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"Going Nuts" - Cool Nutz

"Going Nuts" - Cool Nutz English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Jul 12 2010

Themes: Music

Grammar: Adjectives


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They say that to be good artist, you have to be a little crazy. A little insanity helps you be creative.

Well, Cool Nutz has some of the most creative rhymes around. He’s been a part of the west coast hip hop community for more than 15 years, making hits with people like E-40.

Cool Nutz is cool. His music is hip and people like him. You can also say he’s cool because he’s level-headed and calm. He raps slowly and thinks carefully about his words. He’s a father, too. But being cool is only half of what Cool Nutz is about. Watch our interview with him to find out what it means to be nuts, and to meet Cool Nutz’ newborn baby.

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Jason:  Alright, welcome to English, baby! I’m Jason, here with Cool Nutz. We’re going to learn about the phrase today “going nuts.” Your name is Cool Nutz, and it’s because you’re both cool and you’re nuts. A lot of people who are learning English might know what “cool” means, level-headed and something that’s good is something cool. But what does “nuts” mean?

Cool_Nutz:  I mean, “nuts” can be used a bunch of different ways. Either like, “he’s going nuts” meaning he’s going crazy, or like totally insane nuts.

Jason:  What does it mean for you? How did you get that name, or pick that name?

Cool_Nutz:  You know, I’m not like Snoop Dogg, but then I’m not like Busta Rhymes. So I felt like I’m the in between. So I’m cool, but I can be nuts. So, like, I can have high-energy songs but I can have songs that are mellow.

Jason:  Another meaning of “nuts” though is, like, is to be bothered by something. You know, like, “oh that drives me nuts!” And so you just finished an album, and so I was wondering if there was anything when you were working on that album that drove you nuts?

Cool_Nutz:  I would have to say just, maybe not being able to get the record out at the time I wanted to because I had too much going on. And in a good way because I had a lot of positive things going on. From, like, going overseas to going on tour. That at times drove me nuts to not be able to sit down and get the record all the way complete.

Jason:  You have a brand new son, less than a week old. What’s his name?

Cool_Nutz:  Maximillian.

Jason:  Maximillian. And so, how’s being a new parent?

Cool_Nutz:  Man, sleepless…

Jason:  Is there anything about it that’s driving you nuts?

Cool_Nutz:  Just when he gets hungry and all the crying he does. You know, that drives me nuts, but, in another term, you know, it was nuts watching him being born.

Jason:  Can I get you to give me a high five and say “English, baby!”

Cool_Nutz:  “English, baby!”


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Cool Nutz explains that he’s not as mellow as Snoop Dogg, who is famously relaxed and cool, but he’s also not as crazy as Busta Rhymes, who is famously nuts. He’s a combination of insane and relaxed. That’s why he’s Cool Nutz.

When you say a person is nuts, it means he or she is crazy. Someone who is “going nuts” is acting particularly crazy right then. But being a little nuts can be a good thing. A lot of artists make a living being nuts!

But if something drives you nuts, it means it bothers you and you don’t like it. Cool Nutz recently finished a new album and wanted to release it as soon as possible. However, he had to wait, and waiting drove him nuts.

Maximillian is Cool Nutz’ brand new son. He says being a father is cool, but sometimes getting up in the middle of the night to take care of his baby drives him nuts. Although he likes being a father, he doesn’t always like that part of it.

Are you more nuts or cool? Is there anything in your life right now that’s driving you nuts?

Buy a CD or download of Incredible, the new album by Cool Nutz here.



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Sorry, explain me, please 

What does it  Snoop Dogg mean? Is it name of person or name of band? 


01:59 PM Jul 12 2010 |




but i don't want to drive any one nuts,

11:45 AM Jul 12 2010 |



South Korea

Driving me nuts is a good expression, I also have one.

finding and achieving  my vision is  one of the things that drive me nuts. 

08:06 AM Jul 12 2010 |




Yes, there is something in my life that drives me nuts. My life itself!

02:23 AM Jul 12 2010 |

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