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Nuclear Power
Nuclear Power

Learn the present progressive tense

Date: Mar 18 2011

Themes: News

Grammar: Present Progressive Tense


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The huge earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan recently have had many devastating effects for that country and its people. One of the most frightening effects of the disaster has been a nuclear crisis at the Fukushima power plant.

The crisis at Fukushima has made many people wonder about the safety of nuclear power. It is a clean source of energy, and major accidents are rare. But when problems do occur, as rare as they might be, they can cause terrible destruction. Find out if Marni and Mason think nuclear power is worth the risk.


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Marni:  Mason, I am totally freaking out.

Mason:  Do you have Bieber fever?

Marni:  No, this is serious actually, this is quite serious. So, you know about the horrible earthquake in Japan, obviously?

Mason:  Yeah.

Marni:  And no there’s been an explosion at one of the nuclear power plants, and they’re predicting there could be nuclear fallout in Japan, and, you know, the winds carry that contaminated air right over the Pacific, into our lovely area. So, not only is it horrible for the people in that area but it could also have horrible ramifications for everyone, all over the globe!

Mason:  Yeah, it doesn’t sound awesome, but I mean, you know, it’ll probably work out OK.

Marni:  Are you serious? I mean, don’t you think a huge meltdown and evacuations is cause for panic and alarm?

Mason:  I mean, it’s not the best, but, you know…I mean, it’s not like the nuclear power plants of today are like the ones of 40 years ago. They’ve done a few things, they’ve got more security measures. People are better equipped to respond in these scenarios, I’d like to think.

Marni:  I don’t know, I’m pretty freaked out.

Mason:  At this point, we just hope for the best, right?

Marni:  I guess. God, you’re optimistic.


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Marni is worried about nuclear fallout crossing the Pacific Ocean and contaminating the air where she lives. But Mason doesn’t think she should worry. He is optimistic that everything will turn out OK in Japan and the rest of the world.

Marni thinks nuclear power is unsafe. She is worried about the dangers of nuclear power, not only in Japan but throughout the world. But Mason thinks nuclear power plants are much safer today than they used to be. He isn’t as worried as Marni about the dangers of nuclear power.

Do you think nuclear power is safe? Should we stop using nuclear power?



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Jhoana M.


Im agree with Mason.. im only hope that this persons can solve this horrible and sad problem.. !!

02:42 AM Mar 20 2011 |




Im so sad for what has happened to Japan…as some friends already told here…this is just one more alert from Nature…

12:38 AM Mar 20 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

im really sorry for japenese people and i wish i could help them.and about nuclear power i think every think in the word is good but sometimes man change them to the bad thing

09:29 PM Mar 19 2011 |




I think that the world is talking us …everybody everyday contaminate the world so this must to change!

07:07 PM Mar 19 2011 |




God bless them, I pray.

02:07 PM Mar 19 2011 |




i think we must change all nuclear power by the green power it's goos for our and for our environnement 

09:42 AM Mar 19 2011 |




I think nuclear power is not safe,the effects of radiation are scary,we should find another power resources that as good as nuclear but safer for the world

05:41 AM Mar 19 2011 |


Viet Nam

pray for them

04:24 AM Mar 19 2011 |



it should stop .. of course

as soon as some kinds of alternative energy technology are mature enough to afford such big power consumption 


03:36 AM Mar 19 2011 |




we need to improve, not abandon…

03:33 AM Mar 19 2011 |




to be honest i don't think we could just stop using nuclear power, cause the need of power's always increased as the whole globe is still developing and obvsiouly nuclear power is a mega-power-provider (i don't think that word existe in english cause i just made it up XD) but i think u get it :) 

 the best thing i think is to work at the ''quality'' of security at this nuclear reactors   and just take it to high level.

as a conclusion i'll say that nuclear power's dangerous but it's worth the risk cause i don't think we could replace it . and we have to use it with moderation 2 =) !!

01:36 AM Mar 19 2011 |




I believe there should be some regulations about the maximum of terms a nuclear plant could stand. As technology changes rapidly nowadays, old ones are not expected to have all the new measures of security and preparation. Replacing old nuclear plant with modern ones could in a term of 15 years, for an example, can result in having more safety when such devastating crisis like Japan's earthquake happens.

12:57 AM Mar 19 2011 |

Vadim V.

Vadim V.

Russian Federation

My point of view that the nuclear energy isn't safe no one is secured of such accidents like nuclear disaster. What about such examples like the Tree Mile Island accident, Chernobyl and now people are risking their healths and lifes trying to prevent the complete core meltdow at the Fukushima power plant, because it may cause devastating effects not only for the one country and its people but for the whole world.  Radiation spreads everywhere you can't see, feel or smell it, but it kills, and you don't even know about that. There is an unresolved problem of storing nuclear wastes generated by reactors. How about that? There are huge investments to the nuclear infrastructure. The building of new power plants and reactors has been growing, the 40, 30 years old power plants have still been working and its security systems are imperfect.

It may be a very long discussion of these issues. So I complete my comments. 

10:33 PM Mar 18 2011 |



Syrian Arab Republic

Nix can change the way it is,humans will just continue using nuclear power,even though it is not that safe,and will never be,as other resources..The fact is,we are just driving our race toward precipice by other means….Long live the jappy people !!    ☮ ♥

09:01 PM Mar 18 2011 |


qq_babySuper Member!


I am a little bit worried about the long-term effects of the nuclear fallout, like our food might be polluted. 

06:49 PM Mar 18 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I like this lesson

04:57 PM Mar 18 2011 |



The most high tec infra-structure built by the human being still aren't safe enough to work with nuclear power. It may be a clear source of energy, because it doesn't use fossil fuels, but it is very dangerous. I think we should stop using nuclear power in order to keep the humanity alive.

04:41 PM Mar 18 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i think like mason

nuclear power is safe enough today and huge earthquakes like this makes us aware to make the nuclear power sites more safer


03:41 PM Mar 18 2011 |

Snazz De

Snazz De

United Kingdom

it was one hell of an issue.the time to believe in God


02:33 PM Mar 18 2011 |




God bless Japanese, bless the whole world…

01:16 PM Mar 18 2011 |

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