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Buzzer Beater - NBA Star Shane Battier

Buzzer Beater - NBA Star Shane Battier English, baby! Video Lesson
压哨球— NBA 球星肖恩·巴蒂尔

Date: Dec 25 2009

Themes: Celebrity, Sports

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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The best basketball games come down to one shot in the final seconds of the game. In games that close, the Houston Rockets often give the ball to Shane Battier, because when they do, they tend to win.

Shane is very cool-headed, so not only does he make a good go-to guy when the stakes are high, he’s also a strong leader for his team. Shane brings his team together and helps make sure everyone does what they have to do to play the best game they can. But sometimes, it all comes down to Shane, the ball, and one final shot. That’s what we met up with Shane to talk about after a recent practice.


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Jason:  I’m Jason. This is English, baby! and I’m here with Shane Battier. Shane, how are you today?

Shane:  I’m doing great, Jason.

Jason:  According to some stat reports, you are the best last-second shooter in the NBA. Can you tell us what a buzzer beater means?

Shane:  Well, a buzzer beater is a shot in basketball that comes right before the clock hits zero and the buzzer goes off. So, a true buzzer beater, you release the ball and while the ball is in the air, the buzzer sounds, and then you make the shot.

Jason:  Nice.

Shane:  And it still counts because the ball was shot before the buzzer went off.

Jason:  What goes into throwing up a buzzer beater? What’s different about a last second-shot than a regular shot?

Shane:  You have to have awareness. You have to know what the clock is at because the clock may hit zero and the ball has to leave your hand before the buzzer goes off. So, you just have to have awareness…

Jason:  OK.

Shane:  ...and concentration.

Jason:  And so…Are you a last-second guy in other aspects of your life? Like, it’s the holiday season. Are you gonna be a last-second shopper?

Shane:  I work better under pressure.

Jason:  OK.

Shane:  When I have a time constraint, when I know I have to get something done, I usually work a little harder. So, I’m a guy who works better under pressure.

Jason:  Cool. You speak some Chinese. You go over to China frequently. Do you ever speak Chinese with Yao or with the other players in the league?

Shane:  I speak Chinese with Yao sometimes, especially after my trips, but he looks at me like I’m crazy.

Jason:  Really?

Shane:  And he asks me what I’m trying to say. And so my Chinese isn’t very good, but it’s improving every year. I just want to say, Nǐ hǎo” to all my friends in China and go Rockets and I’ll see you guys next summer.

Jason:  Alright. And can I get you to give me a high-five and say, “English, baby!” in the air?

Shane:  English, baby!


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Shane Battier explains that in basketball, a last-second shot is when you shoot the ball at the basket, and while it’s in the air time runs out and the game ends. But since you shot it before the buzzer, if it goes in, it counts.

Shane is better at buzzer beaters than anyone else in the NBA. That’s because he works well under pressure. If he waits until the last second to buy his Christmas gifts, he’s likely to buy better stuff!

Every year, Shane visits China. He appears in ads for Peak shoes. He’s learning Chinese, but he can’t quite hold down a conversation with Yao Ming in Mandarin yet.

Do you like to do things at the last-second? Do you work well under pressure?

To learn more about Shane Battier and see some of his shoe commercials, visit our blog.



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I don’t watch NBA too much,but I like Shane,he is a great guy! <a href=”http://thorshammer.co.id”><strong>Hammer of thor</strong></a> merupakan suplemen<a href=”http://thorshammer.co.id”><strong> Obat Pembesar Penis </strong></a>paling bagus yang memang sangat dibutuhkan seorang pria sejati

03:54 AM May 04 2017 |




Being a player really should be cool- headed .Victory  always come down to  how calm  down you  do in a match . This way you can keep clear thought in  a high stakes. Live  under enough pressure may make people be powerful , but too much may make people get insane. :)

Sometimes do some go-to things is also a cut loosen.


04:23 PM Apr 08 2010 |

rebel lee

rebel lee


I don't like to do things at the last-second,but I always do that.Because I am kind of lazy and always put things to the last second.And what Shane said is totally true,we can do things better under presure,but not to much presure.

I don't watch NBA too much,but I like Shane,he is a great guy!

01:22 PM Feb 04 2010 |



His Chinese is really good Such as "nihao" I like Shane I like Yao I like rocket!

02:55 PM Jan 18 2010 |




shane battier is my favorite player in Rockets

08:23 AM Jan 18 2010 |



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12:51 AM Jan 18 2010 |




I also hate being under pressure and can't stand doing things at the last seconds, because I become stressed and my productivity is cut down because of my nervosity.

Also I want to say thank you for this lesson 

08:24 PM Jan 14 2010 |





09:42 AM Jan 07 2010 |


United Arab Emirates

Do you like to do things at the last-second? Do you work well under pressure?

No, I don't like to do things at the last second, Coz I hate being under pressure.

I like to do things at it is time. Coz I love to produce a good work which that makes me feel much better and comfortable for sure.

Thanks 4 the lesson.

01:04 AM Jan 07 2010 |




everbody knows that the best buzzer beater is Michael Jordan. . . right? is there somebody doesn't think so?

07:16 PM Jan 06 2010 |




I hate working under pressure! Usually when I work under pressure the work don't be good! :P I prefer to plan and antecipate me ;)

02:04 AM Jan 04 2010 |




Hey, Jason, you always surprise me with your interviews and lessons.

Thanks again, bro.

05:05 PM Jan 01 2010 |


Saudi Arabia

I really appreciate Battier! Wow! Because I have to work under pressure and complete the task before deadline. So Battier is that type of people I want to be. The key sir in the last second.

03:44 PM Jan 01 2010 |




He's so smart!!Smile

02:48 PM Dec 30 2009 |




02:17 AM Dec 30 2009 |





02:42 PM Dec 29 2009 |



Some people work better under pressure and I'm one of  those guys. I'm kinda of the last-second guy even when I was in school.

02:49 AM Dec 28 2009 |


Costa Rica

i think shane battier has a great temper making his friend`s team think they are able to play well it`s a good way to encourage people. and these kind of things have a high stakes on people to keep moving forward without giving up attempting to keep cool-headed even being under pressure.

07:32 PM Dec 27 2009 |


Costa Rica

i think shane battier has a great temper making his friend`s team thinking  they are able to play well it`s a good way to encourage people. and these kind of things have a huge impact on people`s view point making them to awake and keep moving forward with cool-headed even being under pressure.

07:32 PM Dec 27 2009 |



 high-stakes:   involving lot of risk-describes a risky situation in which somebody is  likely to win or lose a big deal.

06:09 PM Dec 27 2009 |

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