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A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

Date: Dec 23 2009

Themes: Holidays

Grammar: Future Progressive Tense


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Based on the novel by Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol is a story of second chances. Ebenezer Scrooge is a mean old man who doesn’t care at all about his fellow human beings, until three ghosts whose names sound a bit like verb tenses (the Ghost of Christmas Present, the Ghost of Christmas Past, and the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come) visit him one Christmas Eve and convince him to change his ways.

Several different movie versions of this story have already been made. A Christmas Carol is so much a part of the culture that the main character’s name, “scrooge,” is now used as a noun, meaning a miserly, mean-spirited person. His catchphrase from the novel, “Bah humbug,” is sometimes used to express a negative attitude toward Christmas.

Now yet another adaptation of the old Dickens tale has been made, this one a 3D animated movie with Jim Carrey playing multiple roles. Find out if Mason and Ella will be getting into the holiday spirit with A Christmas Carol this year.


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Mason:  There are certain timeless classics that always come about every season, right?

Ella:  Yes.

Mason:  Like The Christmas Carol, that was originally a Dickens thing, wasn’t it?

Ella:  Yeah, from back in the day.

Mason:  And then it’s funny how it’s just kind of had so many different incarnations over the years. It’s one of those.

Ella:  I feel like that’s enough. We get the story. You know?

Mason:  Yeah, you’re done with it?

Ella:  I really like the Muppets version. I just don’t want to see anything else. I was satisfied with that. I mean, we get the story. It’s Scrooge, a mean person, he learns his lesson, the three ghosts, you know…

Mason:  I don’t know, I think my favorite is the Disney one with Mickey Mouse. Mickey’s Christmas Carol.

Ella:  I don’t remember that one.

Mason:  And then the wacky take with Bill Murray, Scrooged, which was that kind of late 80s I think interpretation. That one was great.

Ella:  What do you think about the CG new one coming out with Jim Carrey? I don’t know how I feel about that. I’m just…I’m done with CG.

Mason:  I’m not done with CG but…yeah, the technology is a little off-putting to me. I think it’s a cool idea to have basically one actor do all the different parts. There’s a neat thought there. But ultimately…

Ella:  So do you think you’ll be seeing it?

Mason:  Probably not.


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A Christmas Carol is a classic Dickens novel that has been adapted several times for the big screen. Film versions of A Christmas Carol are often played on TV at Christmastime.

Ella doesn’t think anyone needed to make a new version of this movie. Her favorite version is The Muppet Christmas Carol starring Kermit the Frog and his puppet friends. Mason likes the cartoon Disney version and a funny version starring Bill Murray called Scrooged.

The new A Christmas Carol is a CG animated film. Jim Carrey does the voices for many of the characters in the movie, including Ebenezer Scrooge and all three ghosts. Mason thinks that sounds like a cool idea, but he probably won’t be seeing the movie.

Have you seen any versions of A Christmas Carol? Which one? Have you ever known anyone who acted like a “scrooge”?



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I love the version with bill murray, especially the little fairy :D

11:33 AM Dec 13 2013 |




I love this movie, exactly this one, the new one. Charles Dickens is genius!

02:04 AM Dec 13 2013 |



i have read chrismas carol's book 

01:51 PM Nov 29 2010 |




Me as Mason saw the disney version with Bill Murray,he is a great and funny actor :)

12:48 PM Dec 31 2009 |



I think that Jim Carrey is the best actor ever ! :)

I haven't seen this movie yet but I know that Jim acts so goood :) He's very funny.

no bore with Jim hehe :P:P ( U know what I mean ;) )

10:31 PM Dec 29 2009 |





03:52 PM Dec 29 2009 |

s id

Saudi Arabia

 i will be waiting for u tomorrow .  

10:16 PM Dec 27 2009 |




It's leting me remember J.P.Morgan's grandfather ,he was whriting a christmas carol at 19th centrys and everybody know it's name-Jingle bells

04:58 AM Dec 27 2009 |




it’s a movie? I thought it was a song. I’m not the on e. Am I? LOL

01:36 PM Dec 26 2009 |



United States

i think the best christmas movie is LOVE ACTUALLY! )) really inspirating)

01:00 PM Dec 26 2009 |


Viet Nam

i've see a lot of Chrismas Movie but the Christmas Carol. I'll be seeing that movie …

02:11 AM Dec 26 2009 |




I have seen one version of this movie, but i can't remember what's the version.

08:10 PM Dec 25 2009 |




That's a classic.

08:06 PM Dec 25 2009 |



I have not seen it yet, I will  watch it on this weekend.Later,maybe I can shall something wity you togetherSmile

12:19 PM Dec 25 2009 |




I saw the scrooge version with bill murray i really like it :D

04:56 PM Dec 24 2009 |




Jim Carrey is a funny man, he acts very good.

I love his style of acting- Ace Ventura, Grinch,... and don't forget Bruce Almighty!


03:47 PM Dec 24 2009 |

rebel lee

rebel lee


Today is the first time I hear about Christmas Carol.There are so many different versions,it must be a good movie.Maybe I will see it couple of days later.

Speaking of "scrooge",poor people from big cities are usually scrooges.I hate that kind of people.

B.T.W. Jim Carrey wasd mentioned above,I think he is STUPID,I hate all his meanless movies.

01:46 PM Dec 24 2009 |



Sure, important is the message the story tells…

But my favourite scene is in the movie with Bill Murray and the Sugar Plump Fairy from current Christmas…

"Uih, what's that? This might be a toaster…!" and hits his head with it Fantastic!

Bad people need punishment. :-P Sealed

10:08 AM Dec 24 2009 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I see Micky’s Christmas Carol, when I was child but I still can remember some part of it. especially when Scrooge put coins up eachother.
I like to see incarnation of it that Jim Carrey play!
he is one of the best actors, that I think can play in different roles.

10:00 AM Dec 24 2009 |




This semester i read this book for a schoolwork. i liked the story, sounds like a good lesson for everyone. i know i can admit, sometimes i acted kind of scrooge, but that is not a good thing at all.      

12:05 AM Dec 24 2009 |

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