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Business English Writing

Business English Writing

Date: Aug 08 2010

Topic: Business English

Author: andylu2


So much of international business is done through email writing.  Writing a successful email in English is an extremely important skill for making money in the business world.  Here are some tips to improve your writing.

1.  Keep your emails short and to the point. 

Grammar and vocabulary are much less important than clarity.  Business people don't have time to read and re-read emails.  They probably have 50 emails in their inbox already and they know that a lot of what they receive is garbage.   Think about what you want to say and then say it clearly.  Make sure you answer all the questions and provide all the necessary information, but don't write more than that.  It sounds simple but most emails I receive are really long and hard to follow.  It makes people lose a lot of business.

2.  Think about what they want to hear.  

Many people are selfish and think of only what they want.  I get a lot of emails every day from people asking for me to do something for them.  I never respond to this kind of garbage because it is a waste of my time.  You need to think of a win-win situation.  If you want to do business with someone, think first about how they can benefit and then explain how you can benefit.  If they don't see how they will benefit, they won't respond to your email.

3.  Use a good title.

So many emails today are junk.  If you use a title that doesn't look interesting, it won't get opened.  It doesn't matter how good the content is unless the other person reads it.  Think about the person you are writing to and then think about what kind of email title they would be most likely to want to read.  It is still a guess, but most people don't even think about this.  The more time you put into making a good title, the higher chance you will have of someone actually reading it.

If you follow these 3 simple steps, you will be much more likely for someone to actually open, read, and reply to your email.  These are the 3 things you want to happen when you are writing a business Email or any email in English.

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