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Lost: The Final Episode

Lost: The Final Episode

Date: Jun 16 2010

Themes: Pop Culture

Grammar: Past Perfect Tense


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After six seasons on the air, Lost finally came to an end. The drama about the survivors of a deadly plane crash who end up on a mysterious island in the middle of the ocean attracted millions of fans from around the world. The final episode was over two hours long and got a huge build up. But did it live up to viewers’ expectations?

That all depends. If you watched the final episode of Lost hoping for answers to all the questions the show has raised over the years, you may not have been satisfied. But the final episode did bring all the characters together one last time for a heart-warming reunion. Listen to Amy tell Jeff how she felt about the big Lost finale.


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Amy:  Did you watch Lost at all?

Jeff:  No, I’ve never actually seen that show.

Amy:  Really.

Jeff:  Yeah, I think I might be one of the last people on the planet.

Amy:  It was kind of a phenomenon, and, you know, I actually…I watched the last season, and so I watched the two and a half hour season finale.

Jeff:  How was it?

Amy:  I started watching it because my boyfriend had watched it from the beginning, and I never really got it. Like, it sort of seemed like a lot of melodrama and then a lot of plot twists and cliffhangers that never really added up to anything and never really, you know, made sense or, you know, all these questions that never got answered. And so, I guess I could see how, you know, once you started watching it you would get kind of hooked because you would always want to try to find the answers to these questions. But to me they didn’t ever really get answered.

Jeff:  Yeah, it could be that a show with a long term plot line like that, in order to keep people watching, they sort of string you along the entire time.

Amy:  Yeah, it’s crazy how it did just become so popular.


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Amy started watching Lost during the final season, and she saw the series finale. Although her boyfriend has been a fan of the show since it first started, Amy doesn’t understand why it is so popular. She thinks that it is melodramatic. She also feels that the show raises more questions than it answers.

Jeff thinks that TV shows have to string you along with cliffhangers and surprising plot twists in order to keep you interested. He has never seen Lost, but he thinks he might be the only one.

Did you watch Lost? What do you think made the show so popular? Were you satisfied with the final episode?



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 i like watching English TV drama but i haven't seen Lost before. i like the drama which is close to reality and always give you the feeling of life ,just like Ugly Betty and Desperate house wives.

01:21 PM Jun 16 2010 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

itis amazing!

12:49 PM Jun 16 2010 |




Smile i like it

12:38 PM Jun 16 2010 |



no Jeff, you're not the only one who has never seen "Lost", i've never seen it either.

I agree with Jeff,to keep people interested,there should be a lot of cliffhangers and surprising plot twists in tv shows.

10:09 AM Jun 16 2010 |




I haven't seen the last episode yet and I do hope that no spoilers are floating around the net. I want to go on my own pace =/

Other than that, Lost is a great drama series and I have enjoyed it to no ends. The mystery, the cliffhangers, and the characters' back stories kept me at the edge of my seat. It's really sad that it's come to an end now =(

09:52 AM Jun 16 2010 |




i liked the end :)

09:43 AM Jun 16 2010 |


Russian Federation

uh lost is cool, and itotally liked the final episode. i actually didn't really cared about the unanswered questions.. it was a pleasure that the end was kinda good :)

good that the film is over coz it took a lot of time :) 

08:20 AM Jun 16 2010 |



South Korea

I've also never seen lost, but I heard a lot. cause, Yun Jin Kim is in that show. 

because of her, lots of fans are in Korea. but, I don't like that kind of show,

I really liked prison break. I had seen it all episodes. it's awesome drama. 

06:33 AM Jun 16 2010 |




i have not watched the Lost finale and not even watched single episode of it so i can not say anything about the satisfaction of Lost finale

after going through with the script i come to the point that the popularity is based on many things like cliffhanger, plot twist, melodramatic situations which string you along in front of the screen and to keep you interested

05:22 AM Jun 16 2010 |




yeah i like it

03:40 AM Jun 16 2010 |

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