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Clash of the Titans

Clash of the Titans

Date: Jun 30 2010

Grammar: Second Conditional


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If you think about it, it’s pretty crazy that stories that were first told around 900 B.C., or close to 3,000 years ago, are still a part of our culture. Greek myths have influenced western art and literature for centuries. And now the myth of Perseus, a Greek hero who killed monsters, has been made into a blockbuster 3D movie. Find out if Amy and Devan think the new film Clash of the Titans will be as timeless as the story that inspired it.


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Amy:  Did you see that they’re remaking Clash of the Titans?

Devan:  I saw the previews for it, and the original is sort of like a cult classic, right?

Amy:  Yeah, I guess so. It’s that weird sort of claymation, you know, monsters, and I remember seeing it on TV as a kid and I never understood it at the time and I don’t really understand now why they would want to remake it, but it’s pretty big, it’s a pretty popular movie.

Devan:  Well, I guess, you know, the Greek myths are so timeless that you can keep remaking movies about these like Greek myths over and over because they’re so interesting to people and they probably always will be. But I personally…I know this movie’s being released in 3D, and I haven’t caught on to the whole 3D thing yet. It’s not really appealing to me. What about you?

Amy:  My feeling is that if they could find a way to make 3D movies where you didn’t have to wear the 3D glasses, that would be pretty awesome. But I don’t know, there’s something about putting on the glasses that’s just…I don’t see that as like the future of movies.

Devan:  Yeah, it does seem weird, it still seems old school to put on the 3D glasses to me, which is weird, ‘cause this is supposed to be this new, innovative technology, but something about putting on those like just reminds me of being like a kid in the 80s or something, you know?

Amy:  Yeah.


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Clash of the Titans is a new, 3D remake of a movie with claymation that was made in the 1980s. It is based on the Greek myth of Perseus, who becomes a hero after he kills monsters like Medusa, a woman with snakes for hair who can turn people into stone just by looking at them.

Devan thinks that Greek myths are timeless. But she doesn’t feel the same about 3D movies. She finds 3D movies unappealing. Amy isn’t a huge fan of 3D movies either, but she thinks it would be cool if you could view movies in 3D without having to wear special glasses.

Do you think 3D movies are the way of the future? What are some of the timeless myths in your culture?



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humaid abdullh

United Arab Emirates

How are you doing

07:01 PM Jun 17 2011 |




Oh yeah our future walks into it ;) I think all technology in relation to movies walk to it…But I guess they will create some form to watch a 3D movie and we will not need to wear special glasses ;)

11:16 PM Jul 23 2010 |



a wonderful film by all standard i was very yong since i watch that film and is still the best you can watch and watch and watch without geting tired for me is the best

10:11 PM Jul 06 2010 |




well, I'm looking forward to it.

05:48 AM Jul 02 2010 |






it is already possible without glasses…

05:29 AM Jul 02 2010 |

Jan Luka

Jan Luka


I see this as Amy. I do not want to put on the glasses, which have been used so many other people. But I do believe that 3D movies are the future of the film industry.

02:32 PM Jul 01 2010 |



i love old history ;greeks,alexander the great,maias,germanics,romans,vikings,celts,etc…all is related with old history  ;D

10:18 PM Jun 30 2010 |





hi , 

i havent watched the flick yet , but it seems cool.  

talking abt 3d's tv has an advantages and disadvantages , the first one is that  u watch the movie almost real , but the second one is  that u have to wear glasses and this is not comfortable but dont worry asap we'll have 3d's tv that we have not that wear glasses ,but the problem will be the money to buy one. , jejeje 



07:03 PM Jun 30 2010 |


United Kingdom

, I like to talk to any one , just to practice my English

06:06 PM Jun 30 2010 |

siberian tigger


I like this kind of movies because I enjoy to know old Greek culture as well as its special effects in this particular film.

Good lock fellas

04:49 PM Jun 30 2010 |

rebel lee

rebel lee


I think 3D movies are awesome,but I don't like the glasses.Because it's uncomfortable.Especially I am shortsighted and I wear glasses already.

04:35 PM Jun 30 2010 |




3D will be an amazing way of the future if it is used for the wonderful historical stories.

04:09 PM Jun 30 2010 |



nice movie after a long time…...its really full time pass…....

12:40 PM Jun 30 2010 |



do you know Perseus?  anyway  he is a  character in Greek Mythology that killed Medusa and saved Andromeda .   I am enjoying my self while learning english right now    make your self confortable too   bye.

10:10 AM Jun 30 2010 |



The actor is sexy!

But I liked the story, too.

It's little bit History.. Tongue out

09:55 AM Jun 30 2010 |



South Korea

3D moives are uncomfortable cause, we need to special glasses.

nowadays,3D TVs were produced, 3D TV also need a glasses but, before long

3D tv without needing special glasses will be produce. If it become a  reality, we'll have a great time on TV.

06:19 AM Jun 30 2010 |




Nice movie, I saw it in a close cinema and The most beautiful thing on the movie was Mss. Gemma Arterton LOL  Cool

03:17 AM Jun 30 2010 |

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