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Star Trek

Star Trek

Date: Jun 24 2009

Themes: Pop Culture

Grammar: Direct vs. Reported Speech


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Not many shows become such cult classics that their fans are given a special name. But Star Trek is no ordinary series. Over the past 40 years, there have been five different Star Trek TV shows and 11 Star Trek films, including a new movie starring Chris Pine and directed by J.J. Abrams that’s the most successful one yet.

Star Trek super-fans are known as “trekkies.” Some trekkies get teased for being nerds who spend all their time obsessing over the show. But plenty of cool, attractive people like Star Trek, too. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Angelina Jolie, and President Obama might not call themselves trekkies, but they all admit to liking the franchise. And King Abdullah III of Jordan is not just a fan, he actually appeared in an episode of Star Trek Voyager!

Jason says he isn’t a trekkie, but he did go see the new Star Trek movie the very first day it came out. Listen to him tell Mason what he thought of the film.


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Mason:  So have you seen Star Trek yet? I’m looking for opinions.

Jason:  Have you heard anything negative about it?

Mason:  Not anything that I’ve paid attention to ‘cause I was never really a Star Trek fan. So if all the original trekkies and trekkers are like, “Oh yeah, we don’t care,” then I don’t really think they’re the right people for me.

Jason:  I’m definitely not a trekkie, but I enjoy Star Trek. I haven’t seen every episode by any means. But I saw the new movie like opening day, and it was really, really good.

Mason. It looks super cool.

Jason:  It’s really fun and it looks great. The style is really good.

Mason:  Do they have the whole captain of the starship and the crew and all that?

Jason:  Yeah. It’s like a prequel in which Captain Kirk and Spock go through the Star Fleet Academy. But it’s also a total reboot of the series and it’s an alternate universe in which certain things are different due to some time travel that takes place.

Mason:  So that like gave them license to just basically do whatever the heck they want.

Jason:  Exactly. It relieves some of that immediate criticism that they would’ve gotten otherwise of people being like, “This isn’t true to the original Gene Roddenberry starship!”

Mason:  That J.J. Abrams is a smart cookie.


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Mason wants to hear about the new Star Trek film from someone who isn’t a trekkie. He thinks that trekkies might be too concerned with how faithful the new movie is to the original series, which isn’t something that Mason cares about. He just wants to see a cool movie.

Jason really liked the new film. He thinks the filmmakers made a wise decision by setting the movie in an alternate universe. That way, trekkies can’t complain if there are differences between the new movie and older movies. The new Star Trek has an updated look and cool special effects.

Do you know anyone who’s a trekkie? Are you obsessed with any TV shows or movies?



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09:26 AM Jun 24 2009 |




Yeah.I am a super fan to American TV series.Although I have been absessed with Star trek,I have been appealed to other movie like 24 hours and Anatomy Greys,Lost,Star war and so on…There are so many common points among the people who coming from various part of world have same pasion and feeling on our lives.That is why we so be fancinated to movie and tv series which are some kinda reflection about our lives.

08:46 AM Jun 24 2009 |




Yes, I've watched a lot of US serials, they mentioned Star Trek a lot, so I also put it on my list, and I will start from the new one. Ok, another reason is for Zachary Quinto, I like Sylar in Heroes, lol~


I don't know if I'm obsessed with any shows, I am following some serials and animations, they are cool.

07:41 AM Jun 24 2009 |



yeah, star trek is so coool, im a trekkie

07:19 AM Jun 24 2009 |



Russian Federation

Oooo, I like Star Trek very much! It is really cool film, special effects, anexciting subject, actors too. Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto are very good and handsome actors. Yeah, I am trekkie. YellYell

06:40 AM Jun 24 2009 |




My foreigh taecher Michael like play Star Trek for us,which we're not really interested in.Although we all know that it's classical.

I think trekkies are derived from American Culture,and it can't be understood by all people.

05:44 AM Jun 24 2009 |

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