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How to Improve English Communication

How to Improve English Communication

Date: Sep 04 2010

Topic: Speaking

Author: andylu2


English speaking and communication are not identical.  Some people speak quite well and have good pronunciation, a good vocabulary, and good grammar, yet their communication sucks.  How is this possible?

Speaking English well is obviously part of the equation.  It is not the whole story however.  

Communication is actually more important and it is really the whole reason we bother speaking in the first place.  It is all about expressing your ideas clearly to the other person.  The grammar, the pronunciation, and the vocabulary don't matter unless the other person can understand your exact point.  A lot of people don't even express themselves clearly in their own language.  It sounds funny, but it's true when you think about it. 

What you need to do is to forget about all the rules and just focus on what it is that you really want to say.  Make sure the other person understands you and don't focus on whether or not you are making any mistakes.  This will take a lot of pressure off of you and it will make the experience much more pleasant for the other person.  

People really just want to understand each other and it is important to never forget this number one goal of speaking a new language.

Improving listening will also help you a lot when sharing opinions. 

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thank you for this lesson it is very easy and usefull thank you a lot Laughing

07:23 PM Nov 10 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

very useful lesson you kno my problem

it's always did I make wrong when I talk

and I found my self full into it thank

you for your lesson and your website is rock good luck : )

06:33 PM Sep 04 2010 |

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