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All About Steve

All About Steve

Date: Oct 14 2009

Themes: Romance

Grammar: Adverbs


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Often when two people fall in love, they feel like it was meant to be. Their relationship seems so perfect, they think they must have been destined to meet. But what if only one person falls in love? Could you be soulmates with someone who wasn’t interested in dating you?

Sandra Bullock’s character in the new movie All About Steve becomes convinced that she’s met her Mr. Right after one date. Unfortunately, he thinks she is Ms. Wrong. Mary then decides she’ll do anything and everything she can to win Steve over. Find out if the movie managed to win over Marni and Jason.


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Jason:  You know, I enjoy the occasional tarot reading, those sort of things.

Marni:  Yeah.

Jason:  But I tend to shy away from them sometimes, because I feel like I get too attached to the vision that they portray.

Marni:  Interesting.

Jason:  Like if I feel like something’s meant to be, then it’s like, “Come hell or high water, that is going to happen!”

Marni:  That reminds me of this movie I just saw, All About Steve, starring Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper, who’s sort of a hot commodity right now. But the premise is she feels like…They go on this blind date, and she feels like it’s destined to be. And he’s not so sure about it. So she follows him around the country and sort of is stalker-esque toward him, because she just believes so strongly that they are meant to be.

Jason:  These are dangerous concepts, things like soulmate.

Marni:  Yeah. Things like love at first sight, you know, that romantic notion. She feels that way about him.

Jason:  Does it just break your heart when he brushes her off?

Marni:  It certainly…She’s just sort of like more determined than ever. It’s like clearly he just doesn’t see it and she’s gonna make him see it.

Jason:  Yeah. That hardly ever works.


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When Jason believes that something is meant to be, he becomes obsessed with making it happen. If things don’t turn out the way he expects, he feels upset.

In the same way, Sandra Bullock’s character in All About Steve becomes obsessed with a guy because she thinks he’s her soulmate. She is so crazy about him that she even stalks him. But stalking isn’t usually the best way to get someone to like you.

It’s hard to make someone to fall in love with you if they just don’t feel it. But if you really believe you’ve met the person you’re destined to be with, it can be hard to let go of that idea.

Do you believe that everyone has a soulmate? What is the best way to get someone to like you?



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noway, soulmate is nt a right way to find a good n truthfully patner….......................for my appion just trust her eyes…..cause eyes never tell lie…....................


03:18 PM Oct 14 2009 |




02:31 PM Oct 14 2009 |



i m strongly disagree with soulmate thing.. some people have soulmates,some people dont:(((

02:24 PM Oct 14 2009 |




Everyone having a soulmate is unreal, but I know some of my friends do have their soulmates, and I kind of envy them.It is a fantastic thing  to have your own soulmate.She is the very person who is closest from your heart except you.And I am looking forward to having one. :)

02:01 PM Oct 14 2009 |



i watched. it is interested  movie

and funny abit hehe

if i were mary i can do everything for love

but i have not met real love yet.hehe


12:55 PM Oct 14 2009 |




I wanna watch this movie. It seems interesting!!

11:54 AM Oct 14 2009 |




Soulmates, when one of them happies other one be happies to, when one of them sads other one sads to, when one of them soul hurts, other one's soul hurts.

09:48 AM Oct 14 2009 |



I think only a few people have soulmates.. like Laila and Madjnoun in the arabic passionate love history!! Kais  was loving Laila since their childhood..later her family knew and didn't allow them to marry each other… and she was forced to marry another man.. So both Laila and kais had a very sad life.. He became Mad of the Love.. and was called "the Mad Man of Laila" (Madjnoun)... He left a sensetive poems about Laila and his love to her… And she died suffering the deprivation of love.. He died crying on her grave. 

09:22 AM Oct 14 2009 |




yes, not only i do believe that everyone have a soulmate, but also i do believe everyone have more than one soulmate over our life time. your husband/wife may be the one who showed up in the right time.

  we can try to do something in many way to get someone to like you. For example, dress neatly, conduct politely or something like that. But most important of them i think it is the way communicating with others. Be a sincere guy will give you a big plus.

07:34 AM Oct 14 2009 |



Viet Nam

No, soulmates are not true.

07:25 AM Oct 14 2009 |




Seems fantasily! Wish this happen on me !

05:59 AM Oct 14 2009 |



I don´t believe in soulmates but I guess can be possible to find a couple which they can love each other.

12:41 AM Oct 14 2009 |



very nice

03:26 AM Oct 10 2009 |

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