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How to get a raise from your boss

How to get a raise from your boss

Date: Sep 13 2010

Topic: Business English

Author: andylu2


I really hope this article will help you earn more money.

I know so many people working for western companies and they are really underpaid.  The problem is that most people don't know how to negotiate a good salary or ask for a raise.  They could be going into work everyday earning a lot less money than they could get.

One little trick is to simply set up a meeting with your boss and ask for a raise.  Most people are too afraid to do this.  Explain how exactly you  benefit the company and why you deserve more money.  Don't complain about how little you earn or how hard it is to live.  This is business and it doesn't matter.  The boss will pay you more money if he or she thinks you are worth it.  If you can help them earn more money than they are paying you then you deserve a raise.  

Remember, they probably won't ask you if you want a raise.  This is up to you.  They are perfectly happy paying you as little as possible.  Also remember that they are people too.  Make sure you ask them when they are in a good mood and things are going well with the company.  Promise to work harder and show them some ways you will earn the company more money.  You could be earning more money tomorrow if you do this correctly. Think carefully about what you want to say and then say it.  It's possible your boss says no, but there is a great chance they will say yes.  

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03:07 AM Sep 19 2010 |

Nicte ha

Nicte ha


Smt I can wide recommend is to write on paper what u want to express to ur boss,  and ok, don’t memorize it, but get the main idea and practice it at least a couple of times. Its a good exercise that helps a lot, to practice it in front of a mirror, in order to get security when u speaks in front of the  boss and look him  directly to his eyes without hesitation.
U must have in ur mind that the company is not doing a favor to u. We must convince them with logical arguments and showing our good results in our work that this is worth more than what we are earning.
The company doesn’t care if what we win is enough for our life style, It doesn’t care if we are poor or if we have economics problems.Business r Business: The Corporation buys my services and I pay with dividends through my work. That's all!
Therefore, my work costs $ $ what the company can win with me.
Another extremely good secret is to become indispensable to the company. Show honesty, promptness, efficiency and effectiveness and let them lead u more and more responsibilities. Let them to lean on u totally  and make that without u everything become a mess, hehehe., so when you ask for a raise, you can highlight ur achievements.Laughing

07:16 PM Sep 13 2010 |

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