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(IV) -The Common Mistakes Concerned With Using a Wrong Prep.

(IV) -The Common Mistakes Concerned With Using a Wrong Prep.

Date: Apr 19 2010

Topic: Grammar

Author: firar


Common mistakes can be based on misused forms. Misused Forms are usually concerned with using a wrong preposition because “using prepositions” is a difficult topic. This lesson main purpose is to help to correct the common mistakes about using prepositions.



 The Fourth Part “E-F-G”  


Lets go on correcting our mistakes

1.exception to,    not of 

(False) – This is an exception of the rule 

(True) – This is an exception to  the rule. 

NOTE: however, we can say “with the exception of ”;  as, I like all kinds of films with the exception of (= but not) horror films.  

2.exchange for,    not by or with

(False) - She exchanged wheat by  machinery. 

(True) – She exchanged  wheat for machinery.   

3.fail in,   not from

(False) –A lot of student failed from English last year.

(True) – A lot of student failed in English last year.   

4.full of,   not with 

(False) – The jar was full with oil.

(True) – The jar was  full of oil.  

5.get rid of,  not from 

(False) –I should get rid from her. 

(True) – I should get rid of  her.  

6. glad of or about, not from or  with 

(False) – I am glad from (or with)  the news. 

(True) – I am glad of (or about) the news.  

NOTE: But a person “glad at”; a result as, He is glad at having received a good mark.”  

7. good at,   not for or in   

(False) – I am good in speaking Ukranian. 

(True) – I am good at speaking Arabic and Portuguese.  

NOTE: “He is good in class” means that his conduct is good.  

8.guard against,   not from 

(False) – You must  guard from bad habits.  

(True) –  You must guard against bad habits.  

9.guilty of,  not for 

(False) – He was found guilty for murder.

(True) –  He was guilty of murder.   

To be continued…

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