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Date: Aug 06 2010

Themes: Hobbies, Sports

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


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There is nothing better than going for a dip on a hot summer day. Whether you prefer swimming in a pool, a river, or the sea, getting into the water can be a fun and relaxing way to cool off.

Swimming is also a great form of exercise. And when you get tired, you can lounge in the sun and work on your tan. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

Listen as Marni and Jeff make plans to go swimming.



1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jeff:  Hey Marni, it’s a pretty nice day outside. What would you feel about going for a swim?

Marni:  I love swimming. That would be great. I’m not very good at it, though. I kind of doggy paddle and things like that. But if you’ll hold my hand through it, I’d love to go.

Jeff:  Just as long as we can go for a dip.

Marni:  Yes.

Jeff:  That’s generally how I enjoy swimming. I don’t swim for exercise normally, although I understand the benefits of it.

Marni:  Right, I don’t know how to do that either. I’m not a very advanced swimmer. But I do enjoy going for a dip. Should we go to a public pool or do you like going to the lake to go swimming?

Jeff:  I’m not a real huge fan of public pools, chlorine, itchy eyes. You can use your imagination for the rest. But the river or the lake, those aren’t necessarily clean these days either. But I prefer those.

Marni:  OK.

Jeff:  The natural environment.

Marni:  Well, let’s go for that.

Jeff:  Sounds good.


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Jeff asks Marni if she wants to go swimming. Marni loves to swim, although she isn’t a strong swimmer. Luckily, Jeff isn’t a very serious swimmer either. He does it for fun and to cool off, not for exercise.

Jeff would rather go swimming in a lake or river than in a public pool. The chemicals in pools make his eyes itch, and he doesn’t think pools are very clean. So Marni and Jeff agree to go swimming outside, in a natural river or lake.

Do you like to go swimming? Where do you prefer to swim? Do you swim for exercise, or just for fun?



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I think so too. Swimming is like flying in the heaven. I feel that I'm flying in the heaven when swimming in to the deep dark water of the Kaspian Sea, or blue clean water of our public pool in Astana. I like swimming because it is excellent exercise for body. I recomend such kind of spending leasure time for all people living in the city. A lot of thanks for Ebaby people for comments to this article. Article is interesting. With best regards for All, _Amir_T

05:42 PM Aug 07 2010 |




i very like swimming. i used to swim in river when i was small. you know i just learnt swimming at my childhood. but now i seldom swim because of working.

05:42 PM Aug 07 2010 |




I like swiming alot and I do it for fun, I prefer to swime in the seaSmile

05:18 PM Aug 07 2010 |




there's no sea in my state but every summer going to city to get exercise of swimming l hate pool becouse's dirty so l like swimming so much

04:50 PM Aug 07 2010 |



South Korea

Unfortunately, I don't know how to swim. I tried to learn it before, but I failed it. I really envy those who can swim well…Embarassed

04:49 PM Aug 07 2010 |



Hong Kong



02:51 PM Aug 07 2010 |

your adviser

Saudi Arabia

Swimming was one of my plans for the vacation's tasks. At the beginning I joined to a gym, and this gym contains a swimming pool. also, there was a coatch teachs a swimming. My day starts with the warm-up exercises, then going to weightlifting, and after that, swimming pool is waiting me Laughing. Of course I do swim for both exercise and getting some fun. beside this, swimming gives my body a perfect shape. Finally, I pass through sauna and steam and jacuzzi three times per week.

Since the vacation has started, I think I swim very well a freestyle ,diving and a little bit of breaststroke. Breaststroke is really hard to master it very well, I just need more time for practise .

02:05 PM Aug 07 2010 |

rebel lee

rebel lee


When I was a little kid, we live in the coutryside. There is a beautiful river. And I used to swim in that river in summer. I had a lot of fun there. Now, I live in a big city. There is also a river, but nobody is allowed to swim in it. And I don't like public pool, So I haven't been swimming for about three years. I miss that, especially now when it's too hot outside.

01:03 PM Aug 07 2010 |




the public pool is so dirty…that’s one of the reasons i don’t go swim even it’s hot.

12:38 PM Aug 07 2010 |


Syrian Arab Republic

I actually like swimming but you know these days it's hard to synochrize between the time of several friends so you can all go for a dip to enjoy swimming much than going alone

11:12 AM Aug 07 2010 |


Saudi Arabia

To whom it may concern and feel like they want to be a professional in swimming no matter what are thier ages? its my pleasure to give a crash course just buy the ticket.LOL

11:01 AM Aug 07 2010 |




i was been live in a small island , so i like swimming  in the beach or river .

09:00 AM Aug 07 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

yes I love swimming at pool.but unfortunately i can't swim very well now and i want to start learning that.in Persian we have proverb that says water is resource of life.water make person calm,fresh and fun and swimming is also very good exercise. Smile

06:59 AM Aug 07 2010 |



Yes,I like to go swimming, I am living near seaside, I usually prefer to swimm in the sea. I swim both for exercise and for fun. I like it.

05:36 AM Aug 07 2010 |



i love and enjoy swimming. 

04:26 AM Aug 07 2010 |



United States

I also love swimming.  It is actually, one of my favorite hobbies. I don't really like going swimming in public pools also, not only for the chemical in water, but for hygene.

04:23 AM Aug 07 2010 |




i cant swimming..but i wantna study it

04:11 AM Aug 07 2010 |



Viet Nam

sound good,  in viet nam,the weather is very hot and sunny

03:30 AM Aug 07 2010 |




I love swimming in a pool. Especially swimming makes you cool down and fun on a HOT day :)


03:18 AM Aug 07 2010 |


Viet Nam

I love swimming in public pool, cause it's safer and more hygenie than river or sea.

It's been a long time , i've gone to the pool …

01:10 AM Aug 07 2010 |

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