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Spoken English Course Part 1

Spoken English Course Part 1

Date: Feb 24 2011

Topic: Speaking

Author: andylu2


This is part 1 of my daily Online Spoken English Course.  I want to take some of my day to give you something that you can actually learn from.  Learning (and remembering) one useful thing every day will really help your speaking over a couple of months.  I hope you enjoy this and please click "like" so that I know it's helping people and I'm not wasting my time.

Today's first lesson is how to use the phrase: "Sleep on it"

I was watching on of my favorite American TV shows and one friend said to another, "sleep on it".  It's used quite often in spoken English.  I was watching the show with a non native speaker and they asked me what it meant.  I figured may a lot of people are in the same situation so I wanted to explain it.

It means "think seriously about it before you make a decision".  The idea is that if you have an important decision to make, sometimes it's best to wait until your emotions settle down and make the decision the next day.  If you go to sleep and make your final decision tomorrow, it means that you "slept on it".

One person might say in real life:

"I'm not sure which university I want to go to.  There are a lot of good options and it's a huge decision for me. I think I'm going to sleep on it for about a week before I decide".

Please comment or click "like" if you want me to write more lessons like this.  I want to help you become more like a native speaker.  See you tomorrow for another lesson....

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it is very useful , thanks :)

08:29 AM Feb 25 2011 |



South Korea

Thanks for your help with spoken English.  I was just watching a movie and I noticed this term.  I felt happy I could understand.  Please keep doing this.<!-Session data->

08:02 AM Feb 25 2011 |



Thanks guy 

05:43 AM Feb 25 2011 |

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