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Spoken English Course Day 24

Spoken English Course Day 24

Date: Mar 20 2011

Topic: Speaking

Author: andylu2


Hey guys,

I'm back again for another one.

I'm going to make this lesson short and sweet, instead of rambling on like I often do.  If you are interested in reading my thoughts and learning English, check out my Spoken English Blog.  There are two posts at the bottom.  Let me know what you think on Facebook.

Anyway, today's phrase is the "fair share".

This sounds simple but it's used in some different ways in common chats between people.

If someone has their "fair share" or "more than their fair share" it means that they have had at least enough of something or maybe even too much.

A simple example is that someone could ask you, "would you like some more pizza?" and you could answer, "No thanks, I've already had more than my fair share anyway".  That means for example if there were 12 pieces and 3 people sharing the pizza, 4 pieces is someone's "fair share" and any more than that is "more than their fair share".  Sounds easy and boring so far. 


Here is kind of a cool way to use this phrase:

Before I got married I had more than my fair share of girlfriends.  

(That just means a lot or more than most people)  It's also true that the other person might just be trying to show off.

You can also say,

I've certainly been watching my fair share of this new TV show lately.  It's hilarious. 

I think you get the idea.

Here is yesterday's lesson from the continuing series of my daily spoken English course  


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it seems that i am slower recently.

 Anyway, i will keep having a view of your good lessons.

i learned a lot really! 

thanks, andy 

05:23 AM Mar 24 2011 |



South Korea


I just want to tell you I am addicted with your great lessons.  I'm waiting for the one today.  Hehe. 

12:45 PM Mar 21 2011 |

luvik palestine

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

Like it too much =)), and i understood this phrase ,

rhnx alot mr.andy

11:49 PM Mar 20 2011 |




Hey Kevin,

I heard a bit about this salt thing.  I was wondering was it companies trying to make easy money?  I think it happened in other countries too. 

06:56 PM Mar 20 2011 |



In the past few days, someone in China purport that: the salt with iodin can prevent harm from radiation, So that many people bought many salt, even it's over thier fair share!

But after the expert clarified that: it's a canard, the people who had had the salt more than their fair share hope to return these salt to the marketplace!

04:12 PM Mar 20 2011 |



South Korea

I read both your blogs and found them really interesting for me.  I hope you keep writing.

02:23 PM Mar 20 2011 |

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