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"Telephone" - Lady Gaga & Beyonce

"Telephone" - Lady Gaga & Beyonce

Date: Apr 19 2010

Grammar: Count and Noncount Nouns


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The music video for Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s song “Telephone” is nine minutes long and features insane costumes, a mass murder, a prison fight, a girl-on-girl make-out, and a whole lot of exposed skin. And those aren’t the only causes for controversy in the video. It’s also drawing criticism for how much product placement it uses. But some people are calling “Telephone” the future of music videos.

Whether you love it or hate it, Gaga and Beyonce’s epic new video is hard to ignore. Find out what Ella and Devan think about “Telephone.”


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Devan:  So have you seen the new epic that is the Gaga-Beyonce “Telephone” video?

Ella:  Have I? Of course. I have it on my cell phone, on my computer, like playing in my living room just for fun. I love it.

Devan:  You love it?

Ella:  Yes.

Devan:  See, I personally hate it.

Ella:  Oh, you’re killing me Devan!

Devan:  Tell me why you loved it.

Ella:  I just think it’s so creative, and you just wouldn’t ever think to combine Beyonce and Lady Gaga, ever, because I just feel like they’re so different. And then to see them in the same room and just kinda like little superheroes in the video is just like…I don’t know, I just liked it, I thought it was really creative.

Devan:  See, now my problem with the video is the insane amount of product placement.

Ella:  Oh yeah, that’s true.

Devan:  I was like keeping a tally of how many products they pitch in there. It’s like Coke and mayonnaise and computers and websites and cell phones, and everything with like all these labels all over the video, and I just…You know, everyone’s talking about how it like really raises the bar for music videos, but for me, it was just a giant commercial. I didn’t see any artistic value when you’re selling that much ad space in your video.

Ella:  That’s true. I did not think about that. That’s probably how they could afford it to be nine minutes long.

Devan:  Yeah. It was nine minutes long but for me, the artistic quality wasn’t enough. I just felt like I was watching a really weird Miracle Whip commercial.


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Devan and Ella disagree about Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s new music video for their song “Telephone.” Ella thinks the video is really creative. She loves seeing Lady Gaga and Beyonce together. She can’t believe that Devan isn’t a fan of the video.

Devan is annoyed by how much product placement there is in the “Telephone” video. For her, the video isn’t very interesting artistically. It just seems like a nine minute commercial for a bunch of different products.

What do you think about the “Telephone” video? What makes a great music video in your opinion?



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Personally I agree to devan I did't like the video even when I had not noticed the video is full of products placements and the directors did't cover the brands of them. Besides I don't think that weird cloths, unusual make-up and odd scenes should be considered creatuvity at all. For me it is not something new is just a video full of freaky things that pretend to be innovative ….

04:02 PM Apr 20 2010 |

Goshaa =*

Goshaa =*


omg.that video was great!;)**            lov it.<3

07:04 AM Apr 20 2010 |



Though I became somewhat curious about it, I am not fond of Gaga and Beyoncè, so I won't stretch a point and spend nine long minutes watching their video. \=p

01:39 AM Apr 20 2010 |




i love the Gaga 's bottoms


10:18 PM Apr 19 2010 |




 I agree , this clip is future of video-clips. It is as weird and odd as modern art. Art which not everyone likes and understand. I don't.

09:38 PM Apr 19 2010 |


Saudi Arabia

i did not see it so !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

08:54 PM Apr 19 2010 |




I think it's weird! U can see they wanted to give a shot-movie-like aspect for the video clip, and maybe it was a mistake! I didn't understand the language purposed, but maybe it's cuz i'm more used to traditonal video clips… In my opinion (even people saying this is the new standards of vclips) vclips should show situations like u feel (or imagine) when u're surrounded by the music u like. I don't see it at all in this video!

06:38 PM Apr 19 2010 |




I watched this video, really I don't like pop music but this man, lady gaga, has talent.

04:09 PM Apr 19 2010 |



I haven’t seen the music video yet. But I would like to see it in future. This lesson just raised my anxiousness about this ‘Telephone’ music video. Regardless to say I don’t have any opinion on how or what would make a music video great though. Good lesson Ebabay!

03:24 PM Apr 19 2010 |

rebel lee

rebel lee


Haven't seen it yet.And I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like it.Because I don't like wild music,I like something soft and nice. 

03:08 PM Apr 19 2010 |




i really want to know how gaga think of her own daily looks…she's weird and interesting at the same time.

01:29 PM Apr 19 2010 |





01:06 PM Apr 19 2010 |




I think music video is just a tool to stimulate us to buy and listen their CDs, so I always evaluate music videos how correct they can express their music into image.

The most important thing is the song, I think. There are a lot of musicians who use music videos for ad though.

12:32 PM Apr 19 2010 |


United Arab Emirates

i loved it

12:30 PM Apr 19 2010 |



I do like the music video, but i think that Devan is right about the amount of product placement. But if you try skipping and not think about it,i think it's quite a good video..and they are both very talented and beautiful so you can't say that in a video you can't make a difference between a good and a bad singer,because their voices are there although it's playback…

11:47 AM Apr 19 2010 |



i didn't see this new music video.personally, i don't like music video because everybody can make one, so you cannot differentiate between a good singer and a bad singer,and between a good music and a bad music, you will just be fascinated by the video. 

10:55 AM Apr 19 2010 |




omg the commercials aren't noticed me…. bad!

the video is slightly exaggerated but the song I like it.

10:50 AM Apr 19 2010 |




its crazy

08:09 AM Apr 19 2010 |




she's hot! i like her dress

07:06 AM Apr 19 2010 |

the king of guitar



06:40 AM Apr 19 2010 |

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