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High School Reunions

High School Reunions

Date: Jul 24 2009

Themes: Party, School

Grammar: Past Progressive Tense


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High school reunions have a lot of potential for drama. Some attend simply because they want to catch up with old friends and revisit the past. But others are more interested in showing off, settling old scores, or comparing their lives to everyone else’s. The former geeks are hoping that they’re more successful than the former jocks, the former jocks are hoping that the former prom queen is still single, and everyone wants to know who got pregnant, who got rich, and who got fat.

Mason recently attended his 10 year high school reunion. Many high schools throw parties where you can meet up with your old classmates years after you graduated. Find out if Mason found that prom queen or found that everyone else was more successful than him.


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Mason:  I went to my 10 year high school reunion this weekend.

Devan:  How was it, was it fun?

Mason:  I have crossed that mighty traditional bridge. It was fun. I mean, I had really low expectations as far as what I might get out of it. There were a lot of people that actually showed up. I mean, I was kind of expecting for there to be a pretty low turnout.

Devan:  Now, a lot of those people, did you stay in contact with them over like a social network, or were you seeing them for the first time in a really long time?

Mason:  I stayed in touch with most of my close friends in high school, and then I kind of slowly accumulated new friends on Facebook and whatnot. So I’d had a sense of what maybe half of the class was doing. Basically I saw people put pictures of their kids up there and I’m like, “OK, they are obviously are doing that thing.”

Devan:  So, were you one of the more successful of your class, would you say? Or somewhere in the middle? Was anyone doing anything really amazing?

Mason:  I heard that one kid got super rich banking and moved to Brazil, so he wasn’t there.

Devan:  Wow.


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When Mason went to his high school reunion, he wasn’t expecting it to be a very fun party, but he ended up having a good time. A lot of people came whom he hadn’t seen since graduation. Some of them were people with whom he had remained friends via Facebook.

Many people who attend their high school reunions worry about how their lives will compare with their classmates’ lives. They want to be seen as successful. They don’t want their old classmates to think that they haven’t done anything since high school. Mason only heard of one guy who became extremely rich, but he wasn’t at the reunion because he lives in Brazil.

Have you stayed in touch with your former classmates? What do you hope to be doing 10 years from now?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

it was many years ago that i went to high school. But i always think about that period of time. My best memories are belong to my classmaites in highschool.when we made trics or make fun with our teachers. Actually i was a good student and my relationsheep with other students and my teacher was very good. I hope all my freinds be successful in their life and hope to see them as soos as possible.

02:05 PM Jul 24 2009 |



In my memery,high school is my best experience.As zhangxiaomei said that i have many friends who have nickname,like worm,sheep,JIN,Jinggang,wolf,watergirl and bigstar….

when i remember this nickname,I always feel sweet…

the friendship is my jewellery

12:40 PM Jul 24 2009 |



Yeah I stay in touch with my former classmates.They are my best friends. I hope that I will be a sucessfull marketing manager in the future

12:32 PM Jul 24 2009 |



Syrian Arab Republic

I graduated from my high school about 1 year ago ,but unfortunatelyFrown 

,,,,,,,,,,everyone forgets everyone,,,,,,,

10:40 AM Jul 24 2009 |




I have already graduated my school and I’m going to continue studying in another country,hope to comunicate with some of ma classmates through internet

09:56 AM Jul 24 2009 |



Sealed hello

09:20 AM Jul 24 2009 |




I graduated from my school 6 years ago and I havent been on the reunion for all this time.I can socialize with my friends from school through internet.Its very easy and I can see the full information that I nedd.Of course this kind of communication cant replace the real talk between people but as I said before its easy and without any cost) 

08:44 AM Jul 24 2009 |




i have already graduated from my college last month.i am no longer a student,have to face diffrent kinds of people and surroundings…i feel  lots of  pressure and i am doubt about myself…though i will work hard

hope everything can be smiled~Tongue out

07:55 AM Jul 24 2009 |




i`m sill stay in touch with former classmates but only with some of them 

07:29 AM Jul 24 2009 |




I went to my 20 year high school reunion this early July. It was fun, and I was seeing most of my college classmates for the first time in a really long time. I could still recognize almost all of them, even all of us changed alot. I went to the dorm that I lived with my roommates and I even sat on one classroom trying to act as a student again. But anyway I am not a student any more, 20 years passed, and so lots of changes happened in the campus, though I spent 4 years there.

Yep, the prom queen was still the one every guy wanted to talk, lol.

06:18 AM Jul 24 2009 |



I like attending this kind of reunion. I think its funny No matter now you rich or poor . If you see somebody live better than you ,you will encourage yourself to work hard to catch up with them!

06:09 AM Jul 24 2009 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

old memories whatever goodCool or badCry it is always puts special feeling on soul

04:51 AM Jul 24 2009 |

medhat abbas

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

I tried to communicate with old frieds always but it was never easy. I'm trying to offer condolance to an old friend , no use

04:07 AM Jul 24 2009 |



I stayed touch with most of my close friends in high school.the majority of my high shcool classmates i have fogotten. because i have a bad memery.                     but  i remember  a lot of nickname.for instance pig,bear,sheep and m etc. it's very funny. i like remmer their nickname

when i saw them and called their nickname.i think people miss that feeling. of cause i have a nickname. yeah,they were call me "caterpillar".hey^i think that means i will becom a butterfly

03:51 AM Jul 24 2009 |



i stay in touch with my calssmates of college often,but i just can't find any way to  stay in touch with my high school classmates,many of them just "lost".

03:04 AM Jul 24 2009 |




I'd love to attend the reunion party. I am very love to see my same batch friends and also want to know my junior . I am really really happy when I am talking with friends about life, family, and so on. But sometimes cause of many reasons some friends couldnot join the reunion and it makes me sad.

I am hoping to see them in next year reunion.

02:33 AM Jul 24 2009 |




I think at the first few years, the reunion was just for remeber the life we spent together and after that, the show off is the main reason.

02:12 AM Jul 24 2009 |




I have kept in touch with some of my former classmates usually in special network.

01:29 AM Jul 24 2009 |

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