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Spoken English Course Day 19

Spoken English Course Day 19

Date: Mar 15 2011

Topic: Speaking

Author: andylu2


Hey guys,

I just finished watching a comedy movie and there were a lot of cool phrases in there.  One of the phrases was "out of your league".

It's an awesome phrase.  Let me explain a bit about it first.

A "league" is usually for sports.  Top level athletes play in the best leagues.  It's where all the money is and the best players are.   If you are a "normal" person and want to play sports, you will play in some kind of "pick up" or fun league.  Of course most people couldn't play in a professional football league for example.  

The interesting thing is that we use this phrase in the dating world.  If someone is "out of your league" it means that they are "too good" or "too hard to get" for you.

For example, it would be very difficult for an average guy to date the world's most beautiful and famous model or actress.

We can say, "That girl is way out of his league".  Even though these girls aren't really in "leagues" it's pretty easy to understand.  Everyone has a certain "value" in the dating world.  It's a competitive world.  If someone is really funny or nice or something, it could be possible to date someone "out of their league" but it's difficult.

Thanks for following the course guys.  It's great, especially all your thoughtful comments and "like" support.  Check out day one of my Spoken English course online   It's free and I think you'll like it.

I'll keep doing this. 

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South Korea

I love the movie with the title of "She is out of my league" released in 2010 by dreamworks starring Jay Baruchel and Alice Eve.(genres:romance & comedy) 

Molly(Alice Eve) is successful and outrageously gorgeous babe and Kirk is stuck in a seemingly dead-end job as an airport security agent.For him,she is really out of his league!!!

05:35 PM Apr 03 2011 |

luvik palestine

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

Luv it So much ;)

thnxxx alot mr.andy =)

12:00 AM Mar 18 2011 |

Mohamed Habib


It's a cool phrase. I like it.

12:00 PM Mar 16 2011 |



South Korea

Great phrase.

I think many people date others who are out of their league.  I don't understand it, but it sure happens a lot.  I see it everyday on the street.

06:35 AM Mar 16 2011 |




Hi Lynn,

It's kind of like some person is "too good" for another person.  For example, a beautiful well educated woman can choose any man.  If she is dating some poor boring guy who isn't handsome, someone could say about the guy, "I wonder why she's meeting him.  She's way out of his league".

06:31 AM Mar 16 2011 |




Is it correct if i understand it like this way: in a dating, man and woman are in very very different level of living standard or the social status, etc. so it's a little difficult for them to be together in the future?? or we can say, they are not in the same "world".


Thanks, andy! 

02:15 AM Mar 16 2011 |




thank u :)

it's a sweet phrase :))

10:10 PM Mar 15 2011 |




Hi Criz,

I just tried it from my computer and it worked.  I'm really not sure what the problem is.  Sorry.  Maybe try another email?

03:15 PM Mar 15 2011 |




Hi Criz,


By the way, what happened on the site?  It should work.  I just tried it.  What happened?  Did you check your email inbox and junk mail?  Sometimes it takes a few minutes.  Let me know the problem and I'll try to fix it.  Thanks 

10:08 AM Mar 15 2011 |

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