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Get Him to the Greek

Get Him to the Greek

Date: Sep 08 2010

Themes: Music, Party

Grammar: Second Conditional


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Rock stars are famous for behaving badly. In fact, you almost can’t call yourself a rock star at all unless you’ve trashed a few hotel rooms, had a couple run-ins with the law, and been to rehab at least once.

Russell Brand has been arrested 11 times and is known to be a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. So he seems like the perfect person to play an out-of-control musician in the new movie Get Him to the Greek. When it comes to being wild and living hard, he knows how to walk the walk.

Find out if Mason and Devan plan to check out this new comedy.


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Mason:  I kind of wonder if after Get Him to the Greek Russell Brand is gonna really be able to do anything else.

Devan:  It seems like he’s going to always be typecast as that character, you know, he’s very pigeonholed as this rocker guy that…you know, I feel like, how many roles can that guy play, really?

Mason:  Do you think it’s funny, I mean the story of Get Him to the Greek, this washed up rock ‘n’ roller who’s gearin’ for the comeback tour, I can almost see that being Russell Brand’s true story in a bit.

Devan:  Well, what was the dynamic between him and Jonah Hill in the film, were they like the odd couple? Do they have good chemistry, like did they play off each other in the film?

Mason:  They have OK chemistry. I mean, Jonah Hill is generally a pretty good foil, because his thing is kind of the non-thing. He doesn’t have a very distinct character, he plays the straight man .

Devan:  The thing that movie made me think about though was all these jobs that people have behind the scenes in the music industry that you don’t even think about really. It made me think about how people actually have to be in charge of these musicians and celebrities and like all these other…these things that go on behind the scenes that you don’t even know about. So, is there a job that’s behind the scenes in the music industry that you think would be the most fun?

Mason:  If I had artistic talent I would love to be the guy who made rock band posters.

Devan:  That’d be cool.


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In the new movie Get Him to the Greek, Russell Brand plays Aldous Snow, an out-of-control rock star. Brand is known for being a pretty wild guy in real life, and Mason and Devan both think he might end up getting typecast in that kind of role from now on.

In the film, Jonah Hill’s character has to make sure that Aldous Snow makes it to an important concert so that he can revive his career. The two have opposite characters and play off each other like a classic odd couple.

Devan wonders what other behind-the-scene jobs there are in the music industry. Mason thinks it would be fun to design music posters. What music industry job would you like to have?



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Saudi Arabia


07:29 PM Mar 07 2011 |





09:33 PM Sep 14 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I want to say to brutish men that burn to honorable quran:if you don't have religion, at least be noble.(honor hossein (PBUH)

we blame US government's men becouse they allow this to happen.

10:39 AM Sep 14 2010 |




Humm I guess I'd like to work as a music producer…I really would like to produce and to see a band grows up and following them in the media :)

11:31 PM Sep 09 2010 |


Czech Republic

i want to be a dj or mistress of david guetta…in fact, its the same :D

03:54 PM Sep 08 2010 |




i hope to be a composer,but i don't play any music,so daydream~

01:51 PM Sep 08 2010 |




cute-devil: the movie itself is boring and disgusting …

01:06 PM Sep 08 2010 |


United Arab Emirates

I didn't like the trailer of this movie ! i think it's Boring D:

12:53 PM Sep 08 2010 |




this lesson is a little confused…I don't like behind the scene jobs.I am looking forward to the stage.

12:27 PM Sep 08 2010 |



Devan wonders what other behind-the-scene jobs there are in the music industry. Mason thinks it would be fun to design music posters. What music industry job would you like to

10:52 AM Sep 08 2010 |




seems so hard for me to read it wellFrown

08:41 AM Sep 08 2010 |


Hong Kong

I would like to have a music industry job like Kenny G.

04:00 AM Sep 08 2010 |



Viet Nam

I LOVE Jonah Hill. That's all lol

03:58 AM Sep 08 2010 |

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