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Party at My Place

Party at My Place

Date: Jun 11 2010

Themes: Friend, Party

Grammar: Be Able To


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Some people are natural-born hosts. They love to entertain and have people over. When they throw parties, the snacks are tasty, the drinks are plentiful, and the music makes you want to dance. They know how to create a good atmosphere and keep a big, crazy party from getting too crazy.

Mason is planning a party at his place. Listen as he and Amy talk about their ideas of a perfect house party.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Mason:  So I’m gearing up for my new housewarming party. I think it’s gonna be about a month or so before I’m able to open the gates and kick it off with a good rager. You down?

Amy:  Yeah. That sounds awesome. Do you think you’re gonna have any crashers? Any randoms there?

Mason:  I don’t think so. It’s not…you know, I like to keep things pretty invite-only. But I’ve definitely had some parties before where friends of friends start showing up and it’s a little uncomfortable.

Amy:  Yeah. Do you like throwing parties? Do you like having parties at your house?

Mason:  I do on rare occasions. I probably throw about two or three big parties a year, just because, right, I mean you gotta clean up, you gotta prepare, and then, you know, both clean up before and after the party.

Amy:  Yeah.

Mason:  But I always find it’s worth it. You know, keep it kind of mellow, between like…anywhere from 20 to 40 people. That’s manageable.

Amy:  You don’t want to have to end up kicking people out like you’re a bouncer at a bar or something.

Mason:  That’s my great fear, is that I’m always just gonna poop out too early and then I’m gonna be the host who’s like, “Alright you guys all gotta go home because I’m sleeping now.”

Amy:  Yeah, see that’s why I’d rather go to parties, ‘cause then you can leave whenever you want.

Mason:  Right.

Amy:  You don’t have to deal with the stragglers.


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Mason is moving into a new house and getting ready to throw a housewarming party. Although he has thrown parties that have gotten out of control in the past, he doesn’t expect this one to be too crazy. For Mason the perfect size for a party is anywhere between 20 and 40 guests.

Throwing a party can be a lot of work. You have to clean up, buy snacks and drinks, and get your house ready before the party. Then you have to be a good host. If the party gets too crazy, you might even have to act like a bouncer and throw people out. Then you have to clean up after the party. That’s why Amy would rather go to a party at someone else’s house than throw a party at her own place.

Do you like having parties at your house? Have you ever thrown a party that got out of control and turned into a rager?



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world english


well as far as i m concerned a party is a matter of escaping the routine of life: you know working every day, diverting oneself by going out with friends…

so it should not be geared up frequently and it should be related to a joyful occasion like graduation, finding a job, birthday…  this is how we can avoid being trapped in a new routine.:)

09:38 AM Jun 12 2010 |




hi dilek23

you have already given a solution to hire a cleaning lady and i think its the best option because the host of housewarming would be busy with their guests and they should have servant to serve and clean the stuff

05:41 AM Jun 12 2010 |



i like to be  guest in great parties ..lol

10:45 PM Jun 11 2010 |



me too. I prefer be invited to one.

10:45 PM Jun 11 2010 |




oh nope, my mummy's human:) The best solution would be to hire a cleaning lady:)

Ps: at least someone'll have a chance to make money thanks to our party:)

Before ending my writing, tell me guys: "How can one achieve to keep his/her house tidy throwing a crazy party?"

04:02 PM Jun 11 2010 |




yeah, I go along with u, Myanmar. To my mind, cleaning up all the house left after a crazy party is the most disgusting and irritating staff. A huge hill of dirty dishes!!! The only thinG coming ouf of mouth would be as follows: " Oh my Lord, help me!"

Ps: Oh my beloved mummy,love ya so much, SO GLAD I HAVE YOU! How am I supposed to live without u?:)

03:48 PM Jun 11 2010 |



Well it is a great thing to do and love to prepare but hate to clean uppp ….


03:17 PM Jun 11 2010 |



Ido not like parties.generlly now days party shown your status symbol.how is your house you have morden furnished house.people r not truly friend they feel

12:23 PM Jun 11 2010 |

Amar pandey


I like to have party at my place or somewhere else. If there were some people in party, then there is no better than that. party enalble us to get close to each other. It has some disadvatages too. Suyoung has mentioned one of them.

12:17 PM Jun 11 2010 |



South Korea

i like throwing parties at my place. its ok that some friends that i've invited come. if friends of friends start showing up, i am not able to control the party. below 10 is manageable. other than this, everything will be right. getting my place ready before the party, cleaning up before and after party.

10:11 AM Jun 11 2010 |




i like such type of parties and i would prefer to take a little part in throwing party. i have not seen yet the role of bouncer who throw poeple out whenever needed… i want to see this

09:28 AM Jun 11 2010 |



No, I don't like party..

03:57 AM Jun 11 2010 |




i hope i can have a big room and spare energy to hold parties!

03:01 AM Jun 11 2010 |




Throwing a party ,I can meet many new friends and my host  ability be trianed.

01:56 AM Jun 11 2010 |




I nerther throw a party at my house nor go to a party at someone else's house, What a pity!

01:17 AM Jun 11 2010 |




I really love throwing parties, but I'm always scared to make people bored! Let'say, I'm apprehensive and worried about choice of "MUSIC". That is to say, on the whole, I'm asking myself the following question : " Dilek, oh my Gosh, what if you selected songs which fail to entertain your guests?" Yeah, u know everybody is into different kinds of music; therefore, one of them is likely to regard the songs I meticulously chose to play as " RUBBISH". More to the point, I'm occasionally afraid not to find something to talk to people:( oh, dunno why… at times, I shut up when I don't have to shut up! I consider I m a sort of depressed girl ( even if I'm a party animal).


See ya guys, tc,


12:57 AM Jun 11 2010 |

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