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Youth in Revolt

Youth in Revolt

Date: Apr 07 2010

Themes: Romance

Grammar: Simple Present Tense


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There is just something sexy about bad boys. Maybe it’s because we always want what we can’t have, and bad boys are better at playing hard to get than nice guys. Michael Cera doesn’t usually play the bad boy. Instead, in films like Juno, he plays sweet, awkward guys who struggle to get the girl of their dreams. But in his latest movie, Youth in Revolt, he plays a sweet guy with a bad boy alter ego. Find out how Marni and Mason feel about Michael Cera’s wild side.


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Mason:  Youth in Revolt, it’s kind of a…it’s an appropriate title given that it’s a definite break for Michael Cera trying to be a little bit more than the emo whiny kid. I mean, he starts as the emo whiny kid but then he gets to have this alter ego. And I think he pulled it off alright.

Marni:  You think so?

Mason:  Yeah.

Marni:  So, I haven’t seen it, but my understanding is that he is this kinda nerdy kid, can’t really get the girl he wants, and so he develops this alter ego, this playboy named…what, does he have a fancy Italian name or something? Sure. Something that every dream girl would love.

Mason:  Right. It’s the bad boy name. ‘Cause I think all the girls, at least the 18-year-old girls, they want the bad boy. So he realizes that and just kinda goes with it, but it gets away from it a little bit.

Marni:  As it always does in romantic comedies.

Mason:  Right. It’s Fight Club. It’s high school Fight Club, is what this is.

Marni:  Interesting.

Mason:  But with…trying to get the girl with the crazy alter ego, instead of that being a happenstance.

Marni:  So, have you ever done anything crazy to get a girl?

Mason:  Not funny crazy. I practically like ruined one of my best friendships to get with a girl.

Marni:  Ah, that’s pretty classic, huh?

Mason:  Yeah. But nothing you would make a movie with Michael Cera about, no.

Marni:  Ah.


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Mason saw Youth in Revolt. He thought Michael Cera did a good job playing a sweet guy with a bad boy alter ego. In the film, Cera’s alter ego is a dangerous, seductive foreigner named Francois Dillinger. Mason and Marni agree that girls are often attracted to bad boys, especially when they are young.

Developing an alter ego is a pretty extreme thing to do just to get a girl to like you. Marni asks Mason if he’s ever done anything crazy to get a girl. Mason almost ruined a close friendship over a girl. But he doesn’t think that story would make a very funny movie.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done to get someone to like you? Why do you think some girls find bad boys attractive?



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its life maybe that occure this mistaks

04:29 PM Dec 29 2012 |




Yeah,michael cera is the kind of guy who seems a little bit nerdy and shy. And that is why he attracts me a lot.

02:40 PM Apr 07 2012 |




Yeah,michael cera is the kind of guy who seems a little bit nerdy and shy. And that is why he attracts me a lot.

02:40 PM Apr 07 2012 |




Yeah  yeah….sometimes we really need to be slightly naughty, if you are quiet and nerdy, good at school, girls wouldn’t love you, believe me :D I don’t get the idea why the girls always like bad boy, yeah mostly, mostly girls like bad boy. They think bad boy more attractive and cool, easy going and love to have fun, loyal maybe…..Cool

02:51 PM Feb 01 2012 |



hah!! girls like good and bad boys too ;)

09:45 AM Nov 07 2010 |



i dont undersatnd any thing

12:53 AM Jun 08 2010 |



Puerto Rico

When I was fifteen I met a beautiful girl and I fell in love with her. One night at the movie theatre, I kissed her. haha

 Well, I thi8nk girls like bad bo0ys because they are adventurous.

12:43 AM May 29 2010 |




Humm I don't know…Maybe I have followed till her house to figure out where she lived…But I don't remember if I have ever did something really crazy :P

Girls like bad boys because of the sense of security and power hehe ;)

01:28 PM May 08 2010 |

julien charles

United States

This movie is interesting because the men is funny.

04:31 PM Apr 13 2010 |




I never did anything I could regretlater. I am a good girl in a word.Bad boys are attractive because they are hard to achieve. I think this is the main reason why.

12:44 PM Apr 13 2010 |



This is just a short message to all my fellow men out there, just to let you all know, there is nothing like bad boys. Every single men out there are born to be happy, sweet and nice. So, please don't listen to every crazy things from a woman. You know, from day one, women are the adama of this World. Moreover, you know that women are off us, we own them and i guess it's time we try to teach about ourselves (men). Finding a soul mate is very important role for every human being, so, guys its time to we learn our wives,ladies and girls how to look beyond the surface of when dating or searching for love. Peace out there

08:30 PM Apr 12 2010 |



i agree. every teen age girls want bad boys I guess? ;)

12:24 PM Apr 11 2010 |

khaled mohamed


yes i think girl 18 tears want bad boy  it is truth

01:28 AM Apr 11 2010 |

abdu al-rhman


My opinion, I consider that the phenomenon of research and girls to follow a waste of time and does not connote anything and thank God that the phenomenon of talking to foreign women is haram in Islam

08:41 PM Apr 10 2010 |

abdu al-rhman


My opinion, I consider that the phenomenon of research and girls to follow a waste of time and does not connote anything and thank God that the phenomenon of talking to foreign women is haram in Islam

08:34 PM Apr 10 2010 |



Well… Once I realized that I fit the nerdy "style", I have started playing "hard to get… But I have not succeeded so far; the strategy almost always backfires…=/ :)) Still, sometimes it is fun to make believe you do not care and it helps you take duds lightly… :D ;)

01:02 AM Apr 10 2010 |




when i was a teenager i liked bad boys much, but it was just a period

in teenager period it was cool to spent a time with bad boys

Crazy thing to attractive someone..hm..no


07:24 AM Apr 09 2010 |



I guess girls like bad boys since they broke the rules and this is exciting for girls. Sometimes girls look for something different. 

10:06 PM Apr 08 2010 |





u r right. badboys are the best people i allwys like and i'm one of them.ha ha ha

06:14 PM Apr 08 2010 |



i don't think that bad boys are attractive. i prefer the sweet guys.i've never been seducted by a bad boy. the stupid girls find bad boys attractive. to get someone to like you , you should be natural.


08:25 AM Apr 08 2010 |

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