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Movies of the Decade

Movies of the Decade

Date: Dec 30 2009

Themes: Hobbies, News, Time

Grammar: Present Perfect Progressive


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In the 2000s, movies based on comic books were big. So were CG animated films like Wall-E and biopics about famous musicians like Walk the Line. But who knows if anyone will remember these films 10, 20, or 50 years from now? Find out which films from the 2000s Mason and Marni think have staying power.


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Marni:  So, as the decade comes to a close, one thing I’ve been thinking about it what are the movies that define this decade, some real stand-out films?

Mason:  That define the decade? I mean, Wes Anderson was kind of the stand-out guy, I think, of this decade. Royal Tenenbaums happened in the early 2000s.

Marni:  Yeah. I’m a huge fan of his, I actually really liked his last film. To me, I think of the big blockbusters...

Mason:  I mean, the Lord of the Rings films. Those for me will define this decade.

Marni:  Absolutely. What about some…what about The Dark Knight?

Mason:  Oh, absolutely, all the comic book films. I love The Dark Knight.

Marni:  Lot of comic book films. I really liked Iron Man, that was one of my favorites.

Mason:  The 2000s was the years that like the world discovered comic books.

Marni:  And there were a lot of remakes. It seems like a lot of old films were being remade.

Mason:  Well, that’s the unoriginality kicking in.

Marni:  Any other films that you just absolutely really love? Like what are some of your personal favorites that maybe other people haven’t seen that you would recommend?

Mason:  Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, that one with Robert Downey Jr., speaking of Iron Man. That’s gonna be one that sticks with me for a long time. That was great.

Marni:  Interesting.


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One of Mason’s favorite directors is Wes Anderson, who makes quirky films like The Royal Tenenbaums and The Darjeeling Limited. Mason thinks that Wes Anderson’s films were some of the defining movies of the last decade.

Mason and Marni agree that the Lord of the Rings movies will be some of the most memorable films of the decade. They also think that one of the big trends of the Oughts was movies based on comic books.

What do you think were the best movies of the 2000s? What were some of the trends in movies over the past 10 years? What trends do you hope to see in the future?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Well,i am really into the Hobbits and the lord of the ring and i’ve watched them for several times!After them i like Twilight , harry potter and beautiful mind.That’s it :)

04:01 PM Jan 07 2015 |




Humm it is pretty hard to talk about the "best" movie of 2000's…May I quote some the "best movies" to me of 2000's2 So it are,The lord of the Rings movies,Iron Man,The Dark Knight,Matrix for sure! I loved the trilogy Matrix…

Certainly trends movies of 2000's is the biggest number of special effects and Matrix was the largely responsible for this beginning…And from here to the future action movies will be like that ;)

11:27 AM Jan 07 2010 |




Marni said "any other films" film is a british english word,isn't it?  I thing movie sounds really better

yeah Avatar,2012,twilight, this kinda movies are legends :D

07:52 PM Jan 05 2010 |

ozkan ozkan


I think of stand-out film is ‘father and his son’. It just my personal idea.Maybe someone will be interested about that it played in Turkey.so I advice everyone.as well, that film’s subject is sensibilty. thanks everybody see you until next time !

07:28 PM Jan 05 2010 |


Viet Nam

I think The lord of the rings and Avatar are the best films in the 2000s. 

12:57 PM Jan 05 2010 |




08:03 AM Jan 04 2010 |




08:03 AM Jan 04 2010 |




08:02 AM Jan 04 2010 |



Russian Federation

For me the best movie of the decade is "Across The Universe". When I came out of the cinema after this flick it was like some quiet music was playing inside of me. Also I liked "I'm legend" with Will Smith, "Troya" with Brad Pitt, "Ahilles to kame" by Takeshi Kitano.

12:16 PM Jan 03 2010 |

Shinichi Lover


well, I have seen alots of films during 2000s, but I can't remmeber the best of them I need to go back about 5 years ! hehehe

09:54 PM Jan 02 2010 |




i love oll movies but my vovarite moiveis the godfather 2 everyone his want to pick up some english watch this movie

10:07 AM Jan 02 2010 |

Ahn Soo-hyun

South Korea

To me, some real stand-out movie is "Beautiful Mind". I lent it by accident, I come to know it is very touching and meaningful film. I never forgot seeing that movie. Please recommend some outstanding movies. I like to see movies. I learned life and love etc from movies. Anyway, tomorrow is the last day of 2009. Have a happy 2009 and will greet 2010 happily. Thank you English Baby and Brian!!!

11:19 PM Jan 01 2010 |



Best movie of the Decade is Sin City and Planet Terror

Robert Rodriguez RULES

09:34 AM Dec 31 2009 |




12:19 AM Dec 31 2009 |




The Dark Knight … R.I.P Heath Ledger , Love u <3

10:15 PM Dec 30 2009 |




For me, movies that will stick with me are : Glidator and the king arthur…..

08:38 PM Dec 30 2009 |




I like his movies by Christopher nolan the director of Batman:the dark knight

 this best ever created ,Christian bale and Headth leger of the best actor a both,but i like peter jackson the director of the lord of the rings too!

03:57 PM Dec 30 2009 |




hey :)
i like the gladiator <3

big mama'z house COMEDY =P

& scream 3 \m/

i'm not sure they are from the 2000'z moviez ;)

03:34 PM Dec 30 2009 |

rebel lee

rebel lee


Sorry,I am not a big fun of movies.I only watched some of the English-speaking movies to pick up some English.I like reading,espically the historical books,you can learn a lot from that kind of books.


12:44 PM Dec 30 2009 |




Yea, I agree that during 2000's films based on comics and mythology were the trend all long the decade. I vote for the Lord of the Rings and the X-Men!!! Great visual effects, insteresting stories and battles full of action.

04:57 AM Dec 30 2009 |

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