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Date: Oct 15 2010

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


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It isn’t fun living in a pigsty. But doing chores isn’t much fun either. Unfortunately, there are certain chores, like taking out the trash, that you just can’t ignore forever.

Some people don’t mind doing chores. Simple, repetitive work like folding laundry or washing the dishes can even be surprisingly relaxing. But most of us have that one chore that is our pet peeve, the one task we just hate to do. Hear about Amy and Ella’s favorite and least favorite chores.


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Amy:  So, I may be moving into a new house soon.

Ella:  Oh? Yes. That sounds good. Are you going to get a maid?

Amy:  No. But I wish that I were going to get a maid, because it’s so nice when you move into a new house and everything is so clean and perfect, and I wish that I were the kind of person who’d always stay on top of my chores and always took out the trash on time and mopped every other day and, you know, vacuumed all the time. But I just…I don’t like doing chores.

Ella:  I mean, there are some I like to do. I like putting my laundry in the washer. But I don’t like to fold it after it comes out in the dryer. I like to just throw them all on my bed and roll around like a dog ‘cause it’s so warm. And then, dishes are fun to do.

Amy:  I do like doing dishes. I also…I like to wash the dishes but I hate putting the dishes away.

Ella:  Yeah. I hate putting them away. It’s tedious. It’s not fun.

Amy:  It is tedious. I guess that’s it, you know, the more tedious chores are the ones that are the least fun to do.

Ella:  Yeah. I haven’t vacuumed in like six months ‘cause I hate it so much.

Amy:  Wow.


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Amy loves having a clean house, but she hates doing chores. She wishes she could hire a maid to vacuum, mop the floors, and take out the trash. But maids are a luxury in the U.S. and most people don’t have one.

There are some chores that Ella doesn’t mind doing. She likes putting laundry in the washing machine, but she doesn’t like folding it and putting it away when it’s done. And she likes washing dishes, but she doesn’t like putting clean dishes back in the cabinets. Apparently she isn’t a fan of vacuuming, either, since she hasn’t vacuumed her house in six months.

What are your favorite and least favorite chores? In your country, is it common to have someone else clean your house for you?



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 i also dont enjoy doing chores like others. but if i get married i think i will. as i think to be a wife ,the duty is to take care of the house -work and to make a sweet condition for my husband. at that time i would like do every chores.except this,i really hate doing it .but sometimes i have to do by myself,u know it is also expensive to hire a maid.ai i want earn more money …...haha  jk

02:13 AM Oct 17 2010 |



 i also dont enjoy doing chores like others. but if i get married i think i will. as i think to be a wife ,the duty is to take care of the house -work and to make a sweet condition for my husband. at that time i would like do every chores.except this,i really hate doing it .but sometimes i have to do by myself,u know it is also expensive to hire a maid.ai i want earn more money …...haha  jk

02:13 AM Oct 17 2010 |




I do live in USA so most of the people that I've met so far have a maid who goes once or twice a week to clean their house, in my country we use to have a maid too but I dont know why we hire them for everyday!!!! on the other hand I do like ceratins chores as washing dishes or vacuum but dont ask me to put the dishes away I hateeee itttt!!!!!....... I like to clean my house by mysefl I odnt like pigsty status so when my friends are coming I odnt feel embarrassed to have such a big mess aroundd!!! :)

06:26 PM Oct 16 2010 |




Really i don`t like chores,like Ella i like washing dishes for exaple but i dont like put in the cabinets,the same with laundry.In my family all coperate to clean the house once day a week,and the next days we`ve got a maid who come twince a week

Good lesson :)

04:50 PM Oct 16 2010 |




I like chores.In my country it isnot common to have someone else clean your house for you.I like to clean my house myself.

11:04 AM Oct 16 2010 |



the hardest part is to begin. just like any other house work. i'm lazy to those things, even to the smalls chores.

11:51 PM Oct 15 2010 |

live your life

Saudi Arabia

MMMM in fact, i don't like to do chores . I know that i'm not a self reliant girl to do my chores or household , but i like myself now .. because i'm university srudent and i don't have time for doing chores like vacuuming , mopping and something like that . I know that i will do all chores in future because i will live outside my home with my husband ..

Thanks for a great lesson .. 

07:19 PM Oct 15 2010 |



i love do chores.

06:29 PM Oct 15 2010 |

Vinni Lima

Vinni Lima


So I agree with becmoon, many chores can be fun if you do those listening to a good music! my favorite chores, I can  say is washing the dishes and vacuuming. Maybe my least chore is put the trash out of home. I really hate it !!

In  my country it's not commom to have a person to clean the house, just the rich people have that privilege>< 

06:07 PM Oct 15 2010 |


becmoonSuper Member!


some times chores can be not so bad if you put fun music on and apresent afterwards!

04:31 PM Oct 15 2010 |




this is so tedious thing to tak on it.haha

02:33 PM Oct 15 2010 |

Little Vincent


i seldom  do chores        

02:06 PM Oct 15 2010 |

Katy Katy

Katy Katy

Russian Federation

I looooove do chores…. be clean it means to be healthy…if you are constantly moving—you will be in a good shape…he-he))))

01:25 PM Oct 15 2010 |



I do hate household chores. Ok, sometimes I have to help my mother, but it's sooo boring. I can't tell what I hate the most: doing dishes or mopping. But, when I have to do these chores, I prefer doing while listening to radio, 'cause it always amuses myself so I forget about tedious stuff like that.

In Brazil isn't common to have a maid. Why would housewives hire a maid when they can order their children to do the chores? It's more practical and cheaper lol  Well, it works with my mom and me, at least… 

12:52 PM Oct 15 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

no i clean myslef and that makes me satisfy to do so.
i do all my favorite chore

11:50 AM Oct 15 2010 |





10:35 AM Oct 15 2010 |


Viet Nam

Ella, You are so somk’in hot but It seems that is only your appearance. Sorry, If my thinking pets peeve you.
In my country, I have to do my chores without any complain. It is our duty to do it. I have to do every personel things and doing the house work when I was the pupil and lived with my parent.
That is why when I was living away from my family for my universty. I am living very well without any trouble and indepently.

09:25 AM Oct 15 2010 |



i enjoy doing the house chores.i have a maid 2 do all the works,but it is not a good habit 2 depend them alwayz.it is our duty to do our own house chores.may be in future life we have to do our house chores ourselves.so we should have familiar with all these things,we have to be self reliant in everything.i am a person who enjoy music so much. therefore i put on the music whenever i'm doing household chores which keeps me away from being bored.

09:12 AM Oct 15 2010 |



Doing chores it's not so bad, after doing chores I feel good because I take care of my home, but I have not so much time for that and the entropy grow up :-)

08:58 AM Oct 15 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I hate doing chores but it necessary for life and when you dont mind doing chores you have lead a dogs life

06:38 AM Oct 15 2010 |

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