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Date: Sep 04 2009

Themes: Tech

Grammar: Zero Conditional


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The Internet has made life easier for many people—including scammers. They use email to try to trick gullible people into sending them money or revealing personal information like bank account numbers and email passwords.

With a good spam filter and a healthy amount of skepticism, most of us are able to avoid these scams. But an email from a stranger offering a chance to get rich quick can be pretty alluring. That’s why it’s important to remember that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Find out if Dale or Mason has ever been fooled by an email scam.


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Dale:  You know what bugs me more than anything in this world?

Mason:  Um…bad drivers.

Dale:  Close. It’s scammers off the Internet, trying to get you off email, Craigslist, or on some type of thing.

Mason:  Mmm-hmm.

Dale:  But the secondary part is the people that also fall for it.

Mason:  Well that’s…You gotta wonder with the email scams, like how people end up falling for a lot of those.

Dale:  I don’t get it. I see it on the news, and people are willing to give up thousands and thousands of dollars. And they’re young people. I could understand the older generation not understanding how email works, but I’m seeing these 20, 30, 40 year old people falling for it, and I just don’t get it.

Mason:  I mean, all I can say is like, this is an art form that has been refined over a long time. You look at the Ponzi scheme method, which has been going on for years.

Dale:  Gosh. For me, it’s starting to scare me a little bit. I don’t know, how do I look at it where I can be safe? What is your advice?

Mason:  One, never be afraid to ask questions. If people can’t answer your questions then they’re probably trying to sucker for a sucker. And other than that, it’s just like, use your brain.


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Dale hates getting tons of spam email from people trying to scam him over the Internet. He can’t understand how anyone could fall for one of those scams. It’s surprising to him that some young people are fooled by the scams, since younger people are usually more Internet-savvy than older people.

Mason says that scammers have existed for a long time. They’ve had years to refine their schemes. Mason thinks that if you get an email offering a chance to get rich quick, you should ask a lot of questions. Only a sucker would give a stranger money or personal information without asking him plenty of questions first.

Have you ever fallen for a scam? What do you think is the best way to avoid Internet scams?



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I've never been fooled by this kind of fraud, because I don't open emails form strangers. In this world there is no money for free, remember it!

07:55 AM Sep 06 2009 |

adward SD

adward SD


we should take all the evidence into consideration to think about a thing。you need to believe you be able to make money by yourself。

12:23 AM Sep 06 2009 |

adward SD

adward SD


i hate a scammer。i‘ll never forget a scammer。she told me about many trouble thing when she is a kid。but i know it's a fraud,she want to know my secret of bank by my kindness,i was feeling so sad。

12:18 AM Sep 06 2009 |




I have never falled for scams, once in a while i receive some spams in my email so if i dont know the sender i just delete the email, or like they said if its too good to be true i do the same. I just keep in mind it, life is not that easy so if i want to win something i have to pay for or do it.

10:31 PM Sep 05 2009 |



Just be careful,take care of your bag!!!

03:17 PM Sep 05 2009 |




SCAMMERS are smarter bcs they can get a bunch of money just send a little e-mail to u taliking u that u will receive a lot of benjamins , but suprise !!!! u  ASAP will fall for in a big hole. but if we pay attention to the e-mails that u reading or even if u see a e-mail in u e-mail box from someone who u dont know , dont open it bcs u can get neither a trojan or worm to spy u pc. Cool

03:09 PM Sep 05 2009 |




i think there is no one being fooled by the fake e-mails;cos they turned out to be so obvious..we should be alerted on fake real-identical web sites,generally copy of well-known banks' web pages,which ask for personal informations like credit car number…they can be very tricky for the most.

we shouldt give our e-mail address or any personal info in every web sites;scammers keep those e mails for their e mail pool to send fake mails later ..

02:48 PM Sep 05 2009 |


United Arab Emirates

Scammers are everywhere, not only in the internet but also they SMS you stating that you have won thousand of dollars, and their condition in order to claim your prize you should send them back your personal and bank info.! what a foolish people.. I never believe such a thing!

09:31 AM Sep 05 2009 |



I always suspect that the whole of life```

07:29 AM Sep 05 2009 |




Hi everybody,

I've seen a lot of this kind of emails, you have to move them to the spam folder just that easy. 

05:16 AM Sep 05 2009 |



Fourtunatly I dint have scams yet on my email. but sure I'm going to avoid it.

We should be careful

09:41 PM Sep 04 2009 |




  the scam exists everywhere,we must be careful

05:42 PM Sep 04 2009 |




  I‘m very happy to come here,thank you!!

05:40 PM Sep 04 2009 |



ahm, no I have never had prbs with mails…fortunately I don't need those Viagra pills they want to sell!

03:48 PM Sep 04 2009 |



In every place of the world have scamers.

He always say "get rich  if click here"! It is a fat  lie.

In nowadays who would give money to a foregin people ?

We must to pay atencion erery time.



02:51 PM Sep 04 2009 |

Natalia Queiroz


I'v never fallen, tks godnees , but many scammers tried to scam me :S

The best way to avoid this, is like the lessons says, ask about everything.


01:22 PM Sep 04 2009 |



isnt it 20, 30, 40 years old people falling for it, and I just don’t get it?

12:45 PM Sep 04 2009 |



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From: jessica4love
Sent: 01:27 PM Aug 31 2009
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12:41 PM Sep 04 2009 |



whos nt a scammr here?

12:39 PM Sep 04 2009 |




it is good .

09:49 AM Sep 04 2009 |

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