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Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle

Date: Jan 25 2010

Themes: Music, Pop Culture

Grammar: Phrasal Verbs


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Nobody expected very much from Susan Boyle when she first walked onto the stage of the reality show Britain’s Got Talent last year. In fact, many people in the audience, as well as the show’s judges, laughed at her or made fun of her because of how she looked. But once she began to sing, they changed their tune.

Susan Boyle wowed everyone with that first performance, and although she finished second on Britain’s Got Talent, she has gone on to become one of the top-selling artists of last year, with her album I Dreamed a Dream. Susan’s story is one reason why people say you “shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.” But some wonder if this overnight sensation really has enough talent and endurance for a long-lasting career in showbiz. Find out what Beren and Dale think.


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Beren:  Dale, tell me about Susan Boyle. I don’t know anything about this lady. She just came out of nowhere. Everybody’s obsessed.

Dale:  What was really funny is that I got this email not too long ago to watch and listen to this person. It was such a surprise. I popped it open and you just kinda look at her going, “Who is this lady?” And all of a sudden, she just blew me away. She was such a surprising voice. It was very angelic, very operatic. It was very stunning to see something that refreshing and a voice that you…you actually kind of feel bad in some ways because you already judged a book by its cover.

Beren:  Whoa. Well, I heard she’s the second-best-selling artist in 2009.

Dale:  Not only that, I mean she just came out of nowhere to even to do that. She was on the British comedy Britain’s Got Talent.

Beren:  Oh, I don’t know about that. Is it like American Idol, or…

Dale:  It was actually Britain’s Got Talent and then America’s Got Talent came after. And so when Susan Boyle showed up there, her hits off of YouTube blew up, everybody talked about her. She’s just everywhere. And she still will be, for a long time, to be everywhere.

Beren:  Really? Does she tour?

Dale:  She’s starting to tour.


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Beren heard a lot about Susan Boyle but she didn’t know who she was. Dale explains that he saw a video of the 48-year-old talent show competitor singing, and it blew him away. He thinks she has a beautiful voice.

Dale felt guilty after he watched the video of Susan singing, because he realized that he had judged her based on her appearance. He didn’t think she’d be a good singer because she wasn’t young or beautiful. But after he heard Susan sing, he realized that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

Have you ever judged a book by its cover? What do you think will happen to Susan Boyle in the future?



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United States

yep!! its very good and funny :)))))) 


12:29 PM Jan 25 2010 |

Kaka Yang

Kaka Yang


It's good example for everyone who are looking for opportunity now, show yourself confidently.

11:45 AM Jan 25 2010 |



To be honest I have never listened to her songs. However i agree with statement that we couldnt judge a book by its cover.  There is a lot of people on the world , who look poorly , however a lot of them are so gifted . People should obtain their own chance to show their brillaint personality and their talent. 

08:48 AM Jan 25 2010 |

Rezon 邬

Rezon 邬


we cannot judge a person by outward appearance(judge a book by its cover),everyone has their strenghts.Susan has a great voice,my English teacheris a big fan of her.

05:25 AM Jan 25 2010 |




That's right! Also i dreamed a dream that to be a singer. Even i showed to my friends when i was 6 years old until i graduated from high school.

04:03 AM Jan 25 2010 |




I saw her singing a song "I dreamed a dream" on the most famous program of New Year's Eve in Japan.

I'm wondering how she feels what is happening around her.



03:43 AM Jan 25 2010 |

Andrew zhou


i've heared the story of Susan Boyle before,it's really fantastic.her voice gave me  heartquake absolutely .

01:52 AM Jan 25 2010 |

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