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Take a Spill

Take a Spill English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Mar 01 2010

Themes: Sports

Grammar: First Conditional


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Certain events in the Winter Olympics are so tense, you have to hold your breath while you watch them. No, we aren’t talking about curling. But other sports, like figure skating, half-pipe snowboarding, or downhill skiing, are so nerve-wracking because the athletes could take a spill at any moment.

Jason has been in Vancouver trying to win a gold medal since the 2010 Winter Olympics started. Now the Games are coming to an end, and he is running out of time. So it is very important for him to not take any spills. Find out if Jason can avoid falling and win gold at the last minute.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.



Jason:  Sometimes, when competition goes awry, you take a spill. A spill is where you fall down and you might spill some of your belongings onto the ground. So, I’m gonna do my best to drink this tasty energy drink while skiing. And we’ll see if I can avoid taking a spill.

Jason:  Whoa!

Jason:  Man, epic spill! If I keep taking spills like that, I am never gonna win the gold or rescue my friends!


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Usually, it is objects that spill, not people. You might spill some beer on the floor at a party, or you might forget to close your bag and spill your belongings. But when a person takes a spill, he falls down.

Jason takes a spill while trying to ski and drink an energy drink at the same time. If an Olympic athlete takes a spill, he usually can’t win a gold medal. So Jason better be careful if he wants to bring gold home from Vancouver and save his friends.

Have you ever taken a big spill? What do you think is the most nerve-wracking sport at the Winter Games?



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I miss you!! ㅋㅋㅋ

I'm trying to study by myself~!!!

It is so nerve-wracking to teach students English!

Wish me a good luck!

Take care!

08:27 AM Mar 02 2010 |



South Korea

Of cause, everybody take a spill at first. Because taking a spill, I had ever been to go hospital with 911(119 in Korea). ^^; Be careful everybody.

04:02 AM Mar 02 2010 |




Ooooh.. Yeah… i took a spill already. In front of school.. EVERYBODY stared at me.. it was so embarassing… but thats ok.. I survived..hehe

03:45 AM Mar 02 2010 |




Ooooh.. Yeah… i took a pill already. In front of school.. EVERYBODY stared at me.. it was so embarassing… but thats ok.. I survived..hehe

03:44 AM Mar 02 2010 |

heli_mexico is nice


    very interesting…

02:30 AM Mar 02 2010 |



Sure, everyday we  always take spills.

02:09 AM Mar 02 2010 |


Palestinian Territory, Occupied

every day we take a spill but we never stob

09:37 PM Mar 01 2010 |


Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

you should do your best

08:45 PM Mar 01 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

i was take a spill put i think this fun skiing ,
and I like the race on the ice , i'm always  the fall down.Embarassed

08:41 PM Mar 01 2010 |



oh no.. you have to do something better jsn 

08:12 PM Mar 01 2010 |




supar goot

06:47 PM Mar 01 2010 |



Hong Kong

Take a Spill = Fall Down

Since we come to this world, we were taking a spill everyday including but not limit to walking, our daily work, dating etc.  Taking a spill already becomes part of our life.  Is that right?  Laughing

03:31 PM Mar 01 2010 |



i will take a spill   smile

11:49 AM Mar 01 2010 |



Probably, if you drink a redbull that will never happened to you because redbull gives you a wings! :P

09:34 AM Mar 01 2010 |

Ahn Soo-hyun

South Korea

Brian, I'll see you next week. I' ll study harder.

08:16 AM Mar 01 2010 |




 ...so nerve-wracking because the athletes could take a spill at any moment.

07:08 AM Mar 01 2010 |

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