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Ideas to Speak English better

Ideas to Speak English better

Date: Sep 04 2010

Topic: Speaking

Author: andylu2


How much have you improved your spoken English over the past year? 

Most people improve to a certain point and then they stop getting much better.  They may still spend some time studying, but no one is telling them that their English is getting any better. 

This happens because people get good enough to have basic communication, and then all of a sudden there is no real need to improve.  It is pretty easy to get by with just an average level of English so that pressure goes away.  If you don't know a word, you can just describe what you want to say using another way.  Are you satisfied with this level?

If you want to improve but find your fluency level has been at around the same level for a while, you should try a couple of these simple suggestions.

1.  Write down a new vocabulary word everyday.

Make sentences with this one new word so that you can use it in your speech.  Over time, this will build your vocabulary and you won't be using a bunch of simple words to describe your point.  One a day is enough if you are consistent.  

2.  Try to write about a topic you rarely talk about.  

This will force you to use new vocabulary and challenge your English.  If you always talk to the same people about the same things, your level will plateau and you won't improve.  Get out of your comfort zone. 

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i think it is good idea, thanks alot.

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

thank u

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