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Movie Snacks

Movie Snacks

Date: Mar 10 2010

Themes: Food, Hobbies

Grammar: Used to Do vs Be Used to


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A cheap movie date can easily end up costing an arm and a leg if you make a stop at the concession stand before the show. Theaters make more money off of expensive tubs of popcorn and jumbo sized drinks and candy than they do selling actual movie tickets. But even though snacks at movies are expensive, they are also a fun part of the experience of going out to see a movie. For many people, a trip to the movies just isn’t the same without greasy popcorn, an ice-cold soda, and a jumbo sized box of candy.

Beren has been seeing a lot of movies lately. Find out her secret to enjoying movie snacks for cheap.


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Dale:  Alright, so you go to movies, right?

Beren:  I do go to movies.

Dale:  Do you pass the concession stand?

Beren:  I used to, but everything’s overpriced. Like everything’s jumbo sized, but you pay for the jumbo size. It’s like six dollars for a small, which isn’t that small, but does anyone need that much soda? Really?

Dale:  You know, there’s been jokes about it through TV shows and all these little sitcoms and skits, that when you go to the movie theater you’re just paying overpriced…Do you think it’s reasonable, have people just accepted it already?

Beren:  Maybe, I don’t know. I think here, there’s been kind of a backlash on overpriced concessions. I mean, you can drink a reasonably priced beer and get reasonably priced food at some theaters in town.

Dale:  Oh really?

Beren:  Well, I think it balances out because the movies are a little less expensive. I mean it’s second-run theaters, but…

Dale:  Is that the cheapest of…the cheap idea that you were…?

Beren:  No, the new thing that I’ve done now that I’ve been going to movies more often is get the kid’s meal. You get just enough popcorn, just enough soda, and a little bag of candy, for about five or six dollars.

Dale:  Now that’s a good deal.

Beren:  It’s a good deal. And you know, movie theater employees, typically teenagers, they’re not gonna not sell it to you because you’re not a kid.

Dale:  Wow.


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Beren used to like getting snacks at movies, but they have become so expensive that she doesn’t stop at the concession stand as much anymore. She also doesn’t like how large all the sizes are. Even if you get a lot of popcorn for your money, it’s usually more than you really want or need.

There are a couple of different ways to avoid paying an arm and a leg for snacks at movies. Most cities have second-run movie theaters, where you can pay less to see movies that aren’t brand new. Often snacks at second-run theaters are cheaper, too.

Beren has also found that she can buy a kid’s meal. In a kid’s meal, you get a smaller amount of popcorn, candy, and soda for a cheaper price. Dale agrees that the kid’s meal is a good deal.

What snacks do you like to have at the movies? Are movie snacks overpriced in your country? Do you still get them, even if they cost you an arm and a leg?



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Saudi Arabia

i like to go to cinema  and i prefer to eat just  popcorn  because i have a fun with popcorn and see my favorite film and this is will make me   very excited

10:27 AM Mar 10 2010 |



South Korea

I don't like eating any kind of snacks at the movies. I ONLY see a movie. After that, I usually drink beer. Beer is cheaper than snacks.

07:54 AM Mar 10 2010 |



I love any snacks for the movies, not always popcorn and soda, once I had pizza in the theatre, in some theatres you are not allowed to bring snacks from outside, meaning you gotta stop at the concession stand. Well, in some places in Indonesia they are quite expensive, sometimes I never get them, I bought snacks from outside, and put them on my hand bag, and I can enjoy them inside! hehehe….more cheaper and I can eat anything I wanna…

02:00 AM Mar 10 2010 |

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