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Sheryl Crow - Eye To Eye

Sheryl Crow - Eye To Eye English, baby! Video Lesson
雪瑞儿·克洛 – 意见一致

Date: Jul 19 2010

Themes: Celebrity, Music

Grammar: Present Progressive Tense


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American rock star Sheryl Crow recently found time backstage at one of her concerts to give an English lesson. Her popular and timeless mix of folk, rock and country has some great slang in the lyrics, so we asked her to teach a phrase from her new album, 100 Miles From Memphis, which comes out this week.

Since her huge hit “All I Wanna Do” in 1994, Sheryl has won 9 Grammy awards for her recordings. But if there was a major award for performing live, Sheryl would have a pile of those, too, because her concerts are very energetic and fun. If you agree with what you just read, then we see eye to eye about Sheryl Crow. Watch the video to learn more about what it means to see eye to eye from the star herself.

美国摇滚明星雪瑞儿·克洛最近在她的一场音乐会中挤出时间,在后台传授一堂英语课。她将通俗、摇滚和乡村音乐融合在一起,令她的歌备受欢迎且永不过时,在她的歌词中有许多经典的俚语,所以我们请她传授一个出自新专辑《100 Miles From Memphis》中的短语,该专辑于本周刚刚出版。
自 1994 年的歌曲“All I Wanna Do”大获成功之后,雪瑞儿凭借其唱片已经赢得了 9 次格莱美奖。但如果有一个专为现场表演设立的奖项的话,那么雪瑞儿也会同样获奖无数,因为她的音乐会活力四射并充满乐趣。如果你同意上述观点,那么我们在与雪瑞儿·克洛有关的事情上意见一致了。观看视频,从这位巨星身上了解更多关于“意见一致”的含义。

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Jason:  We’re going to talk to Sheryl Crow about what it means to see eye to eye. Hi Sheryl, how are you?

Sheryl:  I’m very good. How are you?

Jason:  I’m great! When we get American celebrities on English, baby! we like to have them give an English lesson. So I was wondering if we could talk about your song “Eye to Eye” that’s on your new record that’s about to come out?

Sheryl:  Yes, we can!

Jason:  What does the phrase “eye to eye” mean to you?

Sheryl:  “If we can’t see eye to eye” is the chorus line, meaning that if we can’t agree, then at least we can hopefully have some respect for each other and the fact that we do disagree. A little aside to that song, Keith Richards is playing on it. So that makes it more special.

Jason:  So did you and Keith see eye to eye when you were working on it, or did you have to kind of coach him to get it the way you wanted it?

Sheryl:  I do whatever Keith tells me. If he’s in the room, I’m just dusting his boots. I’m so much a fan it’s… But I think we pretty much agree on things.

Jason:  Well, thanks so much! Can you give me a high five and say “English, baby”?

Sheryl:  English, baby!

Jason:  Well, there you have it. We talked to Sheryl Crow and she told us that when you see eye to eye, it means you agree with someone about something, that you see it the same way. She and Keith Richards saw eye to eye as they worked on a song together called “Eye to Eye,” for her new record, 100 Miles from Memphis. This is English, baby!


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Backstage at her concert, Sheryl Crow looks surprised when Jason asks her to teach an English lesson. But it turns out all she really has to do is talk about her new song “Eye to Eye.”

Sheryl explains that the main lyric of the song is “If we can’t see eye to eye,” which basically means, “If we can’t agree.” The song is about how even if you can’t see eye to eye with someone, at least hopefully you can respect each other.

Keith Richards plays guitar on the song and Sheryl says that they had no problem seeing eye to eye when they were working on it. She admires him a lot and jokes that she’s “dusting his boots” when he is around. It’s easy to see eye to eye with someone you think is really great.

Have you ever had trouble seeing eye to eye with someone? What’s your favorite Sheryl Crow song?

Hear part of “Eye to Eye” or buy 100 Miles from Memphis here.



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

mmmmmmmmmmmm, great song , i like energy in rock singers , best wishes for her 

11:11 AM Jun 02 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

she is really energetic

08:20 AM Jun 02 2014 |



United States

i did have problems seeing eye to eye to about everybody exept my best friend. it seems almost impossible to always see  eye to eye with someone like sheryl crow did! i also love sheryl crows songs!  

10:23 PM Jun 23 2012 |



I like Sheryl Crowe’s music.

09:54 AM Apr 02 2012 |

Lani Maulia


“eye to eye” have deeply meaning for me. not just agree but appreciate and agree with someone:)

02:25 PM Mar 04 2012 |




I have trouble sometimes seeing eye to eye with someone but I also respect other’s view and thougths meanwhile.

12:08 PM Sep 13 2011 |




realy cool¬!

05:38 PM Jun 29 2011 |



I hadn’t trouble seeing eye to eye with someone.we should respect other people of point of view.I loved her so much

01:18 PM May 12 2011 |

sabz ali khan


helps in improving eng language thanks

10:48 AM May 12 2011 |




One more expression I have learned.  Great!

03:22 PM May 08 2011 |


Viet Nam

It’s hard for me to see eye to eye with my best friend sometimes but since I learned to respect her opinion, our relationship is still close

02:42 AM Feb 25 2011 |

Alejandro I


 I like Sheryl in such a way that I´D could see eye to eye or agree with her for alwaysCool

08:02 PM Jan 21 2011 |





12:33 PM Jan 18 2011 |




05:39 AM Dec 15 2010 |




i like her SO MUCH :) Cool

01:22 PM Nov 13 2010 |





07:45 PM Nov 05 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of


thats great and  I love it

02:00 PM Oct 03 2010 |




Oh Yes ! I love the music so much and her guitar playing skills

04:01 AM Oct 02 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

So Sweet Innocent

we should respect other people and thier point of view no matter how much it is different from ours …Innocent

12:03 PM Oct 01 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

eye to eye this words his a deep mining,eye is massenger to heart,with this massenger will happen another thing/

02:04 PM Sep 29 2010 |

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