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Ring Tones

Ring Tones

Date: May 10 2010

Themes: Tech

Grammar: You're vs. Your


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When the telephone was invented, it’s hard to imagine that anyone thought that eventually, the latest hit song would play whenever you got a phone call. But anything can be a ring tone these days. A lot of people choose their favorite song for their ring tone, and others choose a funny sound like a whistle or a drum.

Ring tones can be a fun way to express yourself…or annoy people. When a phone or two or twenty starts blaring an obnoxious song or some other noise in public, it can be annoying. It certainly is to Devan, anyway, and she’s about to give Jeff a piece of her mind about cell phone ring tones.


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Jeff:  So Devan, what’s your latest ring tone these days?

Devan:  My latest ring tone? My ring tone is a ring. It’s a good old-fashioned telephone bring bring.

Jeff:  Rotary phone...

Devan:  I can’t stand ring tones. They drive me crazy.

Jeff:  I’ve had my phone on vibrate or silent for almost a year now.

Devan:  I just think it’s so obnoxious when you’re like in public, either you’re at a library or you’re on the subway, and someone’s phone starts playing a song really loud, and it’s like, I don’t want to hear your music, you know? And they’ll just like let it ring and ring and ring, and it’ll be like Lil Wayne blaring on their phone.

Jeff:  That’s pretty grating. Especially when you’re tired and on your way to work.

Devan:  Yeah. And it wears out songs, too. Like even if it’s a song that you like, if you have to hear it that many times, like every time your phone rings you have to hear that song, you get really sick of it.

Jeff:  Yeah, I don’t understand how people can do that. What about your alarm clock on your phone, do you use it for an alarm clock?

Devan:  I do.

Jeff:  Is it the same as your regular ring tone.

Devan:  It is. It’s just a regular ringing sound. I can’t handle waking up to the radio, because once again, if it’s a song that I like, but that’s what’s waking me up in the morning, I’m always gonna associate it with that, and it’s gonna make me mad.

Jeff:  Yeah. It kinda turns it into a nightmare.


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You can make any song into a ring tone these days, but Devan just uses the basic ring tones that came with her phone. Even if her ring tone is a song Devan likes, hearing the song over and over again as a ring tone makes her get sick of the song.

Jeff agrees that ring tones can be annoying. He keeps his phone on vibrate or silent most of the time. Devan uses a simple ringing sound as her ring tone. She uses the same tone as her alarm clock.

You can make a ring tone out of anything these days. How do you pick your ring tone? Do you use songs that you like, or do you find that annoying like Devan?



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rebel lee

rebel lee


If I like the song,why would it be annoying?Of course, I'd likt to pick my favourite song to be the ring tone. I don't konw what's wrong with Devan.

03:04 PM May 10 2010 |




yes it is very annoying when others' ring tones start to play in public,especially some pop song's ring tones,and most of them let it play on much longer than needed…i don't know way, maybe they think they are cool..

12:11 PM May 10 2010 |



United States

my ringtone is Ozomatli's song who discovered America)))  and alarm clock's sound is toni Braxton – i hate love)))) i can tell that i really hate this song))))))) but don't change it couse i'll jhate any song which is for my alarm clock)))

11:42 AM May 10 2010 |




Long long time ago,when i had a advanced mobile phone ,i used to choose a fashionable song as my ring tone, and it made my life souded like colorful.

but now, my telephone do not have the function to play a ring tone ,it just could compose  text messages to my contacts whom i want to contact with, and give a phone call to my contacts.Cus i believe that if there are lots of functions  ,i will be annoyed by those functions which leads me to wrong directions when i am in school.


10:03 AM May 10 2010 |


Viet Nam

It's no deny that we cannot live without a mobile phone even it's cheap or luxurious, but to help people to connect everywhere, everytime. Besides many advantages of mobile phone, there are some disavantages, and ringing tone is a good sample. In public places, many people let blaring mode with many kinds of rediculous songs with no meanings. I can't stand hearing them, they are so irritated. Especially in the very silent meetings, suddenly a very noise of ring tone caused, it's so awful. I normally let a vibration mode in public places, and a ring tone of a music I like at home as I want to relax sometimes…  

09:52 AM May 10 2010 |



Now a day’s most of people are having mobile phones. In public places it is difficult to identify self phone ring among the crowd of people, if two or more phones are having same ring tone. I have kept a cinema song as a ringtone with vibration mode on of my mobile phone. However, I take care to set ring volume low, so other nearby persons should not get disturbed.

I agree that some peoples are having habit to set their favorite song as ring tone at full volume, it is very exasperating.

07:04 AM May 10 2010 |




I use my favorite song to be my ring tone,

04:10 AM May 10 2010 |


Viet Nam

@julywidiawati: Uhm, like I said your sentence is correct, but i don't know exactly which is the better one. Anyway, thank you so much.Laughing

02:37 AM May 10 2010 |



@phuongle I think WHAT song is better and correct…

02:31 AM May 10 2010 |


Viet Nam

@ julywidiawati: but in usual, people say "Which song are you using for your ring tone?"

02:06 AM May 10 2010 |


Viet Nam

@ julywidiawati: yup, it is. You have a right sentence.

02:04 AM May 10 2010 |


Saudi Arabia

ring ring or krink krink I dont care I will just turne the tune of mine mobile in the way I love

01:34 AM May 10 2010 |



"What song are you using for your ring tone?" is correct

01:32 AM May 10 2010 |


Viet Nam

As usual, my ring tone is my favorite song. I often change it once a week because i feel sick of hearing the same song over and over. I always keep my cell phone on silent or vibrate when I am working or studying just because i don't want to annoy my co-workesr or my classmates. It is so impolite if your ring tone blares while peole are focusing on their work.

01:21 AM May 10 2010 |



I use songs that I love for my ring tone, for some people who close to me, I use different ring tones so I can recognize them easily. I use some slow pop kinda song cause just like Devan I don't wanna annoying any body else.

12:39 AM May 10 2010 |

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