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Bar Games

Bar Games

Date: Jun 04 2010

Themes: Hobbies, Party

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


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A lot of things are more fun after you’ve had a beer or two. Maybe that’s why bar games are so popular. In bars and pubs, you can find all kinds of ways to amuse yourself, from competitive games like darts and pool, to games you can play by yourself as you try to drown your sorrows, like pinball. Find out which games Devan and Jeff think go well with a drink.


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Devan:  I was thinking about going and playing pool tonight. Are you good at pool?

Jeff:  Sometimes. Usually after a couple drinks.

Devan:  Yeah, you have to have the perfect amount of booze in you and then you can play just right?

Jeff:  It’s a fine line to walk.

Devan:  Do you like any other bar games, like do you like to play darts or ping pong or foosball?

Jeff:  Ping pong’s fun, but not usually at a bar. It’s a little out of control.

Devan:  Yeah, have you ever had a bar game get ugly? Like playing with a stranger, get in a fight?

Jeff:  No, I can’t say I have.

Devan:  It seems like you could be walking a fine line there when you’re drinking alcohol and you’re playing competitive games. It seems like that could be really fun, or it could become really competitive and drinking can like alter your mental state so that you might start getting more competitive than you should be.

Jeff:  That’s always a risk.


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Devan is planning to play pool, which is a common bar game. Jeff sometimes enjoys playing pool, but usually only after he has had a couple drinks. Some people think that a drink helps them loosen up and play better. But if you drink too much, it can have the opposite effect and make you a worse player.

Devan asks Jeff if he has ever gotten in a fight over a bar game. He hasn’t, but he agrees that drinking and playing competitive sports could be a dangerous combination.

What bar games are popular in your country? Do you enjoy playing darts, pool, foosball, or ping pong? Do you think drinking could help people play better?



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I hate drink and I am not good playing anything

06:31 PM Jun 05 2010 |




I dont think drinking is necessary to get fun , 

my favorite is football i really  like  it , also am  very good player

04:31 PM Jun 05 2010 |

Debby cruz

Debby cruz


I don't know play bar games,but I  like.

04:25 PM Jun 05 2010 |


United Kingdom

for me pool is and has always been the best game i have played. i just love.

03:40 PM Jun 05 2010 |



i cant stand playing pool,but i love ping pong 

02:51 PM Jun 05 2010 |




I like play billiards and bowling and I can't imagine these games without alcohol and cigarettes))). But it is very important not to loose that thin verge in alcohol. If you wanna more fun and relax – drink more, but if your aim is good game – drink less. This is a simple equation.

12:36 PM Jun 05 2010 |




Yes, what a stupid thing to suggest that anything can be more fun with "drinking."  Life is so much more meaningful when lived sober.

10:46 AM Jun 05 2010 |



It sounds great.

08:46 AM Jun 05 2010 |



I usually play pool too, but it is a bit boring

08:20 AM Jun 05 2010 |

murad ali

murad ali


i like playing pool but i drinking alcoholic is not good as you need to be focus in the game ..

05:53 AM Jun 05 2010 |


South Korea

fine line to walk



05:49 AM Jun 05 2010 |




I don't really like drinking beer. I prefergoing to the theather or to the movies.Greetings from Perú

09:48 PM Jun 04 2010 |



Doing kickboxing :P :D

06:13 PM Jun 04 2010 |



Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

I think billiard is good , but i don’t like it
my favorite is football , i fancy football

05:48 PM Jun 04 2010 |

juan calderon


i my country is most popular drink beer and play shuffleboard  and  toad….............

05:14 PM Jun 04 2010 |



nothing better than drink some alcohol and play an amazing game like pool,pinball or foosball  with our friends,it's bloody cool …..............

03:26 PM Jun 04 2010 |



Serbia and Montenegro

I like ping pong and foosball and I always have fun when I play those games.Sometimes I drink some alcohol, but this is not a condition that I would be well spent and enjoyed.

01:54 PM Jun 04 2010 |



I like drinking alcohol and play pool it is one of my favorite sport but nothing can replace soccer bytheway is there anybody who knows the soccer team galatasaray turkey the 2000 uefa cup winner .I am fun of it and love it…

01:26 PM Jun 04 2010 |



Sri Lanka

pool is not popular in my country and I think drinking is not important to get fun.

01:03 PM Jun 04 2010 |




playing competitive games whilst drinking alcohol can be useful in some cases…you know it can distract you and degrade all the bashfulness and  thats why you can get better results.

12:03 PM Jun 04 2010 |

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