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(III) -The Common Mistakes Concerned With Using a Wrong Prep.

(III) -The Common Mistakes Concerned With Using a Wrong Prep.

Date: Jan 03 2010

Topic: Grammar

Author: firar


Common mistakes can be based on misused forms. Misused Forms are usually concerned with using a wrong preposition because “using prepositions” is a difficult topic. This lesson main purpose is to help to correct the common mistakes about using prepositions.



The third part  “D ”

Lets go on correcting our mistakes…

 1.depend on or upon,   not from 

(False) – It  depends from  herself.

 (True) – It  depends on (or upon) herself.  

2.deprive of,   not from  

(False) - She was deprived from her freedom.

 (True) – She was deprived of her freedom.  

3.die of an illness,  not from an illness 

(False) – A lot of people died from malaria.

 (True) – A lot of people died of malaria.  

4.different  from,  not than 

(False) –My sunglasses is different than yours.

 (True) – My sunglasses is different from yours.  

5.disappointed in , not from 

(False) –I was disappointed  from her work.

 (True) – I was disappointed in  her work. 

NOTE: We are disappointed in a thing when we see that it isn’t what we expected or desired, however, we are disappointed of a thing when we fail to get it; as,   We were disappointed of our hopes”    

6. divide into parts, not in parts   

(False) – She divided the cake in  four parts.

 (True) – She divided  the cake into four parts. 

NOTE: But a thing may be divided “in half” or “in

two”; as, “ He divided the apple in half (or in two).”  

7. doubt(n) of or about,  not for   

(False) – We have no doubt in  his ability.

 (True) – We have no doubt of  (or about ) his ability.  

8.dressed in,   not with 

(False) – The woman was dressed with black.

 (True) –  The woman was dressed in black. (Or the woman was in black)  

To be continued… Smile


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very good!

06:44 AM Jan 07 2010 |

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