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Reading Out Loud - Improves Spoken English

Date: Dec 19 2010

Topic: Reading

Author: jack147


When reading texts without audio at Englishbaby.com or elsewhere, many students don't take advantage of a good exercise that improves your spoken English. Here is some important vocabulary for this lesson:

Read out loud - Speak the words.

Read in your head - Read silently.

Step One - Read the Article in your Head

Take you time reading the article so that you understand it. Underline any unknown words or phrases. Look them up in a dictionary or ask your tutor or classmates what they mean.

Step Two - Read it Out Loud

You need to do this in a place where you feel comfortable. Don't be scared about being loud as you need to speak at the same noise level as when you normally speak to your friends. Say the words slowly, and if you have any doubts about the pronunciation, listen to the words using online dictionaries. Then try and read the entire text as fluently as possible.

Step Three - Check your Pronunciation

Read the text to someone so that they can check your pronunciation and your general spoken English. This could be your language exchange partner, your English tutor or a friend.


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yes i got it right

05:31 PM Jan 10 2011 |

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