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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Date: May 03 2010

Themes: Music, Pop Culture

Grammar: Simple Future Tense


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Justin Bieber is either the most talented or the luckiest sixteen-year-old on the planet. After the Canadian teen put home recordings of himself singing and playing the guitar on YouTube, a talent scout saw the videos and decided to make Justin a star. Soon Usher and Justin Timberlake were in a bidding war to sign Justin to a record deal. Usher won, and Justin’s first studio album, My World 2.0, debuted at number one on the pop charts.

Now wherever Justin plays, thousands of screaming girls show up. But is Justin Bieber fever just a passing craze, or is he really a talented musician with staying power? Find out what Jeff and Jason think.


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Jeff:  So am I the only one these days that is absolutely obsessed with Justin Bieber? That guy is a diamond in the rough.

Jason:  Well, you’re certainly not the only one who thinks he’s talented. I mean, he was just discovered from his YouTube video.

Jeff:  Well, let me tell ya, I think it’s pretty apparent through Youtube videos, his live performances, that he’s gonna be here to stay.

Jason:  You think so? Wow. Alright. I don’t know. I question if it’s just dumb luck, you know, that this producer who happened to see his video and then hooked him up with Usher, you know maybe was just in a good mood that day and then that’s how this kid ends up having this whole career. I don’t know if he has staying power.

Jeff:  I would say the songwriting on My World 2.0 alone is enough to carry this guy for years to come.

Jason:  Alright. It’s just tough to tell though, because when someone comes out of nowhere like this, you don’t really know how good they’re really gonna be over time. I feel like the more effective way for an artist to get discovered and get in the mainstream is just by, you know, working hard over time and then suddenly like, okay, this is your tenth album, now you’re going to have a hit, or whatever.

Jeff:  That’s true, that’s true…

Jason:  But if you can put in that ten years at the top, why not, right?


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Jeff thinks Justin Bieber is an amazing musician with true staying power. Like many teenage girls, Jeff has been obsessed with Bieber since seeing his home videos on YouTube. Jeff is really impressed by the young star’s songwriting abilities and live performances.

Jason is a bit more skeptical about Bieber. He thinks the sixteen-year-old might just be incredibly lucky. Justin became famous after a talent scout saw his videos on YouTube and hooked him up with Usher, who gave Justin a record deal.

Do you think Justin Bieber has staying power, or is he just a passing craze? What is the best way for an artist to get discovered these days?



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i like  that song :baby

08:50 AM May 04 2010 |




This guy's music makes me feel happy and optimistic about his

03:34 AM May 04 2010 |



United Kingdom

Oh bieber? he's one of the most talented male pop stars besides nick jonas, I think he's gonna stay for a pretty long time 'cause he's got potential, he's charismatic he's kind, and he's got a beautiful personality apparently, once he mature he'll be at the top of the fame mountain hahaha. Well the best way to get discovered I think is youtube, he's not the only one who has been discovered in that way, I mean there's a lot of people that watch covers of songs or original ones like me for example lol and might find some awesome talents by accident haha

02:31 AM May 04 2010 |




lucky guy !!!

09:40 PM May 03 2010 |




I haven't ever seen this guy…

even hear his musics..

so, I cannot tell anything yet… But it's a lesson with great expresions! :P

very good!!!!

05:20 PM May 03 2010 |




you're following career??

04:55 PM May 03 2010 |



Well,I loved the lesson more than "the fever !"

02:59 PM May 03 2010 |




the first time  when i heard him i thought he was a girl LOL  but i've found that his lyric are  just amazing! Smile

01:07 PM May 03 2010 |



I don’t know exactly who he is..omg..gotta update my self..hehe

12:20 PM May 03 2010 |



nice to miss you


05:44 AM May 03 2010 |

Hyun ji

Hyun ji

South Korea

my brother likes him very much!

04:52 AM May 03 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I've found other meaning for "diamond in the rough" in tow different dictionaries that are different than this meaning:"someone or something with unexpected good qualities"


(dictionary of contemporary English) :

"someone who behaves in a slightly rude way, but is really kind and generous "

2:dictionary.com on the web:

"a person of fine character but lacking refined manners or graces"

i wonder which meaning is correct? all of them?


04:43 AM May 03 2010 |




i'm justin fc!

he's very nice. ><

03:31 AM May 03 2010 |




 i loveeee youu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 (K) i never let you go justin bieber!

12:18 AM May 03 2010 |

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