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Costume Parties

Costume Parties

Date: May 28 2010

Themes: Party

Grammar: Second Conditional


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A Simpsons party. A boy band party. A pink party. A mustache party. There is a nearly infinite number of theme parties you can throw when a plain old birthday party or house party just doesn’t seem exciting enough.

It can be fun to see how all your friends dress up for a theme party or costume party. Some people like to go crazy with head-to-toe costumes, while others prefer to just be themselves. Let’s find out what kind of costumes Devan and Amy would wear to a party at your house.


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Devan:  So do usually dress up for Halloween?

Amy:  I actually don’t really love Halloween and am not a huge fan of dressing up in general.

Devan:  So you don’t like costume parties or theme parties?

Amy:  I kind of like theme parties, but I like it to be a kind of party where you can be yourself but sort of with a twist, rather than going totally incognito and taking on a completely different persona.

Devan:  So you don’t want to wear like a full-on mask and costume, but if it was like a 40s party or something like that you would be willing to wear a 40s dress.

Amy:  Yeah. That’s more what I’m into. How about you?

Devan:  Um, yeah, I like doing that. I think that things where you can be real cute are fun, but sometimes it’s fun for me to just go completely like all out. Like one time my friends had a Spice Girls party, like everyone had to go as different Spice Girls, so I went as Baby Spice and had like furry hair ties…And another one of my friends had for his going away party, his favorite TV show is Arrested Development, so everyone dressed up like characters from the show, which was real fun.

Amy:  So, did you feel like it changed the way you acted at the party? Like did you sort of take on the role of that person when you were dressed that way?

Devan:  Totally. I definitely took on their persona, you know, like trying to stay in character all night, which is really hard. Once you get a few drinks in you it’s hard to keep a character and keep an accent going.

Amy:  Yeah.


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Amy isn’t a big fan of dressing up for costume parties. She likes to wear clothes she feels comfortable in when she goes to parties, and doesn’t enjoy taking on different personas. But she wouldn’t mind changing her style a little for a theme party.

Devan likes wearing costumes to parties. She likes theme parties where you can dress cute, but she also likes to go all out with her costumes and really get in character. The only problem is that it can be hard to stay in character after she’s had a few drinks!

Do you like dressing up for costume parties and theme parties? What is the funniest theme party you’ve been to? Is it common to dress up for parties in your country?



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I would like to attend to a theme party. It seems fun.

I haven't had wear a costume since I was little

06:09 AM May 28 2010 |



I like parties,althouth i have not taken part in theme parties,i look forword for parties where people dress up head to toe and go all out.

05:12 AM May 28 2010 |



Participating an party is a pleasure experience. On the patrty, we can enjoy ourselves happily, forget the unhappy things, relax all cells of our·········!

05:11 AM May 28 2010 |




Really i like the parties, I like to enjoy share with other people and make some friends, but i think go to parties is very importat have a nice person to dance and drink a soda etc. but in general i believe go to parties help us to be better…...

03:14 AM May 28 2010 |




long long time ago,it is common to dress up for spring festival in traditional china ,but now it is kinda like lots of things have changed in china ,changed to be international,maybe such kinda changes can meet the developement of china!

02:22 AM May 28 2010 |

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