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Learn the zero conditional.

Date: Feb 04 2011

Themes: Family

Grammar: Zero Conditional


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We all have our pet peeves when it comes to manners. Some can’t stand to sit at the table with anyone who talks with his mouth full. Others get miffed if you don’t open the door for them, or if you try to cut in line.

In the U.S., proper etiquette is especially important in the South, where there is a long tradition of chivalry. But even in a laid-back state like California, people will probably give you bad looks if you do certain things in public, like belch at a fancy restaurant.

Ella grew up in the South. Hear her and Beren talk about the importance of having good manners.


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Ella:  So, growing up in the South, manners were really important. I definitely could not have my elbows on the table, you know, sit up straight, no slouching. I had really strict rules growing up in regards to etiquette.

Beren:  Did your parents set an example in regards to being proper, or…?

Ella:  Yes, there was definitely, like, please and thank you, a lot of stuff like that, and not speaking when other people are speaking, closing your mouth when you eat.

Beren:  There is nothing that drives me crazier than bad table manners, like messy eaters, loud eaters.

Ella:  And it’s so sad when you see little kids now, you know? Their parents just don’t set a very good example, just demanding things and stuff. I feel like manners are just kind of an olden time thing.

Beren:  What kind of bad manners set you off?

Ella:  Definitely interrupting is a huge one. When someone’s trying to speak and you’re just interrupting. Or eating with your mouth open, that’s just so gross. Or like not holding the door for someone. I feel like that’s a really big one too.

Beren:  Aw, that’s all about being a gentleman.

Ella:  Well, if I’m on a date, yes, then you have to be a gentleman.


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Ella thinks it’s very important to have good manners and use proper etiquette. She was raised to be proper and respectful. In particular, she thinks it’s important to hold the door for others and not interrupt people or be a messy eater.

Messy eaters drive Beren crazy, too. She can’t stand it when people eat loudly or are sloppy at the dinner table. But she doesn’t think it’s as important to hold the door for people. That’s something that men should do for women, to show that they’re gentlemen. Ella says that if she goes on a date with someone, he has to be a gentleman.

Which bad manners drive you crazy? How do you think men should behave on dates?



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In india, we are following lot of manners like when we are eating in groups no one could leave their chair before finishing by all the group members. <!-Session data->

11:33 AM Feb 04 2011 |




in india there are a lot of manners in dining table .if we got a cup of tea when we visit house of our frnds or relatives no one drink the coffe comleatly its manners

08:52 AM Feb 04 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

What make me miffed when I see person who doesn't respect old people.


06:59 AM Feb 04 2011 |


Viet Nam

when i'm speaking but no one's listening. That really set me off, it fell like they are insulting me, something like "hah, you foollish, you are speaking totally gibberish.

04:17 AM Feb 04 2011 |





03:09 AM Feb 04 2011 |


Saudi Arabia

what drive me crazy is when someone cut in line. it's really frustrating me.

02:37 AM Feb 04 2011 |

miho nakatsukasa


 When I was a mere child my parents used to make me keep the etiquette. But now I have grown up, I have to keep it by myself.

 In winter we can see many coughing people on trains. Now in Japan it is common custum for people to ware the mask when they are coughing by catching a cold.

Otherwise we will be thrown the stinky eyes from other passengers.

11:11 PM Feb 03 2011 |



What really drive me crazy /or I should better say piss me off Smile / is a poor mp3 quality of these lessons. Video ones are fine. I can hardly understand dialog not because of complexity but lack of sound quality. Could you possible fix this quality issue or add another better quality file to download for such a deaf people like me.

Are there some other deaf like me to make some noise about mp3 lesson quality and exert some pressure on ebaby to pay more attention to audio quality?

08:58 AM Feb 03 2011 |

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