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Date: Mar 03 2010

Themes: News, Pop Culture

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


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Thirty years ago, nobody would have predicted that an African-American woman raised by a poor single mother in a tiny southern town would become one of the most influential people in the world. But while not everyone is a fan of Oprah Winfrey, nobody can deny that she pulled herself up by her bootstraps to become a rich and powerful media tycoon, as well as an American icon.

Oprah produces movies, writes books, and publishes magazines. But she is best known for her TV talk show, which has been on air since 1986. Recently, Oprah announced that the show will end in 2011. She wants to retire so that she can devote more time to her philanthropy and other projects. Find out if Marni and Ella will be sad to see her go.


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Marni:  So, Ella, I assume you’ve heard the news that millions of Oprah fans were dreading.

Ella:  Oh darn. Yes I did. I was so disappointed.

Marni:  I can sense the sarcasm. But I’m actually a huge Oprah fan. I think she’s kind of an incredible person. I mean she’s obviously a media mogul, an icon to many people. But I think that she does have a lot to say, a lot of interesting value. But also she’s had a really interesting stamp on our culture, because she’s so far-reaching, and you think about how she has such a huge impact on book sales with her book club, and it’s just like people are total fanatics about anything that she recommends.

Ella:  No, this is true. I don’t dislike her. I respect her as an individual, as being, you know, kind of a trendsetter. And like, it’s very authentic, and that’s what I respect about it. It’s very her, she’s not basing it on anyone else, it’s just what her tastes are.

Marni:  Right.

Ella:  Did you hear about the woman who’s living one year based on everything Oprah says?

Marni:  Oh, no. How interesting. So she just…was she so fascinated with Oprah, is that why she’s doing it?

Ella:  She wasn’t a fan. She’s trying to understand why people liked Oprah. So she watched Oprah all the time. And every day, a lesson was lived by Oprah. She said it was expensive.


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It doesn’t sound like Ella is very sad to hear that The Oprah Winfrey Show is going to go off the air. But Ella respects Oprah as an entrepreneur. Whatever Oprah recommends, whether it’s a book, a beauty product, or a new diet, millions of people buy it. Ella thinks Oprah only recommends things she really believes in.

Marni is a big fan of Oprah. She’s impressed by what a powerful impact Oprah has had on American culture. Women of all races and classes love Oprah and watch her show. Also, Oprah’s book club has helped get more people interested in reading.

Is Oprah popular in your country? What do you think makes her so appealing?



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s id

Saudi Arabia

 i like her t.v show . she`s amazing lady she has a extrovert  personality   she always try to help people .   her  program has successful in my country  

06:54 PM Mar 03 2010 |



Hi my friend Aaron I am not agree  what you said either about Ophra or Racism. 'Rasism in the USA reached non-existence' I don't think so it still there and they still working hard inorder to reach to non-exisistance level we are listneeing a lot of stories coming in everyday, its fair to say its much better than other countries in the world. about Ophra, how can I say there is no word to explain what she've done, she inspired people especially communities less hope to live in short word I Called her a community builder for me she is one of outstanding person in this planet.  

05:45 PM Mar 03 2010 |



i think what had made of oprah such a mogul and appealing person is her fight through the poverty ,racism and hard life to success ,wealth and happiness ..that made of her kind of icon and example of how people can be fighters if they believe enough in their dreams ^^

04:20 PM Mar 03 2010 |

jolefrancaisSuper Member!


I have already heart about oprah but in france she isn't well known person or perhaps for a bunch of spécific person.

02:40 PM Mar 03 2010 |




Well, Oprah is an incredible and strong woman who helps other people because she loves them no matter whether this person is a fan. She inspired people with her books. I think everything this wonderful woman has ever done in her life was absolutely correct . I love her :)

02:14 PM Mar 03 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

watching to another countries TV programs is a big crime in my country !!!

a popular person in the world can't be popular in this hell !!!

however, I don't like trendsetters!! But I respect her because I don't know her, she may be a humankind lover, as you say.

11:05 AM Mar 03 2010 |



i really appriciate operah

she helps people and makes their life better!! she is an extrovert! And she tend to be  very people person .. i love her so mush !!!

10:29 AM Mar 03 2010 |



United States

Our tv doesn’t show her . . .Pity . . .But do you know any site where i can watch her shows ? I just saw short extracts from her performances at youtube

08:36 AM Mar 03 2010 |



United States

Our tv doesn’t show her . . .Pity . . .But do you know any site where i can watch her shows ? I just saw short extracts from her performances at youtube

08:36 AM Mar 03 2010 |



Syrian Arab Republic

i like this informative person .all the matter in her program are sp useful and valuable .

06:15 AM Mar 03 2010 |

Whitney S

Whitney S




05:24 AM Mar 03 2010 |



I'm used to see her in the media but the first time I listened to her talking that was in October when she was supporting Obama then I realized that she is a media mogul. 

05:23 AM Mar 03 2010 |




she pulled herself up by her bootstraps to make a success.

05:23 AM Mar 03 2010 |



i like lessons

05:20 AM Mar 03 2010 |



United States

Do you know which website to go to watch her show? Can anyone tell me?

05:14 AM Mar 03 2010 |



coolll Cool

04:11 AM Mar 03 2010 |



Yes she is.. my English teacher suggested us to watch her show to improve our English, but I guess not just about improving our English but also our quality of life, I love her show so much…Her self confidence about what she believes makes her so amazing..

02:12 AM Mar 03 2010 |

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