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City or Country?

City or Country?

Date: May 01 2009

Grammar: Comparatives and Superlatives


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

When you think of life in a big city, do you picture crowds, traffic, noise, and pollution? Or do you imagine soaring skyscrapers, an exciting mix of cultures, and endless restaurants, nightclubs, museums, and shops to visit?

Cities usually offer plenty of entertainment and excitement. But country life has its attractions as well. In the country, everything moves a bit slower. You can relax, lead a simpler life, and feel closer to nature.

Jason is sick of the city and thinking about moving to the country. But Ella grew up in the country. Find out if she thinks moving there is a good idea.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jason:  I just moved in to a new apartment downtown to save on my commute time. But I’ve been feeling so claustrophobic that I almost just want to leave the city altogether, get out of the rat race, go out to the country.

Ella:  I don’t know. I grew up kind of in the countryside, in Florida. There was one bus stop, we had a sheriff, you know, less than 5,000…Everyone basically knew each other, there was like one grocery store…

Jason:  Did you like growing up like that?

Ella:  It was a good childhood. But it took forever to get to the mall. I mean, the beach was only a couple miles away, so that’s all we did, was like play tag or go to the beach or go to school. But everything was pretty far away to get to.

Jason:  It must have been easy to go camping and stuff. You don’t have to go far to get back to basics.

Ella:  Yeah, exactly.

Jason:  I mean, but do you think it was simpler? Did you feel calmer?

Ella:  It was nice to know everyone. You felt safe. I feel like if you live in the city you always have to watch your back and you’re not sure who’s out to get you. You get this kind of paranoid like, “Someone’s gonna rob me, someone’s gonna try to kill me!” You didn’t have that in the country. What do you think?

Jason:  That’s interesting. It seems to me like the country’s almost more dangerous. Like if you’re in the middle of nowhere there’s crazies out there…

Ella:  Well we’ve got that one sheriff.


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Jason doesn’t like how crowded and fast-paced the city is, and he thinks he might prefer to live in the country. Ella grew up in a very small town in the countryside where there was hardly anything to do and it took a long time to get anywhere. She doesn’t think living there as an adult would be very fun.

Some people don’t like cities because they think they have a lot of crime. But New York, one of the biggest and most crowded cities in the United States, actually has a much lower crime rate than many smaller cities.

Do you think city or country life is better? Why? Did you grow up in a city?



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always wanted to end in the countryside. but first ill get tired of the city i live, wich i like a lot..

01:57 PM May 02 2009 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I dont like to live in the place that "every one know each other"!!!!!!!! I think that this is a very bad limitation!!

11:13 AM May 02 2009 |




Yeah.I am a man that city born,city bred.From my experience of my city life I think city life can supply more facilitied than other places.It is common knowlege that there have more crimes than countrysides,but I presume that there have more chances to pratise the skills of self-protections

11:13 AM May 02 2009 |



the problem we create that is slowing by us ..

the mean problem is the increasing of population 

that's the problem we face of traffic.

its very small problem .

10:54 AM May 02 2009 |



I have a same idea with Ella. Country life is pleasant,peace and quiet. There is no people who often pretend, who are greedy. No need to rush for money and I think this is the reason why most of the people in country life are long living. 

10:31 AM May 02 2009 |




In the futere ,I'd like to live in the country with my H.I am not fond of the high developed city life,which full of competetion ,stress,relationship,etc.I enjoy the relax country life,do the simple thing,realise what's true happiness!

09:34 AM May 02 2009 |




I prefer to live in city. Country side is good but too boring. I just can`t stand it!

08:41 AM May 02 2009 |



ı was born in a small village. When ı was 10 years old i moved to the city. At the beginning it was hard to adopt city life. But later i love city life. City life is lively. You can make communication a lot of people. You can see a lot of people everyday. Living in a city or counrty have different advantages and disadvanteges.
It depends on you wherever you feel happy.

08:35 AM May 02 2009 |




ı grew up in istanbul and ı m so glad..ı think istanbul is the best city around the world..but sometimes ı want to stay alone myself and to get away from the city..when ı stay in far away a term,right away ı miss my city and want to go back…it s too hard that people who get used to city life to live in village or anywhere…

08:16 AM May 02 2009 |




ı grew up in istanbul and ı m so glad..ı think istanbul is the best city around the world..but sometimes ı want to stay alone myself and to get away from the city..when ı stay in far away a term,right away ı miss my city and want to go back…it s too hard that people who get used to city life to live in village or anywhere…

08:13 AM May 02 2009 |



I grown up in a small country.Though there is no convenient traffic systerm,I love my hometown,everything are in peace and harmony.Freash air and birds' sounds make me pleasant and relaxed

03:05 AM May 02 2009 |




I grew up in a city, its like many people, traffic jam, and a lot of places to go to. I still live in this city, nowaydays I would prefer to live in the countryside because I think the life there is calmer, a bit safer and i think i can enjoy my life  in a healthier enviromnent.

01:23 AM May 02 2009 |




I'm sick of traffic jam,selfish peple in big city.The big city may give you a good job,plenty of entertainment but not your soul. 

12:48 AM May 02 2009 |




 city in the day and country in the night :)


10:44 PM May 01 2009 |




NIce, I Had a presentation and taks about this question :D

thank you guys

10:11 PM May 01 2009 |

william mora

Costa Rica

I prefer the live in small town, because It´s safer.

I don´t like the city, because it´s crowded and there are a lot of crime.


09:54 PM May 01 2009 |



I prefer living in a big city, actually, I live in São Paulo the bigest city in Brazil, and i don´t know how is living in the country side, but when i´m out of my city sometimes i feel like missing to stay near my neighborhood.

08:18 PM May 01 2009 |



I grew up between city and country.

So, I could go to nature, like beach or mountain, for 1 hour .

And I could go to city where has some skyscrapers for 1 hour or less. 

I think it was the best place to live.

05:46 PM May 01 2009 |



it is hard to make a choice!

04:00 PM May 01 2009 |




It’s better to live in a small village when u are in childhood. However, when u grow up and become an adult, u’d better move to a city, cos there’re more chances there for u.

03:50 PM May 01 2009 |

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