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The Tourist
The Tourist

Learn how to use the simple future tense

Date: Jan 12 2011

Themes: Romance, Travel

Grammar: Simple Future Tense


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Sometimes, an idea that sounds incredible in theory just doesn’t work out right in reality. Eating cake for dinner sounds pretty fun. But if you actually do it, you’ll probably end up with a stomach ache.

The Tourist may be another example of a good idea gone wrong. It stars two of the biggest names in Hollywood, Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. They play strangers who meet on a train and end up getting involved in a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse. While running from the bad guys in two of Europe’s most beautiful cities, they also find time to fall in love. Unfortunately, most reviewers haven’t been in love with the movie. But that’s not going to stop Amy from trying to convince Devan to see it with her.


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Amy:  I am so excited for The Tourist, I’m dying to see it.

Devan:  Really? Is it because of the Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie together at last thing?

Amy:  Yeah, I mean how can that go wrong, right? I mean, two huge stars, exciting action-packed thriller set in Venice and Paris. It just looks like so much fun.

Devan:  It seems like it has all the elements to go right. Like it seems like they would have amazing on-screen chemistry, the plot is like a cat-and-mouse game, you know, and they have this whirlwind romance. So it has all the right elements. However, I’ve heard in the reviews that it’s kind of lackluster. I guess that they just didn’t have the chemistry that people thought that they would. I don’t know, maybe Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie was the true match made in heaven, and Johnny Depp, he’s meant for a Winona Ryder or something like that.

Amy:  Yeah, I guess they might be slightly mismatched. I mean, Johnny Depp’s not exactly a traditional leading man. He’s a little more quirky.

Devan:  Yeah. Maybe she just doesn’t balance him appropriately.

Amy:  Yeah. Well, I don’t care. I’m still going to see it.


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Amy is really excited about seeing The Tourist. She can’t wait to see Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie together in the same movie. She thinks a movie starring both of these superstars has to be good.

But Devan is more skeptical. She thinks that Johnny Depp and Angelina might not have very good chemistry on screen. Devan thinks that Johnny Depp would have better chemistry with a quirkier actress, like Winona Ryder. Maybe Angelina should stick with Brad Pitt.

Do you think Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp are a match made in heaven? Which actor and actress would you like to see act together in a movie?



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not bad

01:02 PM Dec 16 2012 |


Russian Federation

Johnny Depp is my favourite actor. And I like this movie so much. Angelina Jolie is great too, but in my opinion Johnny and Helena Bohnam Carter are the best pair in a movie. They are really a match made in heaven. Just on screen, of cause :)

02:40 PM Dec 02 2012 |




I guess,it sounds somewhat strange they act together…I mean nothing there :P

He has a “odd actor profile” and Agelina makes a traditional adventure actress,I don’t know if this union will convince us :P

11:20 AM Feb 08 2012 |

1 person likes this




No, I think of both isn’t a match made in heaven. Johnny Depp has expression of eyes to be quirky, So appropriate which to action of funny.

10:29 AM Jun 29 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

no i think not Proof of this is that the film did not achieve high Aiardrt  

07:54 PM Jun 27 2011 |

hayam mansoor


this movie is so wonderful angelina was amazing jonney depp was so cuteCoolCool

04:59 PM Jun 27 2011 |




I love this movie. Jonney Depp is quite amazing!

02:58 PM Feb 03 2011 |



It is good flick..

10:20 AM Jan 21 2011 |



i have never seen this film!!1And i can hardly immegine how Angelina and Depp can play togather!!I think i have to watch it!!As for me i prefer to see Roberts and richard GIR playing togather

03:31 PM Jan 18 2011 |

1 person likes this



Russian Federation

To CranBerry

Yes, Sveta.. I've heard JD didn't wanna work about this role in this movie, 'cause he doesn't like Jolie.

Johnny is a  master of impersonations (he has an Indians Cherokee's origin by the way). But Angie has always one and the same expression on her face with her  pout fat lips which doesn't let her to play different roles, she can't show different emotions, she's always the same.

08:10 AM Jan 18 2011 |



I am always crazy about Johnny Depp.  It can't be denied that he is a charming person. Right?

04:51 AM Jan 18 2011 |



I didn't see this film , but I really would like go to the cinema to see it. My friend is going today, but I can't. I've a lot of learn before my sesion exam:(.

02:01 PM Jan 14 2011 |




If the English baby lessons used less ” like” and ” you know” that infest the speech of the speakers, Devan in particular, I’d go Super.

12:43 PM Jan 13 2011 |




I was excited to see the movie

but after al this comments am really frustrated!

09:23 PM Jan 12 2011 |




whatever i wanna see this movie. i am waiting for an invitation from some guy who wants go to with me together!! ,,kkk  i am just  kiddin..well i will write my impression later..  

09:14 PM Jan 12 2011 |



United States

 i watched this movie, and honestly, i expected more from it. seeing the psoters all over the streets, seeing the waiting for the movie to come out, i really thought that it would be the blockbuster! but…it was just common film…Jolie was as usual great! she can show any emotion, from love to grief , and this is what i respect.she does her work perfectly. as for Johnny Depp in the movie…all the movie long i wanted to cut his hair or wash them…they look awfully… . and as for his role playing, it wasn't great as well…. that's my opinion.

06:12 PM Jan 12 2011 |




Anyway, I´ll watch!Laughing

05:24 PM Jan 12 2011 |




I saw it. The movie was good but not genius. It is not the kind of movie you want to watch again and again but it still good enough to spend a good time at the movie theater.

I like the crazy style of J. Depp ^^

05:20 PM Jan 12 2011 |



Viet Nam

you want down load this audio ? email me . i'll show you how to down it ! 

ex : the tourist


05:12 PM Jan 12 2011 |

hamoody's pearl


I haven't see the movie yet. the discussion sounds good. I will try to download it soon. 

04:47 PM Jan 12 2011 |

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