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How to Improve International Business English

How to Improve International Business English

Date: Feb 22 2011

Topic: Business English

Author: andylu2


English will be the international language for our lifetime at least.  It's true that more people speak Chinese and maybe some other language, but pretty much all schools around the world are teaching English.  International business meetings are almost always held in English and even a lot of high level vocabulary for business is already from English. 

This probably won't surprise you at all because you already know that.  Everyone knows this.  The interesting thing is that even thought we all know this, the world is learning English very slowly.  Every year more and more money is thrown into English education, but still only a small percentage of people learn it well enough to speak casually let alone do business.  If you are reading this article you are probably already in the top 1 or 2 percent.  Good for you.  You should use this to your advantage to create a great life for yourself.  

But I warn you, don't get too comfortable just yet.  Most people give up before they get to a high enough English level to really make a big difference in business.  They can probably speak and write a bit, but it's still not good enough to make a huge salary increase.

Just because you aren't there yet, don't lose hope.  Most people quit but that doesn't mean you need to as well.  

The top few people make most of the money.  It's just like tennis.  The top 15 players in the world earn more money than everyone else in the world combined for the sport.  They aren't too much better, but they are better just enough to make a major salary increase.  If you can go from the top 2 percent to the top 0.05 percent, you could earn more than 40 times your current salary.  It sounds weird and unfair.  It might even sound untrue but it's not.  It's also not that difficult because all you really need to do is keep improving and never give up.  Everyone says the world is so competitive, but honestly, it's pretty easy to compete if you try your best for a long time.  Most people are just too lazy or scared to try something for a few years.  Most people quit before a few months.

The key is to understand this and keep learning more than the other people about the international language and culture.  You can learn it on the internet now without even having to leave your house.  

You still need to focus on meeting new people and networking, but with a high level of business English, you can get jobs that most people couldn't even imagine. 

Learn more from this article and free PDF's on International Business English and Culture  


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Will be?It is now.

01:09 PM Oct 20 2011 |



For one thing,i have to thanks for your kindly advise and hope everyone don’t give up our momentum and hope,as you just said above,it’s definitedly,almost everone who give up his hope and english studying all because of did not get the pay back what they want,such as money ,promotion and so on,actually ,the success maybe on the corner,you just need to insist ,you will be successfully in short time,get high salary ,get a nice job ,and living in easy street.

10:33 AM Oct 14 2011 |

Nicte ha

Nicte ha


Good lesson, thx 4 share, & thx to Alikhan 4 the link 2Smile

09:00 PM Oct 13 2011 |



This online English vocabulary building tool will help you to improve your English and your business English with all meaning.


10:21 AM Oct 11 2011 |




Yea~It's creative and fresh ~

I like it >o<

10:44 AM Mar 03 2011 |



Its really inspiring..
Thank you andy…!!

05:40 PM Feb 23 2011 |

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