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17 Again

17 Again

Date: Jun 17 2009

Themes: School

Grammar: Simple Present Tense


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It would be cool if life came with a rewind button. Then you could relive the best moments of your life and fix the mistakes you made in your past. Unfortunately, real life just doesn’t work like that.

In movies, on the other hand, anything can happen. In the new film 17 Again, the main character is a 37-year-old man who gets a second chance at life when he is magically changed back into a high school student. Listen to Ella tell Devan why she is so excited to see this movie.


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Ella:  17 Again. Yes.

Devan:  Are you gonna go see it?

Ella:  I basically have tickets. I’m so excited to see this movie. Zac Efron, wow.

Devan:  You have a crush on him?

Ella:  Kind of. It’s a secret crush. But I’m just so psyched for this movie. Something different from High School Musical, you know? Finally something he’s not dancing and singing in. It’s actually something that kinda showcases his other talents.

Devan:  So what’s the premise of the movie? It’s basically about like…Matthew Perry’s in it, right, and it’s about him getting a second chance?

Ella:  Yeah. Something like he wakes up one morning and then he’s 17 again. Just kind of makes me wanna redo things from the past.

Devan:  You wanna like go back in time?

Ella:  Yeah. Relive it all. Change a couple choices. Things like that. I don’t know, it looks like a good movie though.

Devan:  So it’s a premise that’s been done several times before, like in other movies.

Ella:  It does feel familiar.

Devan:  Kind of like It’s a Wonderful Life and a few other things. But maybe they’ll put some new twist on it.

Ella:  Hopefully. I hope so. I mean, would you ever want to go back to high school?

Devan:  No.


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Ella can’t wait to see 17 Again because she thinks the star of the movie, Zac Efron, is really cute. But she’s embarrassed about having a crush on him since he’s so young. Efron is most famous for starring in the High School Musical movies. Ella is excited to see him in a more mature role.

In 17 Again, the main character is turned back into a teenager. He gets to relive his high school days and try to fix his past mistakes. Devan says that this premise has been done before. A classic example is the movie It’s a Wonderful Life, in which a man who’s about to commit suicide revisits certain moments from his past and decides that life is worth living after all.

Devan says she would not want to go back to high school. Would you like to be 17 again? Is there another time in your life that you wish you could relive?



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Of course if i have a chance to go back to 17 i will not refuse it. I lived in Balikpapan when i was in high school, nice childhood, i won't regret it.

As a matter of fact, time that i wish i could relive is at 23, i will fix my mistake in my past which is married wrong person, though i won't regret anything what was already happened to me years ago. I thank god, 

03:04 AM Jun 17 2009 |


Dominican Republic

i would like to be 17 again.it wouldnt be life if we could do that. doing mistakes is part of living but however i would like to be 17 again.

03:00 AM Jun 17 2009 |




First of all,I am satisfied with the life now,while it is hard to say if it is a correct choice to go back in time if I have the opportunity,it would be cool,and I can fix the mistakes made in the past,for instance,I would fix the mistake made in exam and then enter into best university…but what is I really want?That is Live with people I love,Travel with people I love,Go through hard time with people I love,and leave best moments with people I love. 

02:08 AM Jun 17 2009 |



17 again? Only in my daydreaming. Haha~~ If I could back to 17 y/o,the good old days, something wouldn't happen and my life would be more single and happy. Obviously, my regrets  now will be less too. 

02:04 AM Jun 17 2009 |




 I  don't want to be in 17again. Life is so hard and don't want to go back again. I definitely want to do more good things right now.

01:17 AM Jun 17 2009 |

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