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Improve Your Spoken English Online

Improve Your Spoken English Online

Date: Jan 27 2011

Topic: Speaking

Author: andylu2


If you've got an Iphone, Ipod, or Android, you should be taking advantage of the best way ever to improve your spoken English.  Forget about what you've heard in the past.  Listening to MP3 English lessons and reading the PDF's are amazing for speaking.  This works indirectly instead of directly.  Listening doesn't doesn't only improve listening and reading doesn't only improve reading.  These different aspects of English all work together and it's important to understand that.  If you never practice speaking, it's true that your spoken English level will stop improving much, but, perhaps surprisingly, if you ONLY practice speaking, your spoken English level will also stop improving.  Reading can often teach you words that you often hear but don't really know what they are until you read them.  Listening will train your ear to speak.  The process is confusing but it works.  You need to listen to native speakers talking in a casual setting.  This is the key.  The VOA and other recommended stuff is too formal and most English conversation, even for business, is quite casual.  It's true no matter what other people tell you. The reason I said to take advantage of your Iphone or Android is because you can learn this stuff anywhere you are.  You are probably a busy person and find it hard to find enough study time.  If you bring your MP3 player with you, you can learn anytime you have a spare few minutes.  There is no excuse for not using that.  

For more useful information, check out:  How to Improve Spoken English


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Great advice!

03:41 PM Jan 27 2011 |

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