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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Date: Sep 07 2009

Themes: Music

Grammar: Be Able To


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Teenagers don’t have a very good reputation. They’re often accused of being ignorant, immature, or selfish. And, according to most adults, teen pop stars are even worse. Their lyrics are shallow and their music is over-produced and over-hyped.

Taylor Swift might be breaking that mold. The eighteen-year-old country music singer has gotten a lot of positive attention for her debut album, Taylor Swift. She writes her own songs, and her lyrics are pretty thoughtful. She’s also been praised for her ability to cross genres. Find out what Jason and Ella think about her.


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Ella:  Taylor Swift is overrated.

Jason:  I don’t think so at all. I think she’s the one country artist who might be able to break global mainstream.

Ella:  What? Her lyrics are so generic, and there’s no soul in it, you know?

Jason:  I don’t know, I think she’s a good songwriter. It seems like she’s more in touch with herself than a lot of grown-ups, you know?

Ella:  I mean, I guess she’s America’s Sweetheart, but there’s gotta be something bad about her, you know? There’s just nothing out there in the public to…

Jason:  Oh definitely. She’ll definitely have an epic, public fall from grace at some point.

Ella:  I’m excited for that.

Jason:  But before then, I think she might, you know…she might go global. She’s dated one of the Jonas Brothers. They wrote songs about each other. That’s pretty interesting.

Ella; It’s pretty intense for teenagers and such.

Jason:  Yeah.

Ella:  I don’t know, I’m just not impressed by the music. I mean, it’s cool that she can go country and pop and rock, but…It just doesn’t seem very heartfelt.

Jason:  But I think it’s time. I think the world’s ready for a country star.


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Ella doesn’t like Taylor Swift and can’t understand why her album has gotten good reviews. She finds her lyrics boring and typical. She can’t connect emotionally with Taylor’s songs.

Jason disagrees. He thinks Taylor’s lyrics are good. She seems to be in touch with herself. She writes about her true feelings and experiences, including her relationship with one of the Jonas Brothers.

Country music isn’t very popular outside of the US. But Jason thinks Taylor Swift might be the artist to change that. He thinks her music might be able to go global. Ella is more skeptical. She can’t wait to see Taylor Swift lose her perfect image.

Do you think country music will ever go global? Why do teenagers and teen musicians have such a bad reputation?



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ok , I am going to listen her music right now.

03:58 AM Sep 07 2009 |





02:14 AM Sep 07 2009 |




It could go goblal, i mean if there are good singers and musics and if its interesting to global mainstream. Well, the age, the hormons and everything else might explain why some youngs get a bad reputation, i think some of them want to show off to their friends and people, to be different of everyone else but in the bad way, they sometimes want to be seen like dont care about anything but when the maturity comes some did regret about some not very good actions or behavior.

12:52 AM Sep 07 2009 |

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