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Comparatives and Superlatives

Date: Nov 12 2010

Themes: Family

Grammar: Comparatives and Superlatives


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Wouldn’t it be cool to have a twin? You could play tricks on your friends and teachers by swapping places with your twin. You and your twin could wear matching outfits, ride a two-person bicycle, date other twins…The possibilities for fun seem almost endless.

There is just something fascinating about twins, especially if they are identical. Typically, twins have an incredibly close bond, since they share so many of the same experiences, starting before they’re even born. Some twins are even said to have a psychic connection.

Dale and Jeff have both known twins. Find out what kind of a bond they shared.



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Dale:  Hey Jeff, do you know any twins at all?

Jeff:  Yeah, a couple good friends of mine from way back are twins. They’re not identical. They’re fraternal twins.

Dale:  Did they have that twin connection back in the day? They say that most twins can actually kind of communicate with each other by using their mind.

Jeff:  I don’t know about that. They’re both weird, but that could just be from coming from the same parents.

Dale:  Do they have a bond that’s kind of different from all the other siblings that you’ve seen?

Jeff:  I guess, I mean they shared the same experiences growing up at the same time. They’re pretty different actually, I don’t know, compared to other twins, like identical twins.

Dale:  Do you know any identical twins at all?

Jeff:  I do actually, yeah.

Dale:  And what do you think about them?

Jeff:  They definitely have a closer bond. They’re sisters, so maybe that’s a factor, too. But…

Dale:  Would you like to have a twin? Would you want to be a twin?

Jeff:  Well, it’d be nice to have somebody to share the same emotions with, maybe kind of as a form of support.

Dale:  Someone who looks just like you.

Jeff:  We could play some tricks on people.


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Both Jeff and Dale have known people who were twins. Jeff had good friends growing up who were fraternal, or non-identical, twins. He also knows some identical twin sisters. He says that the identical sisters were closer than the fraternal twin brothers, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that identical twins are always closer than fraternal twins.

Dale is curious about twins that share an intense bond. Some twins are even said to have a psychic connection. They not only look alike, they can also read each other’s thoughts and finish each other’s sentences.

Do you know any twins? Do they share an extra-close bond? Would you like to have a twin yourself?



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I just meet some twins in TV or just on the road. when they are young, they are so so lovely and look alike-but when they grow up, so many diffierence.

I wanna have a twin sister if i could,hehe.  and i wanna have a indentical twin sister,so i can play trick,that will be very interesting,haha:)- I'm so curious about the twins too. But have twins,theie mum and dad must be so tired:)

02:04 PM Nov 14 2010 |

rebel lee

rebel lee


When I was in primary school, I had twin classmates. I knew them so well, so I can tell the difference. But other people thought they were identical.

I don't want a twin brother. I want to be unique. Uniqueness is important I believe.

09:11 AM Nov 14 2010 |



I don't have a twin but I had a brother only ; it's very fun for the life when you are young !!!


06:22 AM Nov 14 2010 |




it's tootaly true about the psycotic connection .. my twin sisters are identical ..they always complete each other dreams .. and i remember 1 time one of them fall over her front teeth .. the other one felt the pain in her front teeth .. however, i think 1 of them is left handed but she ignored it .. because she wraps the head cover on the other side.. i think one of the twins must be the mirror reflection of the other

05:08 AM Nov 14 2010 |


El Salvador

what can i say since i am a twin myself! and is true we have some psychic thinking cos i percieve what he is thinking and viceversa! We trust each other a lot and try to communicate as much as we can. As for likes and dislikes we are totally different cos he seems to be like more selective ejejjej! As for humor we are kinda alike. And finally we really look alike at the point that some of our neighbors and co-workers get surprised when they come across one of us - they just dont know who is who. Briefly… having a twin brother is just like having your best friend!

11:36 PM Nov 13 2010 |




mmm… I don´t know… one more to compete, this world it´s too hard already

08:03 PM Nov 13 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

cute  babys one sound happy and other not





both  must be happy 

07:43 PM Nov 13 2010 |



my mum is twin with a boy and i know a girl who has twin girl ;P but i wouldnt like to have a twin …i'd like to have a clone haha

02:43 PM Nov 13 2010 |




I Like twins so much, it's so funny Laughing

01:09 PM Nov 13 2010 |



United States

i would love to have  a twin …


12:37 PM Nov 13 2010 |



I have twins in my family, but not identical. Elder brother and sister are fraternal twins:) I would like to be twins.

10:04 AM Nov 13 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

my cousins are twin and could play a trick they used to swap their places for their exam and no body niticed becouse they are identical-twins the most intresting thing about them is that  their parent only can recognize them  easly not even their closest friend and now they have been married they r changing their looks to be different we have lots of twins in our family i think maybe my children in future r twins lol…Laughing

09:56 AM Nov 13 2010 |



I have friends who are twins.

In my class there are 3 pair of twins

and in the lesson is very funny Laughing

09:41 AM Nov 13 2010 |




There is something very interesting about twins.

I wish I would give birth to twins! I think it is not easy to distinguish between twins, so if I give birth to twins, probably I could distinguish them with my own eyes, due I am their mother.

On streets, I can see some twins and admire them very much. The twins are so alike and no one can distinguish one from the other except something special and different in wearing or so on…...

I am very interested in twins. I hope some couples who have the wish in their praying can give birth to twins, and greeting them here…....

08:04 AM Nov 13 2010 |

muhammad mussa


i want to fwins sorry i invent new word 4 my four angels who come soon  inshallah Innocent

10:29 PM Nov 12 2010 |



what I can say in this twins bet I hop to find honest friends to talk in  subject and I have not who he twins at last thanks

07:55 PM Nov 12 2010 |




i am twin )) Me and my brother, We were in same class from primary school to universty and graduated from unv at same time, Even now we work at same company as civil engineer.  I feel lucky for have twin bro. I feel not lonely and i like to share all things with him. (except girlfriend :))) One time we were fall in love same girl, it was funny

06:08 PM Nov 12 2010 |



United States

i wanna have twins)) 

06:02 PM Nov 12 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

i writ my not appear

05:47 PM Nov 12 2010 |


Saudi Arabia

i dont think having twin is good coz each person has its own charcter

theres no specilize about twins

05:27 PM Nov 12 2010 |

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