have to do that.

Devan:  Alright. Well I’m ordering you a salad and I’m not waiting, I’m gonna start eating.

Jason:  OK, I’ll buy, I’m sorry. I’ll be right there.


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Jason was supposed to meet Devan for dinner, but he’s already really late. He tries to explain why he’s late and promises he’ll be there soon. But Devan is annoyed with him because he’s late all the time.

Devan asks Jason what he’s going to do to stop being late. She thinks he should set his clock late so he always thinks it’s later than it really is. He should also add give himself extra time to do things. If he thinks something is only going to take an hour, he should leave himself an hour and a half. Then if it takes longer than expected, he’ll still be on time.

Are you punctual, or are you always late? Does it annoy you when other people are late? What do you think they can do to become more punctual?



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Yes, that's me, the one who is always late!  LOL~


It's ok, if you have a bunch of friends just the same as you. BUT there's some bottom line. Never be late for train unless you own the train company, never be late for contract sign unless you don't like the contract, AND never be late if you are going to meet a Japanese, German or British unless you really hate them, haha~


I really have trouble in estimating how long it’s actually gonna take to do different things. Sometimes I could be arrive 1 hour late or early. It might work for others if they set clock late, but I could adjust myself pretty fast to the clock, so it doesn't work on me. What's the worst is that I could never set the clock back, or I would be a lot later than just later…


Btw, for Chinese thinking, it should be setting the clock early. English is different.


07:11 AM Apr 24 2009 |




I am almost a punctual person,but sometimes, I still lose track of time, I may annoyed some of my friends,Tongue out. Thanks for my friends, you're so kind to me.ha~

06:48 AM Apr 24 2009 |




sometime,but,I think,the overpunctual can be as much a trial to others as the unpunctual….just on time is OK!..and I don't mad with one who is late sometime…because maybe he or she have got a important things to do.I can reach an understanding..

06:06 AM Apr 24 2009 |





it let me think the time when i am in senior school ,i often late for class !!

now i can not be late again !

05:30 AM Apr 24 2009 |



It's very good and polite to be on time, but sometimes It is complicated, you will never Know when the things are going to happen…always there are exceptions.Laughing

03:41 AM Apr 24 2009 |

shimaa mohammed


I'm really punctual person and I'm annoyed if someone being late.

03:09 AM Apr 24 2009 |

anna zhanghp


i hate late so much . of course i never  delay  at the  date

03:08 AM Apr 24 2009 |




we must bear somebody when they late.

01:43 AM Apr 24 2009 |




 I don't want to give any annoy to other person. That's why I always try to be on time.

I am really annoyed when someone being late. 

12:46 AM Apr 24 2009 |

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