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The Romantics

The Romantics

Date: Oct 20 2010

Themes: Friend, Romance

Grammar: Adjectives


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People who have been friends for a long time have a lot of shared memories, and sometimes, they have shared baggage too. In the new movie The Romantics, a group of college friends comes together for the wedding of two of the friends.

Although weddings are supposed to be a purely joyful occasion, this celebration causes old wounds and conflicts to reemerge. Find out if Amy expects to have any drama at her upcoming wedding.


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Devan:  So, I know you’re about to tie the knot soon. Are you excited?

Amy:  I am.

Devan:  I saw the preview for that movie The Romantics, about the girl that’s getting married and her friends coming home for the wedding.

Amy:  Right, with Katie Holmes.

Devan:  Yeah. And I guess in the preview it looks like two have long rivaled over the groom.

Amy:  Interesting.

Devan:  Is there anything like that, did any of your old friends have crushes on your fiance or anything?

Amy:  Not as far as I know. My best friend is dating my fiance’s best friend. So there is some potential for a little bit of drama, but most of my old friends, you know, have only met my fiance recently. So…

Devan:  So are you still friends with most of your friends from college?

Amy:  Yeah, I have a lot of old friends. None of them live close to me anymore, but we actually just got together for sort of a reunion. It was interesting because we’re pretty different but we’re still really close. What about you, are you friends with your college friends?

Devan:  Yeah, it’s kind of the same thing where we don’t have anything in common anymore, but we still have our past in common and that’s what keeps us together.

Amy:  Well, it’s true that there’s nothing like a wedding to bring out sort of crazy weird emotions and conflicts that you didn’t know were there before, so I’m kind of interested in seeing this movie, but also a little afraid.


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In The Romantics, a group of college friends reunites for a wedding. But the occasion isn’t purely a happy one, because one of the friends, played by Katie Holmes, used to be in love with the groom.

Amy is getting married soon, and Devan asks her if she thinks there will be any conflicts like that at her wedding. Amy doesn’t think that any of her friends will bring emotional baggage to the wedding. But she thinks that weddings often bring out unexpected conflicts and emotions.

Both Devan and Amy are still close with their college friends. But they don’t have much in common with these old friends anymore. Even though they have changed and grown apart, they still share a strong bond because of everything they shared in the past.

Are you still close with your old friends? Have you ever been to a wedding where something dramatic happened?



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Vinni Lima

Vinni Lima


I'm not close with my old friends , but for sure they are the best! and we see when we have time, because each one followed a different way ;)

11:51 PM Oct 20 2010 |

Snazz De

Snazz De

United Kingdom

Old friend are da real friend. Loss them and you ll never have a true friend. 4 real

07:27 PM Oct 20 2010 |

rebel lee

rebel lee


I graduated from college two years ago. It's not a very long time, So I am still close with my college friends. And I haven't been to a wedding for years, so there are no darma.

But it would be awkard if you run into a old lover in a wedding.

03:31 PM Oct 20 2010 |


oddyseeSuper Member!


old friends are the real friends …

12:37 PM Oct 20 2010 |



ya i am stil  close to my collage friend but some of my collage friend living near to me and some are not.

12:14 PM Oct 20 2010 |




i am sorry to say that i have lost communication with my most clasmates or old friends except two from them.

07:36 AM Oct 20 2010 |




want to be in love(

07:18 AM Oct 20 2010 |




yes m still close with my old friends as nobody can take a place of dem…!!! old friends are the real friends …althogh i have got nothing against the new friends dey are also good but old friends are more special…!!!
 yaa i have been to many weddinds but didnt notice any dramatic sitution as  such…!!!! 

07:05 AM Oct 20 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

in fact no… we are in different way now… we have different interest

i am now with my few new friends

but it doesn't mean my old friend are forgotten… we are in touch.

yes.. i remember my cousin eye was full of tear in his wedding.

06:16 AM Oct 20 2010 |



i have graduated for four years. and now i always miss them. last week, two of my brothers came to my home, we feel all the past just is yesterday, the time is so far. one is the mamager in a star hotel.

01:59 AM Oct 20 2010 |

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