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"Take" - In the Studio with Tété

"Take" - In the Studio with Tété English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Nov 30 2009

Grammar: Present Perfect Progressive


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Tété is a one-man melting pot. He’s a French guy, born in Senegal to Caribbean parents, who plays music inspired by American folk and blues. Tété mostly sings in French and his songs are mysterious and fun, like music you might hear at a circus in the South.

In France, Tété is a famous, platinum-selling artist. When he tours the US, he plays in smaller clubs. This fall, he took a break from fame and came to Portland, Oregon, to record his new album with a recording staff who has worked with artists like Sheryl Crow, R.E.M. and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah in the studio.

Ebaby! paid Tété a visit while he was working on some tracks to talk about the word “take.” Did you know that in addition to being a verb that means get, steal or catch, “take” is also a noun? Find out how to use “take” as a noun and see what Tété’s take on America is.

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Jason:  Welcome to English, baby! We are here in the recording studio with French recording artist Tété. How are you?

Tété: I’m good. How are you?

Jason:  Great, man. So, uh, what brings you to the United States?

Tété: Well, I’ve been listening to American music all my life and it was, like, a childhood dream to get to, you know, record an album here.

Jason:  This is gonna be your fourth album. What’s it gonna sound like? You’re kind of a blues, folk guy. Do you have any tricks up your sleeve for this next record?

Tété: Yeah. I’ve always been trying for as long as I can remember to play this music and I was like, what is more natural than to try and cut it in the country where it was basically all invented. And it’s great because I’ve been learning a lot and I’m really, really excited. And, yeah, it’s cool.

Jason:  Very cool, man. So we’re gonna do an English lesson today. And right when I walked in, they said, “You gotta wait a minute because Tété is doing takes right now.” Can you tell us what a take is in the recording studio?

Tété: Yeah. A take is when you press the button and there’s a countdown and then the musicians who are recording can start either playing their instrument or singing.

Jason:  You know, “take” as a noun is also, when you’re talking about slang, can be, like, an opinion. So I just wanted to ask, like, what’s your take on life in the US?

Tété: US of A means, like, freedom to me. And it’s basically everything I’ve been lookin up…Looking up to...

Jason:  Yeah.

Tété: ...all my life. So, yeah, it’s really a childhood dream to me and, yeah, I love this country so much.

Jason:  So your take on it is that it lives up to your expectations, I guess.

Tété: Totally. It’s very inspirational to me and the thing that I love so much in the US of A is, like, OK, if you have a dream and you’re willing to work hard for it, you know, just go for it.

Jason:  That’s great, man. And my take on your music is that it’s really inspirational, so I think we’re really lucky to have you in the United States right now. So, thanks a lot. Can I get you to give me a high-five and say, “English, baby!”?

Tété: Totally.

Jason:  English, baby!


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When Jason arrived at the studio to interview Tété, he was told that Tété was busy “doing takes.” He was being recorded singing and each try at the song is called a take.

Once Jason starts talking to Tété, he discovers that the French singer really looks up to American musicians, since they invented blues. It has been a dream of his to come record in America and now he is doing it!

Since Tété has thought a lot about America, Jason asks him for his take on it now that he’s here. Your take on something is your opinion of it. Tété’s take on America is that it’s great. What’s your take on Tété and his music?

Visit Tété’s website, and to see one of his music videos and read a review of his concert in Portland, visit our blog.



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It’s been a long time that I no longer listen him. But Tété is very touching with his music. A la faveur de l’automne is my favourite song, when I was younger and that I  listened it, I was so moved. 

03:12 PM Aug 24 2012 |




In the live , some guys really make me look up to them,even though they are not melting pots or a bounch of tricks up their sleeves or a famous person of fame , cause , they alway looks like touring  in   anyway  and anytime with a freedom , it seems  be hard to live up to for me , but i would keep trying .

06:26 AM Apr 07 2010 |

rebel lee

rebel lee


When I saw Tete's picture,I thought I knew him,I thought he was a movies star.But he turned out to be a singer,and a great one.Maybe I should listen some of his songs,because I like bules.I used to play guitar with my friends and sing bules songs.We always sing at night and under the moon.I miss the good old days.

01:53 PM Jan 05 2010 |


United Arab Emirates

Nice words, good lesson.


And oh yes I have heard about him but I never listened to his music. !

08:04 AM Jan 04 2010 |



United States


08:16 AM Jan 01 2010 |


South Korea

This is a great interview. This is  first time to get to know about Tete through this interview but I guess he should be an awesome artist.

My take on his music is great even though I am a kind of deaf in music. 

02:08 AM Dec 16 2009 |




He is cool man i liked his songs. people visit his blogs ! I really liked him and his lovely songsSmile

01:46 AM Dec 15 2009 |




It was hard to understand the dialog but i took the quiz but I did well. Laughing 

01:43 AM Dec 15 2009 |



oh he cantsing I dont like his music

04:10 PM Dec 14 2009 |




Humm I have never heard about that guy,your musics look up being interesting :)

10:41 PM Dec 11 2009 |



El Salvador

i hadn´t heard abt tete before but he seems to be a great singer and in adition to that he looks amazing! nice lesson i liked so much the interview!! i learnt a new meanig of "make" :D

10:53 PM Dec 10 2009 |



Sri Lanka

WOW amazing interview!! I love it !!   

"If u have a dream and you're willing to work hard for it  ,,Just go for it"

 Really encouraging ! good luck Tate ! 

02:30 PM Dec 05 2009 |



take in this lesson means opinion or other mean?

09:34 AM Dec 05 2009 |




You can't have a take on something that isn't familiar to you. I guess it won't be fair to say a word about Tete's music, since I've never heard it. I can't bring myself to claim he's bad, but I am not a big fan of Europen music generally, and it's a fact.

10:46 AM Dec 03 2009 |




I like Tete's vioce, deep and gentle.

01:14 AM Dec 03 2009 |




Hey!!! What an amazing interview!! I didn't know Tété at all, but he's really inspirational, as Jason said. Good job, bro, inspirational, too. That's my take.

08:45 PM Dec 02 2009 |




This is the first for me to know Tete because I don't know much about French music.

My take on his mucis ids nice! I can feel he is affected by Blues and his voice is with atmosphere.

03:45 PM Dec 02 2009 |





05:18 PM Dec 01 2009 |




Bonjour !!!  Cool

03:49 PM Dec 01 2009 |

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