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Date: Mar 05 2010

Themes: How To, Travel

Grammar: Count and Noncount Nouns


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In pictures of New York City, the streets are almost always crowded with taxis. But while taking a cab in New York may be convenient, it can also be expensive. Still there’s something romantic and exciting about the idea of being carried along in your own private cab…as long as you don’t end up paying just to sit in traffic.

In smaller cities, taking cabs is less common. But there are still times when they’re the best transportation option out there, like when you need a lift to the airport, or when you have so much fun at the bars you can’t drive yourself home. Find out if Marni and Beren like taking cabs.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  So Beren, do you take a lot of cabs in this town?

Beren:  I’ve probably taken more cabs recently, in the past couple months, than I have the whole time I’ve lived here, because you have to call, you have to plan ahead. You can’t just flag them down here.

Marni:  You can’t flag down a cab in this town. But in many cities you can. And I think that’s the great thing about cabs, or taxis, if you want to call them that. It seems like that’s what they’re for, right? You need a quick ride, flag one down.

Beren:  Here it’s more…definitely the planning part, like if you want to get dropped off at the airport it’s way more convenient I think than taking the light rail or the bus.

Marni:  Sure.

Beren:  And, I don’t know, all the cabbies are really nice. I have some friends that do it, and they enjoy it, you know. It’s more…I feel like it’s more of the downtown late night crowd of people that take cabs, because definitely there have been times when I’ve tried to call and I can’t one.

Marni:  Yeah absolutely. It seems like after bar close, that’s when a taxi…taxis are really essential. Yeah, you know, I don’t know. I always feel like though they’re so expensive, I mean I just sit in a cab when I’m in one and I just watch the meter run, and I’m just like “Oh my gosh, this is so expensive, I could be walking!”

Beren:  Yeah. It’s nice that they do have like flat rates so it’s all…like all the cab companies it’s going to be the same price. It’s like definitely…I don’t know, I feel like in bigger cities it makes more sense. Because it’s more convenient. Here if you’re going to take the time to call a cab, you might as well just take the bus or walk.

Marni:  Yep. Sometimes they’re essential though.


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Marni and Beren live in a smaller city where it’s not extremely common to take cabs. There are fewer cabs on the streets than in a bigger city like New York, so you can’t just walk outside and get a cab as soon as you want one. You usually have to call ahead and ask for one to come pick you up.

Another problem with taking cabs is that they can be expensive. Marni hates watching the meter run when she’s in a cab and thinking about how much she’s going to have to pay for the ride. The bus is much cheaper, and sometimes it doesn’t even take any longer. But Marni and Beren agree that there are times when taking a cab is really necessary.

Are cabs common where you live? Do you like taking cabs? What is the most common form of transportation in your country?



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in Poland cabs arent common. we go by bus or tram :)

10:41 PM Mar 05 2010 |



In our country we usually get on the bus because it s more cheaper than taxis.

06:29 PM Mar 05 2010 |

jolefrancaisSuper Member!


I have taken rarely a cab cause i live in a small town and only take my car but sometimes take a cab can be really conveniant when you travel and you don't know the way i flag down a cab for going to place where you wanna go.

05:26 PM Mar 05 2010 |




in my countryalgeria taxis is very cheap because of algeria product petrol despite taxis is cheap i prefer to take bus because is more cheaper than taxi .

02:28 PM Mar 05 2010 |




In most of Chinese cities, taxi is expensive, so I don't take it frequently, but sometimes, when you are in a hurry, you have to take it, and you only can prayer for yourself, don't get struck in traffic, otherwise, you have to pay more money. haha _

01:36 PM Mar 05 2010 |




We have rarely taxis in my town.

Everybody moves per bus, bicycle or tram.

Actually, I live in the cleanest, healthiest and best city.

12:48 PM Mar 05 2010 |



there is a taxi rank in my town too.

To my surprise many people use taxis in my town. 

But the truth is that they are really expensive. 

I used the taxi just once in my lifetime when I had to go to school very fast from my dentist's cabinet.

I used hitchhiking more often than the taxi. But it also took a few minutes to catch a lift because not everyone is driving the direction I want to get to and not everyone want to take a hitchhiker.

12:25 PM Mar 05 2010 |




I oftenly use jeepneys when I go to work, but these days I use my car when I go outside because the sun is terrible, it's summer over here and you will get sick if you stay outside.

Taxi is common in my place too, it is expensive but convenient especially when you are in hurry. Taxi can drop you off in the place you want to go. where jeepneys or buses cannot.

11:58 AM Mar 05 2010 |

nanci guide


no, it's not common

sometimes when i feel tired


09:24 AM Mar 05 2010 |



Today I got my driving licence. I don't need cabs anymore, even though I rarely take them.

05:36 AM Mar 05 2010 |




I always have troubles with taxisYell

05:27 AM Mar 05 2010 |

Ahn Soo-hyun

South Korea

Hi!, In Korea taxi is really good. It is cheap and easier to use. There are many taxes in Korea. When you come to Korea, you had better use taxi. Just flag them down, and you can ride a taxi with a little money. 

02:34 AM Mar 05 2010 |



Here in Jakarta Indonesia, cabs are quite convenient, and I'd prefer cabs than bus or any other transportation, first, Jakarta is a hot city, well, you can feel fresh air conditioner in cabs, second I'm not familiar enough about Jakarta, but you better careful to choose which cabs do you wanna flag down.

Cabs, are not common transportation in Bandung, my hometown, public transportation called "angkot" is more familiar. 

02:05 AM Mar 05 2010 |

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