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Date: Jul 05 2010

Themes: Music, School

Grammar: Comparatives and Superlatives


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You know those kids in your high school who were always leaping and twirling down the hallway, belting out show tunes to an invisible audience? Well, someone decided to give them a TV show. It’s called Glee, and it’s currently one of the most popular shows in the US.

The series follows a group of kids in a high school glee club, as they sing and dance their way through school. The soundtrack from the show has sold millions of copies. Find out if Glee makes Beren and Dale want to burst into song.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Dale:  Have you watched the TV show Glee?

Beren:  I have. I actually love it.

Dale:  You do love it.

Beren:  I do, I do. Do you like it?

Dale:  I think it’s one of the best TV shows on TV today.

Beren:  You seem like a Glee guy. What do you like about it?

Dale:  Just, I think that the age gap is right where I’m…I think he’s in his mid-30s, I’m right there.

Beren:  Oh, the teacher?

Dale:  The teacher. So the music is basically similar to what he’s trying to teach the kids. So I believe that I have some type of relationship with the teacher.

Beren:  Were you in glee club or…?

Dale:  No, but I do sing. I do sing.

Beren:  Really.

Dale:  And I was always dreaming to sing in a choir.

Beren:  I don’t know, I like it because they do do the pop songs. And they have amazing choreography, too.

Dale:  Amazing choreography.

Beren:  It’s like what you dream of, of being in high school and like your whole class busting out into song. It’s like a movie, but a TV show.

Dale:  In the initial part, when I first watched Glee or even thought about Glee, I thought of like a musical TV show that, you know, everybody would just bust out in song, and I thought it was going to be that corny or cheesy. But then really going into the story of it, and it was really a glee club, it actually captured me. So I’ve been…it’s always recorded, and I’m watching constantly.


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Dale loves the TV show Glee. He relates to the character of the teacher, who is around the same age as him. The music that the teacher likes is music that Dale likes as well. Although Dale was never in a glee club, he loves to sing and always wanted to be in a choir.

Beren is also a fan of the show. She thinks the choreography is really good, and she loves that the actors sing pop songs as well as show tunes. When she was in high school, she always wished people would just burst into song like they do on the show.

Do you like to sing? Have you ever been in a choir or glee club?



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yeah , i love singing ^^

last  years I had to sing in my high school in front everybody , i was so embarrased but i did it , and it was marvelous

I was a star during a whole day Cool

09:18 PM Jul 05 2010 |



I like to sing "some times." I like to hear a good soung, as gospel music. Like hillsong for exemple

08:40 PM Jul 05 2010 |

rebel lee

rebel lee


I love to sing a lot. I used to belong a guitar club when I was in college.And I am glad that I did it. When I was in the club,we used to sing songs and play guitar in the night on the grass or on the top of roof. I miss that time.

I watched some of the TV show of "Glee". At the beginning,I like it,but then,I feel it kinda corny.

03:45 PM Jul 05 2010 |




I love singing. I can feel refreshed by singing a song with big voice. Plus, music can touch our deep side more easily than only alouding. When I was a college student I've been to glee club's concert. To be honest I don't know much about that genre but any music move us.

02:43 PM Jul 05 2010 |

bambang hadi satriyo


i like singing, but more like rapping… i learn the lyrics of a song that i like, then i just burst into singing/ rapping. i mostly do it in a quite place or while walking down the street, it's just to let out my emotions

11:11 AM Jul 05 2010 |

your adviser

Saudi Arabia

Do I like to sing? Absolutely I do. Singing is one of the most importent things that I like to do in my spare time. Singing has many benefits for us,especially with group or choir. Here are of what I believe about singing: I believe singing is the key to a long life, a stable temperament, greater intelligence, new friends, increased self-confidence and a sense of humour. Furthermore,What's so good about singing? Well, I think there is physiological benefits: You use your lungs in a way you probably don't the rest of the day; you breathe deeply and openly. And there are psychological benefits: Singing leaves you with a sense of contentedness. And there are what I'd call "civilizational benefits." When you sing with a group of people you learn how to subsume yourself to the group consciousness—because capella singing is all about the immersion of the self into the community.

Have I ever been in a choir or glee club? Certainly I had and I still have a choir or glee club. In fact, it's not really a club,but every one of my friends know how to use musical instrument. Consequently, we're singing usually in every weekends,eventhough some of the members left singing because of studying but we still in touch.

Oh old days…Cry

10:24 AM Jul 05 2010 |

Reza Mahmud


I learnd here that glee is a nice tv show. but I never watch it. well I feel the dialogue between dale and beren are fine. thanx

07:34 AM Jul 05 2010 |




I like to sing! I was one of the participants in the school choir. it's cool! Music helps me to relax and when I sing I am full of positive imotions.

07:23 AM Jul 05 2010 |




I like singing very much and have tried as well in some places.

Since I m not a proper singer that’s why I have chosen some songs which I can sing easily Smile


I have not joined yet any glee club because i haven’t got much time for this but I have my interest in guitar playing which I m doing by myself with my own schedule.


I think everyone should learn music and it’s not necessary that you will become a rock star or someone else but this will improve a lot of positive things in your personality as well.

07:22 AM Jul 05 2010 |




I like to sing , but i never  burst into song .And i  am never in a choir or glee club.


06:27 AM Jul 05 2010 |


United States

In my parents days in high school, they had a Glee Club.  Since the 1960's that fell by the wayside for the most part.  We had a chorus in school, nothing like a Glee club.  I think High School Musical and a bunch of those disney teen movies help ressurect the idea of song and dance…..

06:24 AM Jul 05 2010 |




In fact, in china there are many young girls and boys like to belt out show tunes.This is  nomal .i think nobody don't sing songs.

06:10 AM Jul 05 2010 |

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