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Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia

Date: Jul 14 2010

Grammar: You're vs. Your


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The actor Jake Gyllenhaal seems like the ultimate softie, with his puppy dog eyes and his history of dating women who end up breaking his heart (Kirsten Dunst, Reese Witherspoon...who will be next?). So it’s a little weird to see him all beefed up and starring in the new action movie Prince of Persia.

In Prince of Persia Gyllenhaal plays a…well, a Persian Prince, who has to fight to save his kingdom. There may be more to the film’s plot than that, but probably not much, since the movie is based on a video game. Find out how Jeff and Devan feel about this new trend…and Jake’s new look.


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Jeff:  Hey, one thing I’ve noticed, Devan, is a lot of video games are being turned into movies these days. What’s your take on that?

Devan:  Well, that’s been going on for a little while, you know, there was that Mario movie back in the early 90s. But I guess it didn’t start happening as frequently until recently, and that probably has a lot to say about the rise in popularity of video games. They sell like crazy.

Jeff:  That’s true. There was also The Wizard starring Fred Savage.

Devan:  Oh yes.

Jeff:  Those are some early examples, but this Prince of Persia is coming out, and I think Tomb Raider was…that was a while back.

Devan:  Yeah, that one with Angelina Jolie. Those…I don’t know, I mean, I understand that they’re huge blockbusters and they make a bunch of money just like the video games that correlate with them. But for me, it’s just mindless entertainment. I feel like generally to make a movie about something that’s a game, that’s like a mind-numbing thing children do, that movie’s gonna be just as mind-numbing, just as mindless as the video game’s gonna be, you know?

Jeff:  I think the movies are basically advertisements for the video games, which is interesting, because video games lately a lot of times are advertised as if they were a movie.

Devan:  It’s true. It seems like the story lines that go along with video games are really elaborate, like a film.

Jeff:  Yeah, they’re, I mean, one nonstop action sequence, in both the film and video game format.


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Jeff says that turning video games into movies is becoming a trend. The new film Prince of Persia is based on a video game. Devan thinks that video games are mindless entertainment, so any movie based on a video game would also be pretty mindless.

Jeff says that video games have become more like movies in recent years. They often have complex story lines, and they have better graphics that make them look more like movies. Movies based on video games help sell the games, and the games help sell the movies. So some company makes a lot of money, even if both the games and the movies are a little mindless.

Are video games becoming more like movies? How? Do movies based on video games interest you?



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Yes, I also had the same jaw-dropping look when ultimate softy jake gallenhaal stared in this movie. He’s the last guy you would expect him to see all beefed, making superman jumps and all in that vain.

01:55 AM Mar 11 2015 |




IM a persian girl… i really proud of this film bcz it was about my country’s prince .. and it had lots of gorgeous scenes .. but the first time i saw that i really wondered bcz my country does’nt have lots of deserts as they exhibite in this film, the area was just like arabian countries.. but totaly its was nice and it exibite the bravery of persian people..

08:34 AM Jan 11 2014 |




I have played all the series of prince of persia, and love the movie too.

09:27 PM Jul 03 2012 |



Man, I love games! Actually I love how people are becoming interested in turn games into movies. I think every game fan dreams of seeing their favorite characters being played by real actors. But, of course, these stories has a lot of fans who are very demanding.

In my case, I'd love to see my favorite game, "Devil May Cry" turned into a movie. But of course the main character, Dante, would be played by Jared Leto because they look alike and the villain of the story, Vergil, would be in the movie too, because in the game he just shows up in the third game. (see how game fans are demanding? XD)

And, sorry but I have to disagree: Who said movies have to be always associated with smart and intellectual stuff? C'mon, everybody loves Pirates of Caribbean is funnier than smarter. This is valid to Batman, Spiderman, Transformers and superheroes movies in general :)

03:43 AM Oct 20 2010 |

Nicte ha

Nicte ha


I dont like videogames but movie is …...., ok..

01:25 AM Oct 11 2010 |




Firts,I love games and I love special effects! I have one PS3 and it is pretty good to play that when you want to spend time and relax…I don't agree with Devan when she says video games and stories based on it are mindless,it should be she are too "cult" to appreciate it :P When I go to a cinema I really want to have fun! So if you don't like videos games certainly you won't like movies based on it ;) that's pity! hehe…

who loves video games should be expecting the God of War movie!!! the better game that I have already played lately!!! I'm expcting for it! hehe 

12:51 PM Jul 31 2010 |



South Korea

It's really true that video games are becoming more like movies with spectacular graphics and mind-blowing story lines. It's pretty common to turn  a popular video game or animation  into a movie because it guarantees a success and double profits for the production companies. I do get interested in movies based on video games or animation that I like.

03:46 PM Jul 20 2010 |




im not into video games, its mindless for me.

12:52 AM Jul 20 2010 |


United Arab Emirates

Before i saw the movie i was play it in PS2 and i was like it very much and when they make movie i go to see it and it was amazing i like it alooooot its awesome movie ^

Ya there is to many video games becoming movies some of it its very gd and some of it its not that nice….

Ya its interest me ^

12:26 AM Jul 20 2010 |




It's perfect movie,ı think.It haves a lot of nice action science,good scenario…..I'm waiting second part :)

08:27 PM Jul 19 2010 |



I hate the game,I hate the movie,and I hate the actor…isn't that funny !

01:24 PM Jul 19 2010 |



nice movie

10:18 PM Jul 17 2010 |




I have played the game and since that i was hopping they made a movie about it because i liked the game very much

01:02 PM Jul 17 2010 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Since I'm not interested in playing video games, I've no idea which movie is based on them!

I just enjoy watching movies, no matter they're based on video games or not !

07:05 AM Jul 16 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

wow. there are a lot of games now for the children like  the net games, movie games and playstation while I was a child I remember there are a little than games.


10:25 PM Jul 15 2010 |



i’m so excited to see it ^^

07:52 PM Jul 15 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

sounds interesting I gotta download the movie :) .Actually I don't like games very much but I'm sure I'll love the movie. Many thanks for sharing . I love this lesson.



04:57 PM Jul 15 2010 |



Viet Nam

i think this is a big movie on this summer.

i like Jake from Brokeback moutain movie. But in this film, i dont like him, because he look "a little dirty", however, his eyes are very beautiful. Love it.

Besides, in that film, i love actress. She look very charm and so sexy. maybe, that film just 4 her.

 finally, i still think Prince of Persia is a good movie for everybody on this summer

04:52 PM Jul 15 2010 |




I have played ‘Prince of Persia’ game on the computer a long time ago. I liked the game very much.


I think this is a very good concept to grab audience by making video games based on movies and movies based on video games.


If you see there are different kinds of people living in this world and everyone has their own choice. Some people like to play games and some people watch movies.


When people got to know that a particular movie is based on a particular game or a particular game based on a particular movie, they get attracted and prefer to talk about it, and most of them prefer to watch the movie or play the game.


So, this is a very good idea and filmmaker and game maker even do not need to spend much amount for its cross promotion.

01:10 PM Jul 15 2010 |



seems that both Jeff and Devan have no clue about video games

08:31 AM Jul 15 2010 |

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